Best Infrared Heater For Screened Porch – Top 5

Are you looking for the best infrared heater for screened porch and have no idea which brand to select? No need to worry because, in this guide, we have provided the best infrared heater for screened porch. Any time of year, purchasing a patio heater is a terrific way to prolong the outdoor gathering season. Patio heaters are designed to provide enough heat to make spending time outside pleasant, regardless of the weather.

The Duraflame Infrared Quartz Set Heater and Dr. infrared Heater DR-238 Carbon Infrared Heater are recognized among the best infrared heater for screened porch.

5 Best Infrared Heater For Screened Porch

1. Duraflame Infrared Quartz Set Heater

This device, which ranks as one of the best infrared heater for screened porch, is perfect for your outside setting and keeps your area toasty with its broad heating spectrum. It produces 5,200 BTU of heat, plenty to heat a porch, particularly if you have a big porch. Because of its excellent efficiency, it can keep your living space’s air damp, ensuring the temperature doesn’t go below a certain range.

This heater can heat an area larger than 1,000 square feet and is a great way to augment your main heating source. In contrast to other infrared heaters, the heater is noteworthy for its ability to heat large areas. You’ll also love its distinctive style, making it the ideal alternative to a conventional fireplace heater.

It is designed to fit into your fireplace with the embers burning within. It will fit your fireplace properly, and you may set it on the floor. Furthermore, the flame appearance gives your porch area a lovely mood. The heater is ideal for indoor and outdoor use since it features an electric log set. The Duraflame Infrared heater also features a perfect heating mechanism that ensures that the heat is distributed equally around your screened porch. This device is recognized as one of the best infrared heater for screened porch.


  • Adjustable flame
  • Easy to control
  • CSA certified
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • Might get very hot


2. Dr. Infrared Heater DR-238 Carbon Infrared Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater uses electricity and delivers up to 1,500 watts of infrared heat for delectable warmth in a screened porch or three-season space. The device is perfectly suited for placement on a wall or ceiling since it is merely 8 pounds heavy and is 35 inches long by 8 inches tall (mounting brackets included).

There is no need to replenish and transport propane tanks since the Dr. Infrared Heater plugs into a typical 120-volt home outlet and has an adjustable heat output. It comes with a remote control, has a timer that can be programmed, and has an automatic overheating shutdown. The heater may be used outside, but only in a sheltered area since it can’t be exposed to precipitation.

It was easy to assemble and produced a respectable amount of heat. It took some adjusting to get the heater to sit level since we thought the tripod stand’s legs were fragile. Although the heater is portable, an extension cable will be needed if it is relocated far from an outlet.


  • Automatic overheating shutdown
  • Comes with a remote and a timer 
  • Compact, lightweight, with adjustable base height
  • Easy to set up and store
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  • Might need an extension cord


3. Heat Storm WiFi Infrared Wall Heater

Your screened porch will benefit greatly from the warmth that this 3,400 BTU, up to 100 watts, electrically powered wall heater can provide. The Heat Storm heater has a striking appearance and is very simple to use. One benefit is that it’s a WiFi-enabled smart heater, making it simple to operate from a smartphone. Additionally, it evenly distributes heat across your porch.

You’ll continue to feel warm even after turning off your heater. Furthermore, the Heat Storm WiFi heater is a top pick for indoor use and one of the best electric space heaters for screened porches. All you need to do to get started is choose a suitable wall to mount the device on. Because you won’t have to worry about it unintentionally falling off, this feature also makes it one of the safest choices.

The manufacturers built a safety feature to stop fire incidents should the heater fall off, so you are still protected even if it does. When this occurs, the Heat Storm WiFi heater will immediately shut off.

Additionally, there is no risk of burns when touching the heater’s grills, even when it is on. This is so that the heat it emits can only heat the porch because it does not affect the material.


  • Wifi-enabled
  • Energy efficient
  • Has an automatic shut-down feature
  • CSA certified
  • Comes with a safety feature


  • Expensive


4. Outland Living 410 Series 36-Inch Fire Pit Table

The Outland Living heater is also rated among the best infrared heaters for screened porch, with robust construction and lovely looks. The 42,500 BTU burner in the honoree heater is premium stainless steel. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use push-button spark ignition mechanism.

