Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge? Solved!

Your Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge? And you have no clue why; well, the Bissell CrossWave device runs on batteries. Unfortunately, when it does not charge, it means it won’t work. So why won’t a Bissell CrossWave charge?

A broken cord or plug is the most typical cause of a Bissell CrossWave not charging. Try realigning the device on the docking station if a Bissell CrossWave won’t charge or the lights won’t come on. The Bissell CrossWave ought to charge generally in most situations. It would help if you found the solution to why your Bissell CrossWave won’t charge. This article will explain how to fix a Bissell CrossWave that isn’t charging.

Why Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge

A Bissell CrossWave might not charge if;

  • The plug, the wire, or both are broken
  • The outlet is malfunctioning
  • The clean-up cycle is in progress
  • The charging plug became wet
  • Light turned off
  • Blocked brush roll

Here are the explanations for each one in more detail, along with the answers:

A Damaged Plug Or Wire

The cord, plug, or both may be damaged, which is the first cause of a Bissell CrossWave’s inability to charge. The plug’s prongs should not be broken, and the cord should be smooth with no exposed wires. Stop using them if they are damaged and have a professional technician fix them.

Malfunctioning Outlet 

It may seem obvious and foolish, but frequently, a broken outlet prevents a Bissell CrossWave from charging the docking station. Test an outlet by plugging in a small appliance or a phone charger to see if it is operational. Test another outlet in a different room if there is no power at the first one. If necessary, reset the circuit breaker in your home.

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The Clean-Up Cycle Is In Progress

A 3-in-1 docking station that stores, charges, and cleans your machine are included with a Bissell CrossWave. A Bissell CrossWave machine will begin charging once it is placed on the dock, provided the docking station is plugged in and the cord, plug, and outlet are functioning normally.

Running the clean-up cycle will, however, pause charging. Charging will start up again after the cleanout cycle is finished. Therefore, a Bissell CrossWave may be in the clean-up cycle if it isn’t charging.

The Charging Plug Became Wet

To keep your Bissell CrossWave in top condition, the docking station needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Cleaning the tray every time the machine is withdrawn from the docking station is crucial. Sadly, some individuals wash the tray under running water, allowing water to enter the charging socket. The device might stop charging as a result of this. If so, it is best to get advice on fixing the docking station from Bissell’s customer service.

Light Simply Turned Off

You might see up to three lights, depending on how fully charged the battery is. You will notice one red blinking light when it is dead. As it charges, the number of lights might rise to three. There will be three white lights on the docking station when it is completely charged. After around 10 minutes, the lights will turn off.

Blocked Brush Roll

If you observe three solid red lights when using or charging your machine, there is a blockage in the brush roll. To restart the device, press the hard floor button twice. Next, clear the blockage that is keeping the brush roll from rolling.

Press the hard floor button twice to shut off the Bissell CrossWave if you notice red flashing lights. Start the device again; If the red lights keep flashing, internal issues might be blamed. It is better to speak with Bissell’s customer service.

Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge: How To Fix

Use New Battery

Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge because the battery deteriorates with time, just like batteries do. The battery gets weaker and weaker with each charge. Your Bissell CrossWave will eventually be unable to maintain a full charge, leaving you with a vacuum that isn’t as powerful as it previously was.

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Older vacuums frequently have this issue, but it could also result from accidental damage, including water damage. If there are any leaks, look for them in the battery compartment and replace the battery as needed.

A dead Bissell CrossWave battery might be a nightmare if you’re in the middle of cleaning. The Bissell vacuums come with detailed instructions on how to replace the battery, so it is simple to accomplish.

Clean The Battery And Charger

The contacts may not always touch one another correctly, preventing the battery from charging. Clean the charger and the battery to resolve this issue. Clean the charger’s exterior and battery contacts with a dry cloth. Next, clean out the charger port’s interior of any dust or debris with a toothpick or paperclip so the battery can make contact with it.

To clean up your dust sucker, avoid using damp cloths or dry microfiber cloths. We only advise using a dry microfiber cloth because water droplets can cause a faulty connection if left behind. Cleaning your vacuum’s contact points and surrounding areas is essential to maintaining the functionality of your machine. 

Additionally, it aids in preventing any potential electrical shocks or fire threats. Once the dirt accumulation has been removed, plug in your Bissell CrossWave and set it on the charging base. You should be fine to go if the gadget turns on and the LED changes from red to green.

Check The Bissell CrossWave

A power issue exists with the Bissell CrossWave. Ensure that the battery is plugged in and fully charged. Swap out your cord and ensure the wall plug is working correctly if necessary. Look for cracks near the vacuum’s charging port, especially at the joint where the charging port and the vacuum’s body connect. Also, check if there are any cracks on the body of the Bissell.

Replace The Parts

You have a few options if your Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge, you can fix it, or you might ask a nearby vacuum repair business to identify the issue and solve it for you. You may purchase a new part from them for your vacuum as well.

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By entering your model number, you can directly purchase replacement parts for your Bissell on the company’s website. You’ll then have access to all the Bissell parts and accessories you require.

Bissell CrossWave Battery Charging Tips

Allow the Bissell CrossWave to charge for four hours before use to get the most extended runtime possible. Before use, make sure the Bissell CrossWave is fully charged. Remove the Bissell CrossWave from the charging base, then turn the machine on to check the charge level. When all three of the white status lights are turned on, the battery is fully charged.

How Long Does The Battery On The Bissell CrossWave Last?

You can roam around your house cord-free with the Bissell CrossWave thanks to its 36V lithium-ion battery, which offers up to 30 minutes of cordless cleaning power.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Bissell CrossWave?

The Bissell CrossWave can be charged on the docking station. A full charge takes around 4 hours (from depleted to complete). It takes less than 4 hours to charge the battery, assuming it is not entirely dead.

Is It Okay For Me To Leave My Bissell CrossWave On The Charger?

It is not advised to keep the Bissell CrossWave charger plugged in. Battery damage, fire, or explosion could result from overcharging. When less than 10% of power is remaining, make sure to charge the device (one LED flashing red).

How Do I Know Bissell CrossWave Is charging?

When charging, the battery life indicator lights will turn on. Realign the machine on the Docking Station if the lights don’t come on. Allow your CrossWave to charge for 4 hours before use for the longest run time possible. To understand all the charging statuses, see our video on the “LED Display.”

Why Is My Bissell CrossWave Cordless Not Working?

Another possible explanation for your lack of power is that the handle isn’t correctly put into the CrossWavebody. Put pressure on the handle. When placed perfectly, it should “click into position. When you hear a click, remove the handle and re-insert it into the body “.

What Is The Bissell Warranty Period?

Bissell CrossWave has a 2-year warranty. Any defective or manufactured part will be provided for two years following the original purchase date. This guarantee only covers equipment used for personal, not business, or rental purposes.

Conclusion On Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge

You may try to do a few things to fix the issue if your Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge. First, ensure that dust or debris is removed from the battery slot. Next, plug in another device to confirm that your outlet is powered. If that doesn’t work, look for any damage or debris in your vacuum’s charging port. In the worst-case scenario, you might need new batteries or a charging station. Contact a vacuum repair service or Bissell manufacturer if you’re having issues with your vacuum and are unsure what to do. You might be covered if it is still under warranty.