Air Conditioners That Don’t Need A Window – Full Details

You probably don’t know that there are air conditioners that don’t need a window to function properly, but with the aid of this article, we are here to widen your knowledge and let you know that there are Air conditioners that don’t need a window.

These air conditioners that don’t need a window are popularly known as ventless portable air conditioners. They do not need a window to function as they can be used in a new location without windows because they contain different units that can provide cold air without the presence of a hose.

Air Conditioners That Don’t Need A Window: Top 5

1.   hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V (Best Ventless)

The best way to describe the hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V ventless cooler is as unusual. Their slogan is “What’s cooler than being cool?” They have a very literal response to that.

The hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V evaporative cooler is one of the few that includes an ice tank. This enables it to generate a cooling wind far more remarkable than the one produced by cold water. To be precise, 2.64 ice tanks.

Lowering the source of cooling’s temperature is crucial when using ventless air conditioners or coolers. A lower degree of cooling will be attained than with ice if you start with cold water.

Compared to simple water, ice has a significantly larger cooling capacity and will keep you cool for much longer. The disadvantage that hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V faces are that ice must be obtained to use the severe cooling capability. Lack of ice prevents high-efficiency cooling.

Because it includes the ability to add ice to the 10 L tank, the hOmeLabs B089KQWY4V is, in general, the ventless air conditioner that comes closest to the genuine BTU rating of standard air conditioners.


  • The best ventless cooler with ice-generating capabilities
  • No venting is necessary; manufactured by hOmeLabs, a well-known brand in the HVAC industry


  • To employ ice-cooling, you must procure ice.
  • Noise levels and airflow are not given.


2.   The Hessaire MC37M (Best Spacious)

The best and most popular huge ventless cooler is the Hessaire MC37M. The MC37M is the company’s most excellent and well-liked model, and Hessaire is an engineering cooling specialist.

As you know, you want a significant airflow if you want cooling comparable to ventless AC. Hessaire MC37M can produce a massive 3,100 CFM airflow that can effectively cool spaces up to 950 square feet in size. To accomplish it using merely the evaporation process is simply amazing.

Other ventless devices, in contrast, have a 200–300 CFM output. Hessaire really doubled down on developing a supercharged, cooling ventless air conditioner. If it gets too cold, you can reduce the airflow.

Ventless machines with heavy airflow typically produce loud noises. Because of its excellent design, the Hessaire MC37M produced only 59 dB of noise. That is comparable to the most silent portable and window air conditioners.

Energy-wise, the turbocharged Hessaire MC37M uses 250W more than other low airflow devices. However, there are still more than 200 CFM coolers, significantly less than standard vented AC units.

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  • The best large ventless cooler
  • Totals 3,100 CFM in its production (10x more than other coolers)
  • Has a low price given its high quality, dependability, and cooling capabilities. It operates quietly, with a maximum noise level of 59.


  • Some additional electricity is needed; a 250W power source (other ventless coolers require 50-150W)


3.   Honeywell TC10PEU

One of the prominent names in the HVAC sector is Honeywell. They manufacture a wide range of products, including dehumidifiers and air conditioners. The Honeywell TC10PEU model was created recently and will surely be a hit with anyone seeking a ventless air conditioner.

The Honeywell TC10PEU is a sturdy and trustworthy gadget. First and foremost, kudos to Honeywell for describing the Honeywell TC10PEU in detail or, at the very least, for refraining from claiming that it is the most excellent ventless air conditioner on the market.

This ventless device accomplishes precisely what it says on the Honeywell TC10PEU slogan. It doesn’t require venting because it is a spot cooler that cools the immediate area around you.

The airflow produced by the unit is 194 CFM. For a typical spot cooler, that is relatively normal. Without the requirement for exhaust tubes to be vented out of the window, you can plug it into any 120 V electrical outlet and start enjoying rapid cooling.

The pricing is the best feature of Honeywell TC10PEU. This is the least expensive ventless AC-like gadget, with a price tag of $200. The Honeywell TC10PEU cooler is consistent with Honeywell’s reputation for making affordable and durable products.


  • Made by Honeywell; dependable and inexpensive
  • The market’s most affordable quality ventless cooler
  • Amazingly simple to use; simply plug it in and enjoy the wind


  • It does not have extreme cooling, with less than 200 CFM airflow.


