Bissell CrossWave Won’t Spray? Solved!

Bissell CrossWave won’t spray a general problem among some vacuum cleaners. Bissell is a powerful carpet cleaner that effectively removes dirt, stains, allergies, and more swiftly and simply. If you are using pressurized cleaning solutions but not getting water out of the hose, the issue may be a leak in the hose. So, why won’t my Bissell CrossWave won’t spray?

If a Bissell CrossWave won’t spray, check to see whether the tank has clean water or a mixture of water and formula if your machine is still not spraying. Your device might not be spraying because your tank is empty. It would be best if you refilled your clean tank once more. Ensure that the tank is reset and securely fastened to the device. 

Reasons Why Bissell CrossWave Won’t Spray – How To Fix

Clogged/ Bent Nozzle

A clogged or blocked nozzle can cause the Bissell CrossWave not to spray; also, if nozzles are bent, they obstruct the movement of water, which can cause the CrossWave not to spray. 

To fix this problem, thoroughly wash the clogged part in hot, soapy water before using the machine again and try straightening the bent part.

Empty Water Tank

The empty water tank is one of the main causes of the Bissell CrossWave won’t spray. To fix this, fill the tank with clean, warm water to improve the situation. Stepping on the handle release bar will allow you to lower the machine’s handle to the ground. 

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Remove the tank by raising the handle and moving it away from the device. To the sink, carry the tank. Warm water should be added after removing the lid. Reattach the tank’s cover and insert it into the device. To lock it in the machine, lower the handle.

Clog Filter 

If the filter clogs, the machine will cease spraying water, preventing any damage that can result from the clog. Clean the flow indicator filter to solve this. Unscrew the flow indication cap on the machine’s front right foot to clear the blockage. 

Remove the white filter and the red rotor. All three components should be thoroughly cleaned before being reinserted into the machine. Every time you operate the machine, clean the flow indicator cap to prevent obstructions.

Broken Pump Belt 

The faulty pump belt that powers the pump that forces the water out of the device could also cause the water not to spray. The Bissell firm sells replacement belts for these belts, or you can buy a generic belt from a hardware shop. Open the belt access door on the machine’s top foot to replace the belt.

Remove the black brush arm and soleplate that are covering the brush rollers. Replace it by wrapping one end around the driving pulley and the other around the silver motor shaft.


The water is pumped out of the Bissell machine with a pump. The Bissell CrossWave will no longer spray when the pump loses its prime. Please turn off the device and let it sit for a few minutes to fix this. Restart the machine and press the trigger to attempt another water spray.

Other Steps On How To Fix Bissell CrossWave That Won’t Spray

Step 1

Grasp the tank with the cleaning solution and remove it from the machine. Please ensure the tank is securely reinserted into the device by checking its fit. 

Water cannot enter the machine if the tank is even slightly displaced. Make sure the siphon tube positioned on the tank is not being squeezed between the carpet cleaner’s wall and the tank by visually inspecting it.

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Step 2 

Lower the carpet cleaner’s handle until it rests on the ground. Look at the machine’s bottom. Clear up any hair clogs or discernible carpet strands lodged in the water nozzles.

Step 3

To remove the nozzle cover, push it toward the machine wheels. The spray tip should then be pulled up to remove it from the machine.

Step 4 

Soak the spray tip in a sink full of warm water for five to ten minutes to clear any obstructions from the nozzle openings. With a towel, dry the nozzle tip. It and the nozzle cover should be put back on the vacuum.

Step 5

Add water to the water tank until the fill line is reached. Clean water should be poured into the dirty water tank until it comes to the top water line. Turn on the device by plugging it in. For 60 seconds, squeeze the handle-mounted trigger to try to force water through the pipes.

Why Isn’t The Water Coming Out Of My Bissell Cleaner?

Check whether the clean tank has water or a mixture of water and formula; if still, your Bissell CrossWave Won’t Spray. Then, your tank is empty; you must refill your clean tank once more. Ensure that the tank is reset and securely fastened to the device.

How Is A Bissell CrossWave Reset?

You must take the water tank apart and empty it to reset your Bissell CrossWave. The power button must then be depressed for 10 seconds. After that, you can reinstall the tank and operate the power button.

Why Is Dirty Water Being Left On The Floor By My CrossWave?

Although it is a rare problem, the CrossWave being too close to the floor can contribute to it. If this occurs, try repositioning the CrossWave farther from the ground.

Why Doesn’t My Bissell Spray Water?

The tank has run dry. Therefore the Bissell isn’t spraying any water. You must press the trigger after adding water to the tank to get it operating again.

How Is A Bissell CrossWave Fixed?

You might need to change the belt that drives the brush if your Bissell CrossWave isn’t operating properly. Belts for this model are available on Amazon or in a nearby retailer.

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How Can I Activate Pairing Mode On My Bissell CrossWave?

Press and hold the power button on the device’s bottom for three seconds to put your Bissell CrossWave in pairing mode. After three seconds, the power will be released, turning the power off. 

You ought to hear a beep as soon as you remove it. You can pair your device with your smartphone or tablet by pushing and holding the power button once again for 5 seconds or until you hear two beeps.

Why Is The Red Blinking On My CrossWave?

Because it has identified a potential problem with your equipment, the CrossWave is now blinking red. This might be caused by a dead battery or by the gadget running on low power.

How Is A Cordless Bissell CrossWave Cleaned?

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris from the area surrounding the machine’s base. The machine’s exterior should then be cleaned using a moist towel. Use a dry towel to wipe away any visible dirt or debris from the outside.

Why Are There Dirty Streaks On My Bissell CrossWave?

A corded vacuum is the Bissell CrossWave. This indicates that the device has a power cord plugged into the wall before being plugged into it. As a result, before using the device on any other surface, you must unplug it.

Can I Use Pine-Sol In My Bissell CrossWave?

Pine-Sol can be used in your Bissell CrossWave, but it shouldn’t be used frequently. Pine-Sol should not be used more frequently than once every few months.

What Does Bissell CrossWave’s WIFI Serve?

The Bissell CrossWaves app can be accessed via WIFI. It enables you to view the remaining time and energy on your device and control it remotely.

How Do You Activate Pairing Mode On A Bissell Spinwave?

You must first press and hold the power button on your Bissell Spinwave for about 5 seconds to put it in pairing mode. Release the power button, after which you should watch for the light to turn green.

How Do You Know If Your CrossWave Is Charging?

When plugged in, the CrossWave will turn on instantly. The power cord may be partially inserted into the charging port if the CrossWave won’t turn on.

How Do I Know If My Bissell CrossWave Charging

You can determine whether your Bissell CrossWave is charging in one of two ways. The machine’s front-mounted battery indicator light can be used as the first line of defense. It is charging if it is green. If it’s red, it’s not; you should wait until the charger has been plugged in for a while before attempting again. The second method is to look for a notification that says Bissell CrossWave Charging on your phone or tablet.

How Frequently Should My Bissell CrossWave Be Cleaned?

Each time you use your Bissell CrossWave vacuum, you should clean it. The accumulation of dirt and dust that could block the machine and stop it from functioning properly will be less likely due to this.

Conclusion On Bissell CrossWave Won’t Spray

If your Bissell CrossWave won’t spray, there are a variety of potential causes, including improper brush rotation or insufficient water suction. Customers should exercise caution while buying this item and thoroughly test it out before making a purchase.