Do Black Vinyl Windows Fade? Fully Explained!

Black vinyl windows are, without a doubt, the next trend. However, the question that most homeowners ask themselves is, do black vinyl windows fade?

Yes, black vinyl windows experience the same wear and tear as all vinyl windows. Once exposed to the sun for a long time, they start fading and warping. The solution is to get high-quality vinyl windows that can handle a broad range of temperatures like heat absorption. 

Black vinyl windows are loved by many due to the attractive contrast they provide. If you’re interested in these types of windows, dive into this guide to find all you need to know about black vinyl windows. 

Will a Black Vinyl Window Fade?

Yeah, your black vinyl window will fade just like any other vinyl window. And this is the case with all materials – time catches up with them no matter how durable they’re. When you buy a high-quality black vinyl window, the manufacturers have considered all the problems before crafting it; that’s why it’s recommended you buy vinyl windows from brands using a high-quality vinyl formula that’s strong enough to withstand color in which every weather condition. 

Will a Black Vinyl Window Warp?

Most black vinyl windows warp. However, you can purchase the type that has an enhanced ability to withstand this problem. Mostly black vinyl windows having a multi-chambered frame tend to be stronger and more durable. Even if they’ll warp, it has to be an effect of severe weather events like storms.

What are the Pros of Black Vinyl Windows?

Black vinyl windows are slowly becoming the latest trend for decorators and homeowners. Not only they’re an interesting change from the traditional windows, but they also give your home an aesthetically appealing look. Below are some of the benefits of black vinyl windows: 

    • Gives your home a stylish look: Black vinyl windows give it a clean, crisp contrast, especially if painted with a light color. They show a touch of artistry by blending with your interior or exterior design and becoming a head-turner for anyone passing by. Apart from their stylish look, black vinyl windows are also versatile and customizable. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs to give your home the look you’ve always wanted.
  • They’re Weather Resistant: Black vinyl window frames are mostly non-porous therefore leaving no room for moisture to seep in. They can also withstand rain and other weather conditions, unlike wood that swells or contracts over time. Also, they’re not prone to rust, rot, insect, and mold problems
  • Energy Efficient: Some black vinyl windows don’t have any insulation, but they can be easily added to the cavities of the frame.  The glass part of black vinyl windows features a Low E-glass. A unique type of glass that reduces the number of harmful UV rays entering your home without reducing the amount of natural light entering your home
  • Easy to Maintain: Black vinyl windows have a smooth, silky surface that doesn’t allow dirt and grime to stick to them. Even when they do, you can easily clean your windows with a clean cloth and warm soap solution.
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What are the Cons of Black Vinyl Windows?

Like any other product, black vinyl windows have their cons. It would help if you weighed their pros and cons before deciding on our buying one or not. Below are some of the cons of black vinyl windows;

  • They’re prone to sun damage: The black color that gives black vinyl windows a stylish look is an expense of their quality. Since dark colors absorb more light, these windows fade faster than light vinyl windows. During temperate days, it becomes dangerous to touch these windows as the excess heat gets transferred to the glass and affects the whole integrity of the window.  If you’re residing in a tropical area, consider wearing black vinyl windows with UV protection. Although they’re more expensive, they do a better job of insulating your environment against heat. 
  • Makes Dirt more Obvious: One annoying thing about black vinyl windows is they make dust and dirt more obvious. Unlike light-colored windows that easily blend different colors, black vinyl windows make specks of dirt even more visible. Therefore if you aren’t sure you’ll be cleaning your windows regularly, consider going for light-colored ones
  • They’re expensive: Another drawback of black vinyl windows is their high price. Decorative vinyl windows cost less than $150, while picture vinyl windows can cost as much as $2500. Generally, the color is the reason behind the high price as black colored windows are typically more expensive than white ones by 10 to 16 percent. Therefore if you have a tight budget, consider going for a white-colored window.
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Are Black Vinyl Windows a Good Choice for My Home?

Not that you’ve known the pros and cons of black vinyl windows. The next thing is deciding whether it’s good to invest in these designer windows or not. 

Well, to me, I think black vinyl windows are still a sophisticated design that gives your home the perfect stylish statement. This will, in turn, add to your home value when you decide to bid it aye. However, your budget, living environment, design preference, and maintenance will determine the decision you’ll make. 

If you choose to have black vinyl windows, we recommend leaving them exposed without curtains, which will help highlight the black color. Also, consider which areas you’ll be comfortable with having bare windows without curtains. We suggest kitchens, patios, and living rooms. 

How Can I Wash My Black Vinyl Windows?

Here are a few steps to follow and easily wash your black vinyl windows clean, as well as things to avoid when cleaning your windows: 

  • Gently hose down the window’s frame and wash it with a warm solution of soap, water, vinegar, and dishwasher. Start from the top and work down gently with a soft bristle brush or a clean cloth. 
  • When you’re done cleaning, thoroughly rinse it with clean water and allow it to air dry
  • When cleaning your black vinyl windows, use vinegar that’s half the volume of the water you’re using. You can also go for a commercial class glass cleaner sold in stores. A soft towel will do a good job removing dirt from the glass, but you can also use a soft bristle brush
  • When washing your black vinyl windows, avoid using cleaners that contain chlorine bleach and grease removers. Also, avoid strong detergents and soaps that contain organic solvents. Using these substances on your windows can yellow the glass frame
  • Avoid cleaning your windows during extreme temperatures. During a hot sunny day, the extremely hot temperature will quickly dry off cleaners and leave behind a soapy residue. Also, cold temperatures will lead to slow drying of windows, thereby leaving streaks.
  • Avoid using cleaners that contain abrasives, such as bathtub cleansers and fine sand. These substances can damage the glass frame and vinyl surface
  • These days most glasses are coated with hard chemicals and tints that make them more durable but more prone to scratch or damage by metal materials like razor blades.
  • Most of us love to do outdoor cleaning with our power washers. However, it would help if you didn’t try it when washing your black vinyl windows. This is because they’re very aggressive cleaners at a close range and can easily damage your windows. They damage your window frames and caulking seals, thereby giving room for leaks and insect infestation
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FAQs on Do Black Vinyl Windows Fade?

Are black windows on the inside a good idea?

Yes, black vinyl windows are a good idea for both the interior and exterior of your home. They work well with bricks on the exterior and light-colored paints on the interior.  You can use black vinyl windows to create a strong connection between the interior and exterior of your home while blending the two to give an aesthetically appealing timeless look. 

Do black windows add value?

Yes, black windows add value to your home. Therefore if your current home isn’t your forever home, you can consider investing in black vinyl windows. For the time being, you’ll enjoy the perks of having this stylish window, and when it’s time to sell your home, you’ll be able to get it off the market quickly and at a better price. 

Will black windows go out of style?

Black windows have been around for a long time, and there’s no sign that they’ll be out of trend anytime soon. However, black vinyl windows are at the peak of their popularity because many have found they work well with all homes, from traditional farmhouses to modernized duplexes.

Why are black windows more expensive?

Certain factors make black vinyl windows more expensive than white ones. The color is one of these factors because, unlike white windows, black colors fade over time; therefore, many brands spend more to make sure they manufacture windows that their colors contain special additives that will make them last longer.