It also includes a chrome manual control valve that creates a smokeless flame with a gorgeous flame pattern, making it one of the most fashionable heaters for screened porches.

A slate-grey Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene (UV HDPE) wicker is wrapped around an aluminum frame to create the Outland Living heater. The heater is fueled by propane gas, and its durable, long lasting black tempered glass radiates heat.

The well-balanced tabletop heater may be positioned with ease on a tabletop on your porch. As a result, it enhances your décor by having the appearance of a centerpiece. In conclusion, the Outland Living heater is designed to disperse heat uniformly and has comparatively high efficiency.


  • Simple to use
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Chrome manual control valve
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Energy efficient


  • Fire rocks takes time to cool


5. Briza Infrared Heater

Since it comes with tripod support, you may install this infrared heater as a floor-standing heater. You can also choose to hang it from your porch ceiling or a wall.

The Briza Infrared Porch Heater stand has a very flat base and can be raised to a height of 7 feet. You won’t need to use sand or water to support it.

Its carbon infrared technology, which distributes heat evenly throughout your living area, stands out among its advantages. The heat it generates is easily absorbed by nearby surfaces, raising the temperature of your porch.

The heater includes a metal-sheathed heating element that is shielded; if it tips over, an automatic shut-off valve will prevent any fire. The three-level control function and timed control also allow you to regulate the heat.

Three different wattages—900, 1,200, and 1,500—are available for the heating levels. You may configure the heater to turn off anywhere from one to nine hours in this manner. Not to mention that this heater is simple to operate and comes with remote control for convenience.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Easy to operate
  • IP55 certified
  • Has an automatic shut-off feature
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  • Quite expensive


What To Consider When Choosing The Best Infrared Heater For Screened Porch

Selecting the best infrared heater for screened porch might be tricky since there are a few things to consider. Navigating through the myriad of available choices and designs may be intimidating, especially for a novice in this sector.

We’ve put together this thorough buyer’s guide, outlining all the important variables to take into account to simplify your purchasing process and help you choose the best infrared heater for screened porch. Let’s look at each of them separately.


If a porch heater has wheels, it will be easier to transfer it from one side of the patio or place it next to a pool. Carrying a gas patio heater may rapidly become difficult since the larger models can weigh 60 pounds or more, not adding the weight of a 20-pound propane tank. 

Wheels are still useful even though electric porch heaters are often smaller and lighter, weighing anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds on average. The smallest portable heater could weigh a few pounds and be readily transported to any yard site or carried in the trunk of a vehicle.


Infrared porch heater costs vary according to size, style, and features. Some heaters are quite reasonably priced, while others are more expensive.

For instance, table-top warmers typically cost between $50 and $200 if you choose them. On the other hand, the floor-standing heaters are more costly, costing over $200, with some going for over $1,000. The most costly heaters are often ones that run on natural gas.

The cost of the wall-mounted heaters is comparable to that of the free-standing heaters. Some versions, however, are affordable; you may not even have to spend $100 on them. The more costly versions often come with more features and stronger heaters.

Setting a budget is crucial before choosing a course of action. Even if you cannot afford the more costly heaters, you may still receive value. However, spending more money on quality is preferable since expensive versions are more effective, perform better, and last longer.


Whether an outdoor heater has enough heat to warm your porch depends on its heating capability. British Thermal Units, or BTUs, are used to quantify heat power. A larger BTU implies more heat. However, the area a manufacturer can heat gives additional consumer information.

Additionally, remember that the weather outside affects how much heat your porch needs, which is particularly important if you reside in a colder climate.

It would be advisable to consider the heater’s wattage in addition to BTUs. You may use this to compare the power capacities of various heaters. As some manufacturers may give false information, we advise you to read customer reviews to determine the true capacity.


The heater’s design is something else you may want to think about. If a heater doesn’t have the desired aesthetic appeal, you may not find it very useful.

Because of its visual appeal, some individuals choose open flame heaters. It only makes sense to have a heater that matches your décor since appearances count, particularly if you have a well-designed porch. Although most models of floor-standing heaters are more useful than attractive, some also have aesthetic appeal.

