Bissell Proheat Won’t Spray? Solved!

Here are some simple suggestions for you if your Bissell Proheat won’t spray the formula to the floor. Do you have an express mode on? Compared to the Deep Clean mode you may be used to, the Express mode spreads less. If you want more solutions to spray down on your carpet, go to the deep clean mode. So, why does Bissell Proheat won’t heat?

Check to see whether the clean tank has water or a mixture of water and formula in it if your machine is still not spraying. Your machine might not be spraying because your tank is empty. It would help if you refilled your clean tank once more. Make sure that the tank is reset and securely fastened to the device. This is essential for the equipment to operate properly.

Why My Bissell Proheat Won’t Spray  

The tank’s inappropriate seating could be a contributing factor. Please pick up the tank and reposition it, so it fits tightly on the device to ensure it is correctly installed. Check to see if the tank is correctly assembled if this doesn’t solve the issue. Please pick up the tank by its handle to check that they are both securely fastened.

Try cleaning the float ball in the return canister. The vacuum won’t work if it’s stuck in the up position. Under the dirty water tank, inspect the gasket. It won’t have good suction if the gasket is cracked or there isn’t a good seal.

Other factors that make your Bissell Proheat won’t spray are; 

  • The pump belt is ruined, missing, or worn out.
  • The red gasket beneath the formula tank is improperly fastened.
  • Inline filters are blocked or clogged.
  • The spray nozzles are obstructed.
  • The release button is broken (with no tension).
  • Its prime has passed for the unit.
  • The valve beneath the water tank is not properly set.
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Bissell Proheat Won’t Spray Water – What To Do

If your Bissell Proheat won’t spray, it’s a good idea to try troubleshooting the problem before you think about throwing your machine away and buying a new one. The answers are easier than you might expect, believe it or not. 

The ProHeat Revolution and ProSeries from Bissell experience this problem. The machine occasionally fails to spray water. To get your machine spraying once more, there are various suggestions. This advice requires the following:

  • Old toothbrush 
  • Phillips screwdriver

When everything is ready, you are prepared to start working. The procedure to fix a Bissell that won’t spray water is as follows:

Examine The Pump Belt

First, turn on the power while the machine is plugged in and standing upright, and check to see if your brush is rotating through the front nozzle—the same pulley powers both the brush and the spray.

Unplug the device and use a flat-head screwdriver to unlock the belt access door if the brush isn’t rotating. A flat pump belt should be visible. This links the pump pulley to the motor.

If it’s broken, worn out, or missing, replace it. Your Bissell carpet cleaner can spray again once you replace the brush belt.

Inspect The Formula Tank’s Red Gasket

Replace the belt access cover and recline the device while the pump belt is still in place. Check to see if there is a formula in the formula tank and water in the inner bladder of the water tank if your Bissell carpet cleaner is still not spraying. The red gasket on the bottom of the formula tank should be in place, so check for it next.

If not, remove it from the base with pliers or a screwdriver and replace it on the tank. Make sure that the gasket completely encloses both the inner and outer valve edges and that it is attached correctly.

To ensure that liquid comes out of the valves on both tanks, press them with your finger. If liquid leaks out, proceed to the following action.

Examine The Inline Filter For Blockage

Next, make sure the inline filter is not being used. Remove the filter cap, commonly known as the flow indicator. The filter and the spinner are two little parts that are within. Both should be pulled out, and any debris should be cleaned up, if necessary, using the brush.

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To check if water passes through the machine’s bottom, pour water into the flow indicator. Replace the filter and spinner if water leaks through. With a dime, you can undo the screw. Only one filter needs to be cleaned inside.

Verify Your Spray Tips

We’ll now inspect the spray tips to see if they are clear and clean. Turn the machine over while removing the tanks. Remove any dirt and dust accumulation by flipping up the brush and cleaning it with an old toothbrush. It could be clogged with hair in various situations. Last but not least, see if the hose will spray water.

Put the handle up, replace the tanks, and plug the device in. Remove the tool from the hose, turn on the power, and squeeze the trigger to spray the liquid away from you.

Start The Device

When pulled, the trigger ought to return. A Bissell service center can assist you in repairing it if there is no tension. The device may have lost its prime if the trigger is taut but not spraying.

Turn the device off, hold the trigger still for 30 seconds, and then turn it back on to see if the spray is present. You could take your Bissell Proheat to one of the authorized service locations if these procedures didn’t work to start spraying it.

Inspect The Water Tank’s Valve

The final possibility, if your Bissell Proheat won’t spray, is that the valve at the base of the water tank was not correctly fixed for whatever reason. There is a valve at the bottom of the water tank, which you can remove. The water enters at this point.

Turn on the machine, get a cup of water, and pour it into the valve or hole to see if the valve is operating correctly. If the pump is functioning properly, the water should start to be sucked in right away.

This indicates that the water tank is not supplying the valve for whatever reason. The bottom of the valve is designed to be pushed into by a spherical peg that protrudes from the valve. The answer is to install a straightforward screw that will fit into the hollow peg because it is open.

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When you reinstall the water tank, the screw will push the water tank valve at the bottom because it will elevate the point. This straightforward remedy will usually work to resolve the Bissell carpet cleaner, not the spraying issue.

Where Does The Water Go In A Bissell Proheat?

Lifting the handle on the water container at the front of the cleaner and bringing it to a sink are the first steps in using a Bissell Proheat. The top piece should then be lifted out so that you may pour hot water into the container by pulling the lever on the back of the container.

Why Won’t The Water Spray On My Bissell Proheat 2x?

Check to see whether the clean tank has water or a mixture of water and formula in it if your machine is still not spraying. Your machine might not be spraying because your tank is empty. It would help if you refilled your clean tank once more. Make that the tank is reset and securely fastened to the device.

Why Isn’t Water Coming Out Of My Bissell Proheat? 

Please make sure the tank is securely reinserted into the machine by checking its fit. Water cannot enter the machine if the tank is even slightly displaced. Make sure the siphon tube, which is positioned on the tank, is not being squeezed between the carpet cleaner’s wall and the tank by visually inspecting it.

How Do You Prime A Bissell ProHeat Pump?

The pump on the Bissell 2X ProHeat needs to be primed, like with all pumps. You should turn the cleaner off and wait a minute if there is air where there should be water in the pump, as there was when the machine was first used. Then restart the device and depress the spray trigger.

How To Reset Bissell Proheat?

Look for the brush reset button on the vacuum’s lower rear right. To restart the brush roll, press the button. Reconnect the vacuum to the wall outlet to make sure the brush has been reset. To start cleaning, deactivate the vacuum and turn it on. Switch on the brush roll.

Where Is The Filter Located On A Bissell Proheat 2X?

ProHeat 2X Upright Carpet Cleaners with Inline Filters and Lift-Off Upright Carpet Cleaners are compatible with the In-Line Filter Assembly (including Cap & Filter). It fits in the top portion of the Carpet Cleaner’s foot, beneath the area where the Dirty Water Tank rests typically.

Conclusion On Bissell Proheat Won’t Spray

There it is—the entire solution to the dilemma of why your Bissell Proheat won’t spray. We are confident that by following our comprehensive troubleshooting instructions, your cherished Bissell Proheat cleaner will be able to spray water and once cleaner your home.