Can Bathroom Powder Kill Roaches? Here’s How!

Can Bathroom Powder Kill Roaches? This is one question popularly asked by homeowners with cockroaches in there homes. Cockroaches are one of the most annoying insects! From how it feels when they walk on your body to their smell and everything is so disgusting, but then they also have their contribution to this earth. But then, we aren’t here to talk about their importance; we want to know how to get rid of them! Now let’s start by knowing whether bathroom powder can help rid yourself of these annoying little creatures. So, can bathroom powder kill roaches?

You don’t have to use toxic chemicals to kill cockroaches; an all-natural, non-toxic bathroom powder, also known as diatomaceous earth, is all you need. By simply sprinkling this dust wherever you see cockroaches or their eggs, you’ll get rid of them. It’s very cheap, easy and safe for you. 

Dive into this article to learn more about cockroaches and how to get rid of them. 

How Can I Use Bathroom Powder to Kill Roaches

Below is a step-by-step guide on using the DE powder to eliminate roaches and insects.

Step 1#Clean and dry the area: DE powder needs a dry environment to kill cockroaches. It’s recommended you clean before applying the powder and also allow the area to air dry for some minutes. However, if the humidity in your bathroom, basement, or kitchen is too high, you can use fans to reduce dampness before you start cleaning. 

Step 2#Spread the Powder: Carefully apply a thin coating of the diatomaceous powder on surfaces and crevices where you’ve seen cockroaches before. Focus on dark areas like the backside of the cooker, back of refrigerators, and beside appliances where roaches can find food crumbs and leftovers. You can spread it in the bathrooms and toilets too if they’re not wet.

Step 3#Hit their Entry Point: Spray the powder in tiny spaces like outlets, cracks, and gaps around wiring. You’d be astonished at the number of cockroaches you’ll find there!

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Step 4#Dust Inside Walls: If there are any walls or cracks leading to walls, there’s a high chance it’s a hiding place of cockroaches. Luckily, your duster bottle can easily blow dust right through tiny walls. 

Step 5#Spray Diatomaceous Powder Outside: Treat your mulch, garden, and the grass around your fence with DE without worrying about damaging your terrain. Just sprinkle a little amount of the dust and let it do its job. Just try to do this operation when the weather is dry.

If you have a crawl space beneath your house, there are high chance cockroaches are nesting there. Pour a pile of the powder at the entrance and use a leaf blower to blow the dust inside the crawl. 

Step 6#Repeat the Process

Keep an eye on the surfaces you’ve treated with DE. They might need to be retreated after some time, depending on how severe your cockroach infestation is. 

If it rains or wet weather, you’ll have to reapply the power. Also, if you’re facing a large infestation, consider dusting twice a week. 

A study has shown up to 80% effectiveness of this powder within 3 days, but a larger infestation will require more time and dusting. 

You should wear goggles and masks when spraying DE to avoid inhalation and irritation.

Step 7#Cleaning Up: After you’ve fought cockroaches out of your home, you’ll need to clean up the DE sprayed. It’s as simple as spraying it. You can sweep, wipe or vacuum the surrounding. 

You can use a wet towel to wipe up the surroundings or sweep with a broom and dustpan. If you spray it on carpeted locations, consider using a vacuum to clean it up. 

There’s no need to panic, the powder is all-natural and non-toxic, and therefore, it doesn’t leave dangerous chemicals behind. 

What Diatomaceous Earth Powder?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a finely grounded dust made by grinding the fossilized shells of diatoms and microscopic ocean organisms. It looks like sand, but it is finer, smoother, and made from a single material. 

This powder is an ingredient in hundreds of products, from hardware equipment, paints, personal care, and even some food items. Mostly, you’ll see some products that contain DE termed “Food Grade.” This indicates it contains the diatomaceous powder that’s finer than the other types. 

Does Diatomaceous Earth Powder Kill Cockroaches? 

This powder kills various insects, including cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, and more. 

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It can be used as a preventive measure against cockroaches or insecticide. It’s an incredible home remedy for getting rid of roaches, it seems too good to be true, but it works. 

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kills Roaches?

The diatomaceous powder works as an abrasive by breaking down the waxy layer of the hard exoskeleton of the cockroach, thereby killing through dehydration. When roaches pass through the DE powder, they carry some of it on the tiny hairs on their legs. The powder will act upon them, and they’ll eventually die. 

