Can You Plant Daffodils in the Spring? Explained!

Do you love Daffodil flowers and you fazed with the question “Can you plant Daffodils in the Spring?” Follow us on this article to gain more insights. Daffodils are gorgeous flowers. They are mostly planted during the Fall; in fact, that’s the best time to plant them. This is because they don’t do well in other weather. It’s crucial to keep this in mind, to be aware before the season pass. But assuming you didn’t get to plant your daffodils when it’s Fall, you may be wondering if you could plant them in the Spring.

Well, you can. It all boils down to the process you will follow to ensure your plant comes out fine. Even though most gardeners would advise against planting daffodils at a later date, it goes without saying that you can try.

To make this easy for you, we have answers to most of the questions you might have about planting daffodils during the spring season. You should pay attention to the guide below to avoid making a mistake that could cost you time and money.

Normally, daffodils do well in the fall season, and most people prepare their bulbs before this time. The perfect time is sometimes months before the ground starts freezing up. If you’re planting in Spring, you should find the right spot for planting before taking any further steps.

Where Should Daffodils Be Planted?

If you’ve never planted bulbs before in the Spring, you might wonder which spot is perfect for planting. The first step is finding a place with enough access to the sun. 

The good news is that daffodils can thrive with average sunlight, provided it gets the light every day. But if you have a dilemma between two spots, always choose the one with the most sunlight exposure.

Moreover, you should use a spot with fertile soil because daffodils need adequate nutrients to survive. This may seem like what every plant requires, but when it comes to daffodils, you can’t afford to make a mistake.

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What Kind of Soil is Best for Daffodils?

Can You Plant Daffodils in the Spring? Explained!

This is a tricky question because daffodils can thrive in any type of soil; so far it contains what’s needed to help them grow. One thing you shouldn’t forget is that the type of soil you’ll be using should not retain water. This prevents the bulbs from rotting away as too much water tends to bring about this reaction. On a quick note, some daffodils bulbs grow well in acidic soil, and if this is the type of soil you have, then it’s fine. You just need to get the right variant of daffodils that’s suitable for it.

As expected, some variants also do well in alkaline soil. The best approach is to know your soil and plant the type of bulbs that will be healthier when planted on it. You can confirm from your supplier to avoid making mistakes.

The Quality Of The Bulbs Is Important

No matter when you plan on planting daffodils, you’ll need to buy them during the Fall. The reason for this is the bulbs are best when they’re still fresh and firm. This state is ideal for refrigerating and can live for weeks without rotting. Stay away from damaged bulbs or those that are soft to the touch. One of the tricks gardeners use in picking bulbs is choosing the big ones, which tend to produce multiple flowers. Make sure they’re firm because they may have started to damage from the inside.

Don’t buy your bulbs from seasonal sellers who only sell random bulbs. You’ll want to buy from an established seller who has experience with the process and life cycle of daffodils. If there’s anything you should know, you’ll be able to find an expert to tell you. They’ll be able to identify the variants they’re selling to you and the background. All this information will shape your strategy for planting.

How To Plant Daffodils In Spring?

It’s easily more than ever to buy daffodil bulbs, all thanks to the internet, which gives sellers the ability to sell to anyone anywhere in the world. We can now talk about how to plant daffodils in the Spring. Always pick bulbs that have the best quality when still fresh and see that they are large in size. 

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Step 1

Once you’ve picked your big bulbs, the next step is to prepare the spot you want to use for planting. Prepare the bedding and plant the bulbs about two times their height to the ground. This means you’ll gauge the size of each bulb before burying it in the soil so deep the space you’ll cover with soil is still the same size as the bulb. This method is ideal for the spring season, especially if you’re planting big daffodils bulbs.

Step 2

As for the spacing, daffodils can stand in crowded areas, so you can just divide the spacing as you please. For the soul to make the right impact on the flowers, you should put at least 3 inches between the bulbs. Another thing you can do to add more nutrients is to sprinkle some fertilizer into the hole before planting the daffodil bulbs. Your flowers will grow so well you won’t believe they were grown in Spring.

Step 3

After the bulbs are in the ground, cover the earth with mulch to protect the bulbs and keep them from being destroyed by the wind. It’s not common for pests to trouble daffodils, but you can’t be too careful. Gather some sharp objects and set them at the edge of each plant. This will stop insects from trying to get into your garden and eat up the bulbs. 

One last thing; don’t forget to plant the bulbs deep as they develop the daffodil blindness state, which causes the plant to produce flowers with no leaves.

Can You Grow Daffodils Indoors?

Can You Plant Daffodils in the Spring? Explained!

Yes, you can. Some gardeners prefer planting their bulbs in pots. Although you won’t get the same result if you plant them outside, there are specific reasons why some people may choose to plant indoors. The size of the bulbs matters a lot, also the size of the pot, the amount of sunlight the plant is getting as well as the method used.

At first, ensure the pots you’re using has holes at the bottom to promote drainage. Too much water can cause harm to the bulbs. Right after planting, water the pot to introduce the bulb to its new home. Now it’s time to settle them somewhere; you can put the pot inside the house or outside. Most people put it near the door outside or some secluded spot in the garden until it starts to bloom.

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If you notice the bulb is not growing as fast as it should, you can apply a bit of fertilizer to each flower. It’s better to use a fertilizer that’s low in nitrogen and rich in potassium. Do this at an interval to observe the result. Once you see the bulbs open up, the space between them will reduce as the flowers take up more space. Sometimes, a few of them may die. It may be a bulb or a part of a bulb. It doesn’t matter which; the same treatment is applied to them. All you should do is pluck the dead plant off, leaving the healthy ones only.

After harvesting, you should consider adding bonemeal to the soil to prepare it for future use.

Can You Keep Daffodils in Vases?

Daffodil flowers are beautiful, and to resist displaying them might be difficult. Just give in to the huge and show them already because they can be kept in a vase. One thing, though, daffodils don’t work well with other flowers. It’s better to put it in the vase alone. You may wonder why; it’s because they secret a kind of fluid that’s harmful to other flowers. Any flower put together with daffodils will wither and die within some time.

If you cannot get another vase to put them in, you’ll need to soak the daffodils in water for some time to allow them to secrete the fluid into the water. You can then add them to the vase of flowers.


Also, daffodils sap isn’t skin friendly. It causes irritation or triggers some form of skin allergies. Great care is to be taken when handling it. Always use hand gloves before picking them up, and keep the sap away from the skin as far as possible. Even if you are sure the sap doesn’t give you allergies, it’s best to still protect yourself. It’s better to safe than sorry.

Conclusion On Can You Plant Daffodils in the Spring

Like any bulb flower, the daffodil is best planted in the Fall. But if this is beyond you and you still want to plant your bulbs later in the year. We’ve got you covered. The questions above are likely the ones you’re currently asking, looking for a way to plant daffodils in Spring. Find answers to your questions here and let us know how your flowers turned out. Don’t forget to subscribe for more gardening tips.