4. Zero Breeze Mark 2

Actual ventless air conditioning is a one-person show. The battery-powered Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a genuine HVAC heat pump and refrigerant-based air conditioner, not an AC-like cooler.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 is the best option if you require an air conditioner that doesn’t need to be vented because it produces 0 BTU compared to the 0 BTU that all other coolers. The actual cooling output from this ventless air conditioner is 2,300 BTU. This machine is impressive.

Concerning the complaint: Does the Zero Breeze Mark 2 somehow defy the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which states, in plain English, that “there cannot be an air conditioner cooling effect without a vent”? No, the practically ventless Zero Breeze Mark 2 air conditioner is not at all.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a trustworthy air conditioner that produces a cooling effect and requires less venting. The sole minimal-venting air conditioner, the Zero Breeze Mark 2, will significantly reduce the room’s temperature; no other cooler will do so.


  • The only natural air conditioner with low venting requirements.
  • Able to produce a cooling impact of 2,300 BTU
  • Thanks to how quietly it operates, you can even sleep in the tent with it on.
  • Superior design, engineering, and dependability


It does cost a lot.



BLACK+DECKER The Honeywell TC10PEU’s narrative is similar to that of the BEAC75. A reputable manufacturer of HVAC equipment, BLACK+DECKER, also produces the BEAC75, a ventless cooler that can function as an air conditioner without the requirement for venting.

It includes three different fan speeds and four operational modes, all things a cooler ought to have. It is intended to serve as a ventless chiller for the adjacent area.

Like other BLACK+DECKER HVAC products, it offers an intuitive control panel and an attractive design.


  • Incredibly simple to use because of the intuitive control panel.
  • Three fan speeds and four operation modes
  • Made by the trusted company BLACK+DECKER
  • Less than $200 in price


  • Information on the dynamics of airflow is incomplete.
  • Noise levels are at. It is not appropriate for high speed to attain 65 dB.

How Effective Are Ventless Air Conditioners?

Both no and yes. In evaporative coolers that use airflow to produce a cooling effect, ventless air conditioners aren’t really air conditioners. They have no cooling impact (zero BTU), yet they may make you feel colder.

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Air Conditioners That Don’t Need A Window

Ventless air conditioners can be seen as air conditioning units that can provide a powerful cooling effect without venting through a window, and this has solved the problem of air conditioners with no windows. You will be able to understand this instance if you have a windowless room, and we all can tell the struggle involved in having a hot place and not being able to cool down with an air conditioner.

The ventless air conditioner is a type of air conditioner unit that doesn’t require the use of a compressor or any type of refrigerant.

Many people have the mentality that most ventless air conditioners are not just the regular air conditioners you see around. Still, there’s a difference between a portable air conditioner and a Ventless Air Conditioner.

If you ever decide to purchase a ventless air conditioner or a portable air conditioner, there are factors you should consider before making payments. 

  • Ensure that the portable air conditioner can provide a cooling effect in a quick and short time without the hose
  • Low-noise Levels: because of the different components and units that make up a portable air conditioner, it tends to create a lot of noise; therefore, ensure you get a portable air conditioner with less noise
  •  Ice tank addition: since most evaporative coolers tend to use cold water to generate cooling water, this means using an ice tank will even be better because it has a capacity when it comes to cooling and low temperature compared to water

To create cooler air, a ventless air conditioner functions properly in a dry climate, and this is because it can add moisture back into the air to cool it, but before this is achievable, the supply of fresh air should be constant, not necessary from the window you can use the door as well, this is to avoid any form of overly saturated air inside the room and Always ensure that the internal tank is always filled with ice or water if you want to enjoy Cool air.

Can I Put An Air Conditioner In A Room With No Window 

Yes, with the help of a ventless portable air conditioner, you can, and It can be used in a room where there is no window, but like earlier stated, it has to be a ventless portable air conditioner that does not need a window to function.