Where Can I Sprinkle the Diatomaceous Powder?

One of the most amazing benefits of this powder is its versatility. You can easily sprinkle it under pieces of furniture, behind appliances, inside wardrobes, and around the surroundings. 

The food-grade DE, like the Harris Diatomaceous Powder, can be used in the kitchen on the countertops and cupboards. Since it’s also easy to clean up the vacuum, this powder can also be used in trucks and cars to eliminate cockroaches and other insects. 

The DE powder usually comes in the package. However, it’s recommended you use a duster to apply the powder. You can buy one in a store or make a DIY duster by poking tiny holes on the cover of a 2-liter soda bottle. Then, fill half the bottle with DE powder, twist the cap tightly and squeeze it to sprinkle the roaches. 

Can Powdered Bleach Kill Roaches?

Upon stumbling into a cockroach in your toilet, you might be thinking of grabbing the bleach to kill it. But does that works.

Typically, bleach is considered an ineffective bait method for killing roaches. Since it has a strong smell, cockroaches will run away once they perceive it. The only possible way of killing a cockroach with bleach is by drowning it inside, and there are much simpler and more effective ways to kill them. 

Also, bleach is highly corrosive, so if you’re constantly spreading it to kill roaches, it might damage the surfaces you’re applying it to. It also doesn’t stick to roaches, so they won’t ingest it by grooming or spreading It to others in their nest. 

Does Boric Acid Kill Roaches?

Boric acid is one of the most effective ways to eliminate cockroaches. It’s also a popular and cost-effective way of dealing with roaches infestation. 

Fast action boric acid, like the United Boric acid powder, works by sticking to the cockroach’s body due to its positive electrostatic charge. The cockroach will then carry the boric acid to its nest, where it gets on more roaches. As they groom themselves, they ingest the poison and kick the bucket.

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However, boric acid itself doesn’t attract cockroaches; as such, you’ve to mix it with things they eat like food, waste, or debris so that the smell will attract them. 

Boric acids take about 72 hours before killing a cockroach; that’s quite long, But we assure you it will kill all roaches in your home when you use it effectively.

If you’re using this acid to control roaches infestation, ensure you keep it out of reach of children as it is toxic when inhaled.

What kills cockroaches immediately?

Unfortunately, the only way to instantly kill cockroaches is by crushing them with your shoes or slapping them with a shoe. But you can’t get rid of an infestation using these methods. Therefore, you must use DE powder, borax, or boric acid.

What Smell will Keep Cockroaches Away?

Some smells are considered roach repellents as they chase away the insects. These include the smell of cypress oil, peppermint oil, or cedarwood oil.  Also, roaches hate the smell of coffee and crushed bay leaves.

What kills roaches and their eggs?

A simple yet effective way to kill cockroaches and their eggs is using baking soda and sugar. Mix equal amounts of these ingredients inside a small bottle and spray it on surfaces and crevices where you’ve seen cockroaches.

What attracts cockroaches in the bathroom?

Many things attract roaches to a bathroom, and among the most common ones are leaky pipes and faucets. These insects are always searching for three things, food, shelter, and water, and wherever they can get them, they’ll nest and start a family.

What are Cockroaches Afraid Of? 

Roaches are afraid of humans and other animals that are bigger than them. They see humans as predators. That’s why they always scatter away when you near them.

Do cockroaches like cold rooms?

No, cockroaches don’t like cold places because they’re cold-blooded arthropods that can survive in extremely cold or hot conditions. 

How Long Do I Leave Boric Acid?

For effective results, apply boric acid at night and leave it till morning. If your house is heavily infested with cockroaches, you can consider thoroughly applying the poison and leaving the house for 2 days.

Conclusion On Can Bathroom Powder Kill Roaches? 

The diatomaceous earth bathroom powder can help you eliminate roaches from your home. The easiest way to prevent roaches from entering your house is to keep it clean and store food in airtight containers. To prevent roaches from entering your house via gaps and crevices, combine proper hygiene with routine examination and maintenance outside your home.

To keep insects out of your house, seal pipe or wire openings. I hope we’ve answered your question on “can bathroom powder kill roaches?”