Ease Of Use

For your convenience, choose models that are simple to use. Some versions may operate more intricately than others, and maintenance might be difficult. The process is made easier by the less complex models.

For instance, because most electric heaters merely need you to flick on a switch, you’ll seldom ever have any problem using them. On the other hand, you must refuel gas heaters once the tank is empty.

Screened Porch Heater Power And Fuel Sources

Having a source of outdoor heat will make outdoor activities more pleasurable when it becomes chilly, and the temperature drops. Screened porch heaters are a good fit for areas where the temperature lowers as soon as the summer sunsets. In the winter, day or night, they are also helpful in warmer climates. You have various choices for the electricity needed to run the heater while looking for the best infrared heater for screened porch.

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Porch heaters powered by propane can rapidly warm up a room. Some are fairly big and can accommodate a 20-gallon propane tank, which is useful if you need to heat a sizable space for a lengthy period. Depending on the design, these outdoor heaters may often be moved about since many have wheels.

Use outside propane heaters sparingly in enclosed spaces, such as greenhouses or enclosed patios, due to the potential for carbon monoxide accumulation unless the heater has an obvious safety provision to guard against operation with low oxygen levels.

Natural Gas

Because they are connected to a home’s natural gas line, natural gas heaters are more likely to be seen as permanent installations on the patio than propane heaters. Depending on local construction regulations, a qualified plumber will likely be needed to run a natural gas connection to the porch.

Because natural gas is often less costly as a power source than propane, a natural gas porch heater has reduced running costs. A natural gas heater could be a reasonably priced option to host outdoor gatherings even in chilly weather if you’re seeking a dependable source of patio heat.


Electric porch heaters don’t need gasoline, but you should sometimes change the heating lights. For certain families, both inside and outdoors, electric heaters may be safer than other varieties since they don’t have an open flame. An electric patio heater may not provide as much heat as its propane relative since they are often smaller and less powerful.

Compare the heat output of various models when looking for an electric patio heater, but bear in mind that a greater heat output translates to more power and a higher electric cost. It’s also important to remember that the best electric porch heaters come with a power cable, so you must have access to at least one outside electrical outlet.


Nothing like a wood-burning patio heater for an authentic campfire vibe. Depending on the firebox’s size and the wood it can contain, this sort of heater may provide a lot of heat.

A wood-burning patio heater isn’t appropriate for an enclosed patio since wood fires may produce smoke and ash. Burning only seasoned hardwoods like hickory, birch, and white ash will decrease smoke. Before purchasing a campfire, please verify with your local fire department since some neighborhoods do not allow them.

Are Infrared Porch Heaters Expensive To Run?

An infrared heater needs electricity to function. However, the power it uses will vary based on the model’s size and wattage. The majority varies from 650W to 2000W, and although the lower end of the spectrum is weaker, it may not include energy-saving features that make it more affordable to operate.

What Outdoor Heater Gives Off The Most Heat?

Although a fan-powered heater will blast the air further, even if the heat is somewhat diluted, a radiant heater is superior at heating the space right in front of it. The amount of heat from a radiant heater will depend on its structure and other design elements. Radiant heaters may be fueled by electricity or gas.

Do Porch Heaters Work In Winter?

Yes, patio heaters are intended to be used outside in cold weather in places like patios. However, caution should be used to avoid exposing the heater to moisture, such as from snow or rain, since this may result in significant damage, particularly if you have an electricity-powered patio heater.

Which Is Preferable Porch Heater Or A Fire Pit?

For heating this outdoor space, a patio heater is often preferable since it is safer, provides radiant heat, and can cover a bigger area. On the other hand, a fire pit could be more tempting for socializing and the design element, which might be favored in locations where a strong heater is unnecessary.

Conclusion On Best Infrared Heater For Screened Porch

You have several alternatives when purchasing the best infrared heater for screened porch. Remembering to make the appropriate decision would assist you in avoiding receiving the incorrect item.

You may always choose the table-top warmers that come in lovely centerpiece patterns if you have a tiny area. To put it simply, a good and efficient porch heater guarantees that your outside space—porch included—is as cozy as your home’s interior.