5 Best Infrared Heater For Garage

Having the best infrared heater for garage helps make your garage warm while working in the garage. Nothing is worse than attempting to work in a chilly garage. Trying to do a fast DIY task or make progress at the workshop is almost impossible with numb fingers and 7 layers on. But with the best infrared heater for garage, you are saved from the cold.

The Fahrenheat heater For garage and the Heat Storm Wi-Fi Infrared heater are the best infrared heater for garage. They produce enough heat to warm your garage and have other amazing features.

5 Best Infrared Heater For Garage

1. Fahrenheat Heater For Garage

Fahrenheat is mostly renowned for producing space heaters and is a well-known brand, with most of its products, including the garage heater listed here, receiving good customer ratings.

The Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater is intended for use in any open place, including the garage, patio, basement, warehouse, workshop, and many more. It is one of the most powerful alternatives on the list and is ideal for most users, particularly at the pricing point.

This Garage Heater is compatible with both 208V and 240V electrical systems, and when powered by 240V, it has a heating capability of 17000 BTU per hour. It can also provide this heating capacity with a power rating of 5000 watts, which is sufficiently appropriate for the supplied performance output making it the best infrared heater for garage.

Because Fahrenheat is a well-known brand, you receive a 1-year guarantee and extremely good build quality. Using the built-in thermostat, this model has a temperature range of 45 °F to 135 °F. And although having a respectable 1350 RPM fan, it effectively ventilates the created heat in your garage.


  • Inbuilt thermostat
  • 17000 BTU heating capacity rating
  • 5000 watts of power consumption
  • Temperature ranges from 45°F to 135°F
  • Easy to mount


  • A bit expensive


2. Heat Storm Wi-Fi Infrared Heater

This infrared heater has so many great features and it is one of the best infrared heater for garage. First and foremost, the design will not detract from the aesthetics of your garage. With its shiny white and black finish, it looks fantastic. This product comes in floor and wall-mounted variations. That is sensible, given that a garage is an area where floor space is very important. You’ll be relieved if you can prevent one more object from taking up that space.

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Touching this infrared heater is safe. This means you don’t have to be concerned about injuries, particularly if you have children or pets. But that doesn’t mean you should let them play with it as they like! This infrared garage warmer has the added benefit of being Wi-Fi enabled. This is, indeed, a clever heater. This is a great addition if you’ve been thinking about making your house a smart home.

An app will allow you to manage the temperature from your phone. So, when you wake up in the morning, you may warm up the garage before entering. That means you won’t be wasting energy by keeping it on full blast.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Easy to mount
  • Safe to touch
  • Has an inbuilt thermostat


  • Blue LED light takes time to off


3. Dr. Infrared Dr 966 Garage Commercial Heater

While many heater manufacturers are available, Dr. Heater is recognized for offering a broad choice of heavy-duty versions that are very powerful and provide exceptional performance compared to other alternatives in their class. This makes this heater one of the best infrared heater for garage.

The Dr. Heater DR966 Electric Heater is a commercial-grade heater suitable for use in garages, workshops, warehouses, and other similarly exposed environments. Compared to other alternatives in its class, it has one of the greatest heating capacity outputs.

The heating capacity is 20500 BTU per hour, which is more than adequate for even huge garages. It can do so due to its strong 6000-watt heating element (which can be adjusted to 3000 watts if you need less heating). This heater is only suitable for 240V electrical systems. 

Another advantage of this garage heater is that it has a huge fan with strong airflow for adequately circulating its heat. It has 5 adjustable louvers for directing the airflow as desired. Like most others on the market, this garage heater comes with a one-year guarantee.


  • Has 5 adjustable louvers
  • Portability
  • The heating capability is 20500 BTU.
  • 6000 watts of power consumption
  • Comes with a large fan


  • Might use much electricity


4. NewAir Electric Portable Garage Heater

Despite its compact size, NewAir has risen to become one of the most trusted brands in micro appliance production. The company is recognized for creating high-quality items that fulfill customers’ demands.

This heavy-duty garage heater with a 200 CFM fan that provides a constant stream of warm air is regarded as one of the best infrared heater for garage. Furthermore, the heater’s head may be angled to heat spaces to 160 square feet. The garage heater has been made with a strong casing resistant to harsh environments. It works with a typical 120-volt power outlet.

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For energy efficiency, NewAir’s garage heater has two heat settings. Furthermore, the temperature may be adjusted based on the ambient garage temperature. The heater is lightweight (5.94 lbs) and small for transportation. There is also an incorporated handle for easy transport.

