Bissell Revolution Not Picking Up Water? 7 Ways To Fix

Is your Bissell revolution not picking up water?  Do you still have soiled, wet carpets that you can’t seem to dry out? Don’t worry; various methods in this post will help you dry your floor and bring your Bissell revolution back to operating order. So, why is your Bissell revolution not picking up water?

Your Bissell revolution not picking up water can be a result of blocked Filters, obstructed seals, hose not well connected, the water tank being full and other possible reasons and these issues can be resolved by checking out each of these equipment.

To know the cause of the Bissell revolution not picking up water, follow these steps below;

  • Verify that cleaning mode is selected.
  • Deplete the water supply.
  • Remove the cleaning supplies
  • Verify that the filters are not obstructed
  • Verify the condition of the seals.
  • Shut the latches.
  • Reconnect the hose and check the suction

How To Fix Bissell Revolution Not Picking Up Water

Let’s face it, everyone hates cleaning the carpet thoroughly. And you had been delaying doing it for longer than you could recall. However, you eventually got motivated to do it and were eager to get started.

Of course, as soon as you observed the carpet cleaner refusing to pick up water, all that enthusiasm vanished. Now that you’re in a soggy, dirty marshland, you’re wondering why you even bothered.

How can this issue be resolved? There is something you may do before using a hairdryer to dry the carpet or just moving and never looking back. Below are steps to help you fix the situation.

Verify That Cleaning Mode Is Selected

Check the dial on your Bissell revolution cleaner once more before continuing. The carpet-cleaning mode ought to be selected. It won’t be aware that it needs to pick up water if it is set to a different setting.

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Every carpet cleaner is unique. And if you’re using yours for the first time, you might not know what setting to use. In this case, I will advise you to consult your user manual. If the issue still exists and your carpet cleaner is properly adjusted, proceed to the next section.

Drain The Water Tank

Bissell revolution cleaners will not function properly if they notice that anything is not quite correct because they are very sensitive. Your carpet cleaner will stop if it determines that your tank is too full to allow you to continue cleaning. It will stop picking up water.

Examine the condition of your water tank. Use the following guidelines to empty it if it is full:

  • Open the carpet cleaner
  • Pull the tank’s lever.
  • Get rid of the water tank
  • Open the tank’s lid and remove the water.
  • To get rid of any tenacious debris, give the water tank a hot water rinse.
  • Fix the tank to the carpet cleaner.
  • Start the carpet cleaner and give it a try.

Remove And Maintain The Cleaning Equipment 

The majority of the labor-intensive effort goes into your carpet cleaner’s cleaning gear. They frequently require a little extra tender loving care because they are on the front lines of the conflict.

Your cleaning supplies won’t be capable of picking up water if they are clogged. To get the best suction from your unit, you must clear any obstacles from them.

Do the following to maintain your cleaning supplies:

  • Open the carpet cleaner
  • Take the cleaning tool out of the carpet cleaner’s body.
  • Check the device for blockage.
  • Clear the tool’s underside of any hair, dust, or debris.
  • Clear any obstructions from the tool’s neck.
  • Make sure to remove any hair from the brush if the gadget has one.
  • Fix each of the equipment back to the carpet cleaner.
  • To test it, turn on the carpet cleaner.

Check To Ensure The Filters Aren’t Blocked

Here is another excuse for the irregular cooperation of carpet cleaners. They have blocked their filters. Your carpet cleaner may stop cleaning because it believes its filter is too clogged for you to use it. This can be the cause of the suction issue.

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The unit could not be able to pick up water because the filter is excessively blocked. This is because a backlog will result from the water’s inability to travel through the machine.

You must check the filters in your Bissell revolution to resolve this issue. They will need to be cleaned if they are filled. Here is how they are cleaned;

  • Open the carpet cleaner
  • Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to remove the filter
  • Large clumps of dust and dirt should be removed from the filter.
  • Clean the filter with hot water.
  • Put back the filter into the Bissell revolution cleaner
  • Start the carpet cleaner and give it a try.

Examine the Seals

The water is kept within your Bissell revolution cleaner by its seals. Water will seep from the seals if they are damaged. After spending some time running over your carpet with the cleaner, it can still be moist for this reason.

You must thoroughly inspect your seals to determine if they are in bad condition. Use your hands to feel the seals for moisture and check to see if any water is dripping from them. The seals must be replaced if they are damaged or cracked.

Close The Latches 

Your carpet cleaner needs to be properly configured to pick up water effectively. Any flaps or locks on the device must be closed. By doing this, you can improve the cleaner’s suction by raising the vacuum pressure inside the hose.

The latches are easy to close with these two simple steps, they are:

  • Lock the hose latches on your Bissell revolution.
  • Start the carpet cleaner and give it a try.

Reconnect The Hose And Check The Suction

The Bissell revolution cleaner suction should be tested as a last resort if all else fails. It cannot take the water from the carpet if it is not sucking.

Your carpet cleaner’s hose may occasionally move out of position. The device will have trouble picking up water if this occurs. In this phase.

Below are ways to check and reconnect your hose;

  • Open the carpet cleaner
  • The hose should be disconnected, and then reconnected.
  • Check to see if the carpet cleaner is currently picking up water by turning it on. 
  • If not, turn it off once more and go to the next action.
  • Position the newspaper underneath the carpet cleaner with its back tilted and its front-facing.
  • Restart the device
  • Check to see whether the newspaper has any suction. You will need to get in touch with your manufacturer if there isn’t.
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Why Won’t My Bissell Suction?

Verify that “Floor Suction” is selected on the Vacuum Suction Knob. Or perhaps there is substantial debris obstructing the brush roll rotation. Your soil container may be overfilled or not positioned correctly. Release the tank by pressing the button.

Why Isn’t Water Coming Out Of My Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

The tank’s improper seating could be a contributing factor. Pick up the tank and reposition it so that it fits tightly on the device to ensure that it is correctly installed. Check to see if the tank is correctly assembled if this doesn’t solve the issue. Pick up the tank by its handle and check that they are both securely locked.

How Is A Bissell Carpet Cleaner Reset?

On the vacuum’s lower rear right, look for the brush reset button. To restart the brush roll, press the button. Reconnect the vacuum to the wall outlet to make sure the brush has been reset. To start cleaning, deactivate the vacuum and turn it on. Switch on the brush roll.

Can A Bissell Vacuum Be Washed?

A moist cloth can be used to clean it. To check the pre-motor filter, press the filter button on the handle. Take out that filter, then wash your hands in warm water with a gentle detergent. Before being replaced, all components must be properly air-dried.

How Frequently Should Vacuum Filters Be Replaced?

Three to six months. The majority of manufacturers advise changing your filter every three to six months on average. Nevertheless, depending on usage and allergy care, it is advised to change your filter even earlier. Most modern vacuum models employ many filters.

Why Won’t My Bissell ProHeat Pet Vacuum Clean?

There’s a chance your dirty water tank’s fasteners are loose. Check the filthy water tank’s rubber tab and firmly press on either edge to tighten it. Additionally, make sure the auxiliary hose door is shut tightly. Make sure the door is locked by checking it.

Conclusion On Bissell Revolution Not Picking Up Water

We become alarmed when our Bissell revolution won’t pick up water. It is not possible to let the carpet dry naturally, and it is annoying to get damp socks every time you walk on it. What should you do at this point?

Put your worries aside because this post includes various steps that you may follow to mend your Bissell revolution cleaner that has been properly put together. You have undoubtedly used these techniques to fix your carpet cleaner and experience the satisfaction of a tidy, dry carpet.