When it comes to selecting an indoor air conditioner for your home, you should always remember there are two types, and if you can’t identify these two types, you might go for the wrong one, and that will cost you, and they are

  •  A portable air conditioner needs to function by using a hose connected to the window. 
  • Ventless air conditioners do not need a window AC unit to function. ventless air conditioners do not produce any form of heat, and therefore there is no need for a hose and ventilation

Choosing The Right Size Of Air Conditione

Always look at the types of efficiency rating of your air conditioners before making payment. There are mostly two times, and they’re easy to understand even though they look complex, is because the numbering tells you about the maximum square footage that the particular air conditioner can be able to handle

  • BTU is usually concerned with portable air conditioners, for example, 12,000 BTU and 15,000 BTU.
  • CFM is usually concerned with ventless air conditioners. Four examples are 2000 CFM, 1000 CFM, etc.

Once you can identify this number to be able to detect the right air conditioner you need and try to avoid any air conditioner that may be too high or too low for any room you use it in.

Do not go for portable or ventless air conditioners that may need much power for the room or make you pay a monthly energy cost when you can’t enjoy the cool air.

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Your air conditioner should be sized properly for the room if you want to enjoy maximum efficiency. 

Measurements Tips To Take Before Purchasing A Ventless Or Portable Air Conditioners

Before making payments for that ventless or portable air conditioner of your choice, try to consider some of the tips listed below and the room area to be cooled, and also the capacity needed.

There are usually two major measurements factors that you need to seriously take into consideration and how to go about it, and they are:

Always Ensure You Measure The Square Footage Of Your Room 

Do well to measure the square footage of your room; you can use a tape measure to ensure you measure the width as well as the length of the room and always round up to the nearest foot number and multiply the two numbers to get the square footage of the room.

Use The Square Footage To Match The BTU or CFM Number

Once you have the square footage of the room, try to match it to the BTU or CFM number, it all depends on the air conditioner you want to purchase but below is a little guide on the measurements of the room area to be cooled and that capacity needed. 

Area To Be Cooled         Capacity Needed

up to 350 sq.                    ft. 8,000 BTU

350 to 400 sq.                  ft. 9,000 BTU

400 to 450 sq.                  ft. 10,000 BTU

450 to 550 sq.                  ft. 12,000 BTU

550 to 700 sq.                  ft. 14,000 BTU

Do Ventless Air Conditioners Work Well 

Yes, they work properly like any other air conditioner. There’s always an evaporative cooler that does not reduce the temperature that is in the room, and there is no refrigerant to process what is needed to produce hot air compared to an air conditioner that must be vented.

Is It Possible For Air Conditioner Not To Be Vented

Portable air conditioners that do not have a hose usually provide cold air through the process of evaporating water. They are known as evaporative air coolers, and they offer a ventless air conditioning option.

Is It Possible To Use A Ventless Air Conditioner In A Room Without A Window 

It would help if you did not necessarily use a window to vent; since every room has a door, you can vent your portable air conditioner through the door. Windows are not any form of barrier to ventless air conditioners.

How Does Ventless Portable Air Conditioners Work 

Best portable air conditioners are known as mini-splits because individual room units are linked to an outdoor compressor unit that usually contains what is known as an evaporator coil and a cooler with a refrigerant. 

Can I Have Air Conditioner Without An Outside Unit 

It is supposed to have an air conditioner without an outside unit because there are a lot of air conditioners that do not have an outdoor unit. Still, these conditioners are made as DIY units, and they make the process of installation very easy because the unit will need to be installed compared to an outside facing wall. 

Do All Portable Air Conditioners Have To Be Vented Outside

Normally, portable air conditioners do not need to be vented outside or through the window; this is because these air conditioners contain a self-heat pump that can collect heat and also send that heat to an exhaust vent. 

What Are Condenserless Air Conditioners

Condensers Air conditioners are air conditioners that use a special technology known as Monobolic Technology. This technology is another way of avoiding any form of the external condenser, and instead of a condenser, a two 163 mm diameter hole is made and connected outside. 

Can A Portable Air Conditioner Produce Monoxide Poisoning 

Generally, air conditioners do not produce any form of monoxide poisoning because air conditioners do not burn fuel in any form. Instead of being scared of monoxide poisoning, you should focus on your heat equipment and try to clean them as often as possible.

Conclusion On Air Conditioners That Don’t Need A Window 

Ventless air conditioners do not need a window to function properly; that is why it is called ventless. You can use your portable ventless air conditioner even in a room without a window, and you might decide to use the door as an option instead of the window.

The problem of Air conditioners that do not need a window has been solved, so you don’t need to worry about it, and we have gathered other frequently asked questions relating to this topic to ensure that you enjoy your device.