The garage heater is loaded with safety measures. The heater’s outer casing is intended to keep cool and avoid skin burns. Furthermore, the inbuilt thermostat and automatic shut-off guard against overheating. A one-year limited guarantee covers this portable garage heater from the date of purchase.


  • Automatic shut-off
  • Easy to use
  • Has two heating settings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Inbuilt thermostat


  • No timer feature


5. Briza Infrared Patio Heater

This Briza heater may be fairly expensive. However, what it delivers in exchange for that value is likely to be worthwhile. It’s a basic design, but that makes it stand out. It is minimalist and elegant in and of itself.

One favorite aspect of this heater is how adaptable it is in terms of placement. It can sit on a stand if you want it to. Do you want to hang it on the wall? You can do it as well. You can even hang it from the ceiling!

The heating element is adequately sized and can be extended up to seven feet above the ground. You can comfortably warm your feet, face, or hands. All you have to do is change the height. It may go down to three feet.

Aside from the timer, which can turn this off after it’s finished, there’s one more. This device is IP55 certified, which means it will perform admirably in inclement weather. After all, it’s a patio heater, so it’ll simply brush off rain, snow, and dust.


  • IP55 certified
  • Has a Timer
  • Easy to mount
  • Can be adjusted  to seven feet
  • Great for outdoor


  • Quite expensive

How To Select the Best Infrared Garage Heater:

With the best infrared heater for garage, you can beat the winter and immediately bring warmth to your desk for more effective working. When looking for garage heaters, there are various factors, including garage size, fuel type, heating techniques, and safety features.

We advise you on what variables to consider and how to choose the finest solution that meets your needs. Let’s go into the specifics.

Power Source

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each power source can assist you in selecting the best power supply. We have electric garage heaters, natural gas heaters propane and kerosene.

An electric garage heater is popular for providing the optimum heating level in small-medium spaces, but it does not perform well in big areas. They continuously emit infrared/radiant heat or superheated air. Most electric choices have an automated shut-off button or sensor to prevent the machine from overheating and many heat settings.

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Natural Gas garage heaters are a clean and efficient energy source; it is the favored heating alternative for many people. Connect the heater to the already-installed gas pipes to make the most of this natural gas. Installing natural gas in the house may be costly, but it will save significantly on running expenses. 

If you don’t have a gas connection or cannot utilize an electric heater, a propane heater is the best option. Because you must refill these propane canisters, you should keep a backup on hand. Otherwise, you may be left out in the cold.

Kerosene heaters are dependable and portable. These kerosene heaters come in two varieties: radiant and convection. A radiant heater is an excellent choice for tiny spaces since it directs heat to the chosen item through a fan or reflector. In contrast, convection heaters are ideal for bigger places since they are cylindrical and disperse heat evenly above and outwards.

Garage Size and Heating Power

Another important element to consider when looking for a garage heater is the size. An overpowering heater will make you feel uneasy and pricey. In contrast, a little heater is useless and makes little temperature change.

Radiant and infrared heaters often heat smaller rooms successfully, but fan-forced air heaters are strong and rapidly heat up and retain warmth in bigger spaces. A gas-powered heater’s heat output is often measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs), with heat output ranging from 12000 to 30000 BTUs (or more).


Before purchasing a garage heater, think about how safe it will be. Manufacturers integrated various safety features into their garage heaters for safe and pleasant use, such as overheating prevention, cool-touch exteriors, no flame protection, and automated shut-off systems.

Are Infrared Heaters Expensive To Run?

The quick answer is “no!” Compared to other heaters, they are the most cost-effective to operate! They require fewer watts to create the same heat as any other heater. They don’t have to spend time or energy heating the air. The same air might leave the room in seconds, indicating that the warmth is being ‘wasted.’ Because they deliver rapid heat, you spend less time and energy pre-heating an area.

What’s The Right Size Heater To Use For A 2-Car Garage?

You must choose the appropriate size based on where you live. Compared to locations with cold winters, living in areas with moderate winters requires less heat generation to warm the garage. A 3000-watt electric heater is typically needed to warm a two-car garage. At the same time, the gas heater should have a BTU value of about 18000 to heat the garage area adequately.

Conclusion On Best Infrared Heater For Garage

Working on your car or other minor workshop projects in your garage might be a terrific spot. As a result, keeping it warm throughout the winter is critical so that you can continue functioning without feeling chilly. As a result, we’ve included some of the best infrared heater for garage.

You may also discover their main features and alternatives, as well as a full purchasing guide, to learn all there is to know about garage heaters.