Bissell Brushes Not Spinning? Solved!

Bissell Brushes not spinning can be hard to experience, especially when you need these vacuum cleaners to sweep your floors, much like other vacuum cleaners, to get rid of dirt and dust from surfaces like hardwood floors, and tile floors, carpets, etc. Your vacuum cleaner’s brushes, which agitate the carpet to remove debris from its deepest layers, serve the primary function in cleaning your floors. So, why are your Bissell brushes not spinning?

Your vacuum brushes may occasionally be unable to spin due to a defective or badly damaged brush belt. Your Bissell brushes not spinning may be for various reasons in addition to this one. Three solid red lights on your machine will alert you if there is an issue with the brushes.

Causes Of Bissell Brushes Not Spinning

Your Bissell vacuum’s brushes won’t spin for a variety of reasons.

Brushes Switch Isn’t On 

Make sure your vacuum’s brushes are turned on. Some models have a brush light indicator that lets you know whether the brush is functioning or not. The brush usually operates if the light is solid green. A red light indicates the presence of an obstruction in the brush areas. There won’t be a brush indicator light when the vacuum is turned off.

Loose Floor Nozzle

The Bissell vacuum brushes may not turn or operate if your nozzle is not firmly fastened to the handle. To ensure everything is secure, you can unplug the handle from the floor nozzle and then plug it back in. Before usage, make sure your floor nozzle isn’t covered in dust or pet hair.

Blocked Brushes

There is a good probability that your brushes are blocked by tangled hair and debris; a clog in the brushes is one of the most frequent problems encountered at home.

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Pick up a pair of scissors and carefully cut the hair and debris that became lodged to solve this issue. Please take care not to injure yourself or the brush bar while using a razor blade to remove thick hair accumulations.

Damaged Belt

The brush is spun by a belt; the best action is to get a replacement belt if yours is broken. Get in touch with your Bissell manufacturer for additional information on how to change a broken belt.

The Dust Collector Is Full

Is a full dust cup causing your Bissell vacuum’s brush not spinning? The maximum fill line on your vacuum should always be checked to indicate when it’s time to empty the dust cup.

As a result, an empty dust cup always provides better cleaning results. The more dirt in the compartment, the lower the suction level; thus, emptying your dust cup before it reaches the fill line is advisable.

Damaged Hose

Your Bissell brushes not spinning can also be caused by a broken hose. To see if anything inside the hose could cause a clog, you should remove it and quickly inspect it. It is simple to order a replacement hose from Bissell if the original hose is too worn out or damaged.

How To Troubleshoot Bissell Brushes Not Spinning

Clean Brushes 

Are your Bissell brushes not spinning? The tools you need to clean the brush roll are listed below. How to use them will be explained below.

What you need;

  • To cut the hair that has become stuck on the brush roll, you need a pair of scissors.
  • A big razor blade to clear the nozzle head of pet hair accumulated.
  • Little hair fragments can be removed with a tiny thread picker.
  • After removing all the hair, use a microfiber cloth and alcohol to clean the brushes.
  • If the brushes are still not spinning, try cleaning the bushes again.

Replace the old roller belt 

You can replace the belt by following the instructions below;

what you require;

  • To remove the screws from the brush cover, use a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Use a metal spudger to remove the two tiny wheels at the bottom of your Bissell.

Has the roller brush on your Bissell stopped functioning? 

The steps are listed below for your reference. Your Bissell vacuum brush roll may cease operating due to tangled hair and debris.

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Bissell Vacuum Brush Roll Cleaning Instructions

Regular brush roll cleaning is essential, especially if you’ve used the vacuum for a while. Your Bissell vacuum brush won’t spin if too much hair and debris are gathered on the roll.

The best course of action is to try removing as many hairs as possible from the brush roll. However, you might think about using a pair of scissors or, in some cases, a handy stitch picker if there is still tangled hair in the roller brush.

You may clean your brush roll in less than 30 minutes if following the methods listed below.

  • To prevent an electric shock, turn off the equipment before cleaning.
  • Disconnect the vacuum cleaner’s power cord and remove the brush roll plate.
  • Take out the brush bar and roller belt to give everything a good cleaning.
  • Use a pair of scissors to trim the hair that has become adhered to the brush roll. Use a razor blade to cut through a thick mass of matted pet hair.
  • To get rid of smaller hair strands, use the thread picker/seam ripper.
  • Wipe the brush clean using the microfiber towel and some alcohol. Check with your manufacturer to find out which cleaning solution is appropriate for your Bissell model.
  • It’s best to frequently inspect your brushes to remove any tangled hair and give it a thorough cleaning before the Bissell vacuum brushes break down.

How To Change A Roller Belt

If the roller belt on your old Bissell vacuum is worn out or damaged, you may need to replace it. You may buy a replacement belt on the Bissell website or other websites like Amazon. You might need a metal spudger and a screwdriver to remove the belt.

You can review the user manual’s instructions to know how to change a roller belt.

  • Turn off your Bissell vacuum.
  • Press the Lift-Away button to separate the handle’s base from it.
  • Flip the vacuum body over to reveal the cleaner’s underside. 
  • To remove the two wheels on either side, use the metal spudger.
  • Remove the screws with the Phillips screwdriver. 
  • Pull up and pull on the side tab to reveal the hose connection. Two screws inside should be removed. 
  • If your Bissell vacuum model contains additional screws, remove them and store them safely to prevent loss.
  • Squeeze the pin and pull it up to remove the top cover and attached wire. With your Phillips screwdriver, remove the two 11 mm screws.
  • Remove the brushes from the machine by lifting the lid.
  • Discard the damaged belt and replace it.
  • Put everything back together and then test the vacuum.
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How To Remove Dust From The Dust Cup

To keep the brushes on your Bissell vacuum rotating, empty the dust cup frequently.

It’s time to dump your dust cup when the line is halfway down. Your vacuum’s suction and cleaning power may be impacted if you wait until the dirt reaches the maximum fill line. Additionally, a full dust cup may prevent the Bissell vacuum brushes from rotating.

There are many ways to empty the dust cup. To empty your Bissell vacuum, simply follow the steps listed below.

Unplug the vacuum from the outlet: Unplug any corded machines, and remove the battery from cordless Bissell devices.

Take the vacuum cleaner’s dustbin out: You may remove the dust cup from the Bissell vacuum by sliding the release tabs at the top. You can either push the release button or pull the dust bin release handle. Press the release button to remove the dust cup from the Bissell vacuum.

  • To empty the dirt, hold the dust cup over the garbage container.
  • Thoroughly wash the dust cup with water.
  • Allow the dust cup to dry outside thoroughly. After that, secure the dust cup and reinstall it in the apparatus.
  • After reassembling the dust cup, test the gadget to see if it is operational.

Why Are My Bissell CrossWave Brushes Not spinning?

To reset the brush on your machine:

  1. Unplug it.
  2. Pull the tab to release the brush window and brush roll from your device while it is unplugged.
  3. Eliminate the impediment that was causing the machine to break down. You can put the brush roll and window back together when the impediment has been removed.

How Do I Reset My Bissell Vacuum?

On the vacuum’s lower rear right, look for the brush reset button. To restart the brush roll, press the button. Reconnect the vacuum to the wall outlet to make sure the brush has been reset. To start cleaning, deactivate the vacuum and turn it on. Switch on the brush roll.

Conclusion On Bissell Brushes Not Rolling

We trust you liked reading our detailed instructions. Bissell vacuums are of excellent quality and perform exceptionally well in cleaning, but they need routine maintenance to keep every component in good operating order. To fix the issues, use some of these techniques the following time your Bissell vacuum brushes stop spinning.