Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On? Try This!

Is your Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On? No problem, we are here to help. Just stay with us on this article. The Dyson Airwrap is your very best friend. You may change your bed head into luxurious curls, straight hair, or wavy layers by pressing a button. However, you don’t have to settle for a messy ponytail if your gadget breaks.

If the filter cage is not properly inserted, the Dyson Airwrap won’t turn on. The Airwrap will repeatedly shut off if this is the case. The unit may shut off if the filter is too dirty because it can make the internal parts overheat. Before using the Dyson Airwrap once more, clean the filter. Due to cord damage, a Dyson Airwrap may not turn on. If this occurs, get in touch with Dyson right away and refrain from using the appliance. An issue with its outlet is another possibility. If the filter needs to be cleaned, the device might also not function.

If the issue persists, ask for help from the Dyson customer service department. If your Airwrap breaks while still under warranty, Dyson will replace it at no cost to you. For those who are prone to allergies or respiratory problems, the Dyson Airwrap is the ideal appliance thanks to its distinctive design. 

8 Causes of Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On

Your Dyson Airwrap may not turn on or may keep shutting down while in use for different reasons:

Cleaning Is Required for the Air Filter

You should change the filter in your Dyson Airwrap every few months. It can overheat and cease working if there is too much hair on it. The filter on your appliance can be cleaned as follows:

  • Make certain the gadget is unplugged.
  • Find the filter cage at the device’s end and take it out.
  • Warm water should be added to the cage, and it should soak for 30 minutes.
  • Bring the filter’s filter cleaning brush ring up to it.
  • Twist the object sideways until the hair is gone.
  • the filter cage back on with a slide.
  • Insert it by clicking.
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The final step is particularly significant. Your Dyson Airwrap won’t operate if the filter cage doesn’t “click” into position. It’s possible that your Dyson Airwrap was hurt while on duty. Even the slightest rip in the cord of your device could render it dangerous to use.

According to Dyson, you should speak with their customer service department about the issue. They might replace the device for free if you let them know during your warranty period. In this situation, don’t try to operate the device.

When not in use, especially when traveling, keep your Dyson Airwrap in a protective hard case like this one. Your Airwrap and the cord will be protected from damage as a result.

There Is A Blockage Internally

It’s simple to remedy this. Do the following:

  • Plug the gadget out.
  • Pull the filter cage downward while twisting it.
  • Offset the plug by sliding the filter cage.

Start your device now. If it continues to operate, there might be a blockage in the machine’s airflow.

The Outlet Doesn’t Function

Between 110 and 120 volts are required for your Dyson Airwrap to operate. It will be impossible to use if it is any less. To test the outlet’s functionality, try plugging in other devices. Check your fuse box as well. If the problem is a blown fuse, changing it might be the answer.

It Has A Technical Problem

If one of the parts in your gadget stops operating properly, it can stop working altogether. This can be the result of poor storage, water damage, or other issues. You could submit a warranty claim in this situation. Although you are not required to register your product in advance, doing so might facilitate warranty claims.


Your gadget should operate normally throughout the length of its charge. The gadget will, however, shut off if it becomes too hot for your safety. Clean the filter if it keeps turning on, functioning, and then going off again. This might be resulting in the gadget’s internal.

Getting In Touch With Dyson’s Customer Service

Customer service at Dyson is excellent. If you have any inquiries regarding how your device works, you can:

  • Contact Dyson’s customer support department. Depending on where you live, their service hours.
  • Employ live chat. Online, you can SMS a representative who can provide you with more information about your issue.
  • Email. Please mention the product’s make, serial number, and your name and contact information.
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Dyson Warranty Claim Submission

All of Dyson’s products come with warranties. You could submit a warranty claim if you bought your Dyson Airwrap during the last two years. The following things are covered under the warranty:

  • Manufacturing flaws
  • Broken downs
  • Pieces with cracks or breaks

Daily wear and tear, careless maintenance, and modifications will not be covered by the warranty. Dyson will send you a replacement product at no cost if they are unable to replace the damaged part in your appliance.

It’s critical to take action right away if your Dyson Airwrap keeps shutting off. The filter mesh must first be examined for debris. You should swap out the device if the filter mesh is clean.

You must get in touch with a Dyson support team if the issue continues or if you want more help. Contact the manufacturer right away if this does not resolve your issue. You should call the Dyson helpline if the light is frequently flashing.

Difference Between A Real And Fake Dyson Airwap

Sometimes it is difficult for fake Dyson airwrap to turn on, there are ways to differentiate between fake and real airwrap. A real and a fake Dyson differ significantly in a few key ways, as was previously mentioned. And there are particular actions you may take to assist in avoiding fake goods.

The Dyson Airwrap Is Solidly Constructed

Examining the Dyson Airwrap itself is one of the greatest methods to determine if you have a genuine article. The Dyson’s body is the most obvious evidence that a fake machine might be in your possession. One difference between the product and the web images you saw is their appearance.

A fake Dyson Airwrap could be poorly finished, have buttons that aren’t where they should be, have a broken body, and have fewer styling presets. Its purpose will also be much different. The device occasionally refuses to turn on. If your authentic Dyson product has trouble turning on, you won’t be covered by the guarantee, and your chances of fixing the issue are lower.

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The Packaging Is Thorough And Tidy

The package is another clue that you might have selected a fraudulent item. If you examine the content carefully, you might discover that the materials were of poor quality or had other serious problems. For instance, bogus Airwraps can arrive in broken packaging, and the instructions might be difficult to read, lengthy, or riddled with errors.

The amazing thing about how counterfeit goods can imitate real Dyson Airwraps is that your box might even have false serial numbers and warranty cards. These may appear genuine since they mimic the original guarantee, but they don’t provide the consumer with ultimate security.

Authorized Websites

Buying straight from the manufacturer is one of the best ways to avoid cons and fake goods. Dyson solely distributes its items through authorized shops or its website, similar to other multinational corporations. A safer option to obtain authentic things is always to have the official website mail them directly to you.

So how can you recognize a Dyson official website? After all, there are phony websites out there with information convincing enough to trick a buyer who is unfamiliar with Dyson. Observe the following warning signs:

  • The site’s logos, photos, and vectors don’t appear to be sharp, aligned, or clean.
  • The language on the website appears to be typographically incorrect or uses a “voice” other than Dyson’s.
  • There isn’t much contact information and owner information on the webpage.
  • The website appears to offer outrageous and incredible deals and discounts.

Retailers frequently have a connection to the business. You can check the Dyson website for a list of reputable sellers if you are unclear about how well connected the business is. It is recommended to avoid taking a chance and use one of the sites that are officially linked with Dyson retailing if a website is not on the list.

Dyson Airwap Won’t Start

If your Dyson Airwap won’t start the filter needs to be too clean. After a week has gone since your previous cleaning, you should change the filter. The same procedures are followed if the red indicator light is flashing. You might need to contact the Dyson helpdesk for assistance if the issue continues.

Conclusion On Dyson Airwrap Not Turning On

Your Dyson Airwrap Is not turning on for a variety of reasons. You could just need to clean the air filter or it might not be getting enough electricity. It’s crucial to get in touch with Dyson customer service as soon as your Airwrap stops functioning to have the issue fixed quickly. If you wish to prevent more issues, your gadget needs to be serviced as soon as feasible.