Dyson DC24 Not Picking Up? Fixed!

Is your Dyson DC24 not picking up? Then you are at the right place to get a solution. A Dyson DC24 vacuum is made to be highly maneuverable and lightweight, weighing only about 11 pounds. The Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner is unlikely ever to become stuck or clogged because of the continuous-power root cyclone technology. It is simple to examine the hoses and brush bar for any obstructions that may present if your appliance develops a blockage inhibiting the right amount of suction.

You might want to discover how to resolve a Dyson DC24 not picking up; If your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not picking up, it can be due to factors like a faulty battery, dirty brush, or plug not well attached, and so much more. Both using and maintaining these vacuum cleaners is relatively simple. With some elbow work, you can clean them. They are simple to maintain and will increase the lifespan of your Dyson vacuum.

Reasons Why Dyson DC24 Not Picking Up

Power Is Incorrectly Set

The power adjuster is not set correctly. Although it may seem obvious, an incorrect setup is the first factor that accounts for a Dyson not picking up compared to its typical power. A dimmer button on a lower level than usual can easily account for this power loss. The setting wheel is typically quite simple to turn, even accidentally, while gripping the gadget, making incorrect adjustments even more common. 

So, to acquire a better suction, turn the control knob back to the desired power setting. Make sure you can hear the engine operating faster or slower when you move the power dial. If this is not the case, the adjustment knob will need to be replaced since it may have broken or become disconnected from its support.

Vacuum Dust Bag Is Full

When the dust bag for the vacuum cleaner is complete, you will notice a lack of suction or picking strength if your vacuum cleaner bag is full or as soon as it is 3/4 full. This holds even if the vacuum cleaner has a storage area rather than a bag. 

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With bag vacuums, this issue occurs more frequently. It should be mentioned that the bag fills up quickly based on its capacity, your vacuuming habits, and the materials you use. As often as you can, change or empty your bag.

Filters Are Dirty

One or more blocked filters frequently cause a loss of power in your device. These filters stop specific specks of dust from entering the engine or the outside. The obstructed components consequently adhere to the filter. The filter clogs when an excessive amount of material adheres to it. 

As a result, Dyson DC24 may not pick up. Sometimes cleaning the filter will help to fix the issue. It might also need to be modified to ensure the machine is sucking correctly and increase durability. Generally, filters should be changed frequently.

Blocked Hose

The suction hose can occasionally become clogged due to the mold of dirt and dust on the pipe level. It could be something you unintentionally sucked up. Use a thick wire or a metal hanger that you unroll in this situation to pass through the pipe and clear the dust buildup.

Dirty Brushes

The unit that comes into direct touch with the floor is the brush; it may have wheels or be an electric or rotating brush. Animal strands, hair, or strings can cause it to become frequently stuck, blocking the suction tube’s entrance. You will need to disassemble and clean the brush in this situation.

Blocked Engines

The vacuum cleaner’s turbine and engine work together to create a vacuum. If, for instance, a small object blocks or obstructs these units, they could no longer be able to rotate freely, which would result in the unit losing suction power. Never suck up too fine dust, like plaster or flour, as it might settle on the engine and do irreparable harm.

Leakage Of Air

Leakage of air is another factor for Dyson DC24 not picking up. Loss of suction is inevitably caused by a hole or break in the system that allows air to travel through it. You cannot correctly suck up liquid through a punctured straw, no matter how hard you try. The improperly attached hose to the device may be the source of the air leak. It might also be the result of bad joints or poor joint location. 

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How To Fix Dyson DC24 Not Picking Up

Below is a way to fix a Dyson DC24 that is not picking up. Ensure that the vacuum cleaner’s hose is disconnected before attempting any of the suggestions above. This will stop air from being transferred from the cyclone to the brush rollers. Maximum suction for flooring and proper air circulation are both hampered by clogged cyclones. The hose must be disconnected to clear any debris or other obstacles. 

  • By hitting the On/Off switch on the Dyson DC24’s right side, you can attempt to dump out the clog after removing the power cord. Following that, you should inspect the hose to determine if anything obstructs it. If there is, throw it out right away. Before the machine can function, small dirt caught in the hose must be taken out. A straightened metal coat hanger can also be used to unclog a Dyson DC24.
  • Testing the vacuum’s suction cylinder is the second way to fix a Dyson DC24. By inserting a two-penny coin, you can check to see if the cyclone is clear or not. Older variants had fingers on both sides of a U-shaped curve in the back. You must unscrew the ball cover to use this technique.
  • You must first remove the COV hose from a Dyson DC24 to fix it. The vacuum cleans your carpets with the aid of the cyclone. The COV hose must first be removed before being replaced to accomplish this. The cyclone might occasionally be blocked by debris. It would be best if you retested the cyclone after cleaning it.
  • The next step is to unplug the vacuum’s cyclone if you are still unable to clean out a Dyson DC24 vacuum. The suction from the wand handle is transferred to the brushes via the cyclone. A Dyson DC24’s cylinder can be easily removed for cleaning, but if the cyclone is fully clogged, you might need to replace the cylinder.
  • By detaching the COV hose from the cyclone, the Dyson DC24 is simple to fix. The suction from the wand handle is transferred to the brushes by this cyclone. To guarantee optimal suction, keeping the cyclone clean of debris is crucial. Another crucial component of the vacuum is the cyclone. You can improve the suction by removing it.
  • The vacuum cannot function properly when the cyclone is dirty. Taking off the cyclone cover is ideal for cleaning a Dyson DC24. After removing the cover, you can check the cyclone and other damages first. Dump it out of the vacuum if it is blocked by debris. A straight metal coat hanger can be used to unclog a hose if it gets clogged.
  • You must first unplug your Dyson DC24 if your cyclone is plugged in. After that, disconnect the COV hose by cutting off the vacuum. Every three to four months, the COV hose should be cleaned because it is an essential cyclone component. Maximum suction and proper air circulation are both hampered by blocked cyclones.
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Does The Dyson DC24 Have A Belt?

Yes, the Dyson company claims that the belt should endure the entire life of the appliance. Here is an interactive link demonstrating how to inspect the brush bar and reset the cleaner if you are experiencing issues with the brush bar rotating.

Why Is Dyson DC24 So Noisy?

Suppose the vacuum cleaner on your Dyson is loudly vibrating or revving. The first thing to try is to empty your trash and check for obstructions. If that doesn’t work, remove the brush bar and then try turning your Dyson back on.

Why Won’t My Dyson Ball Pick Up?

The filter may be dirty if the machine can no longer pick up objects effectively. If your vacuum still has trouble sucking up debris after cleaning the filter, turn it around and remove the red tab at the bottom.

Where Is The Reset Button On the Dyson DC24?

On the Dyson DC24, there are three buttons: the on/off switch, the brush-bar on/off, and the third, tucked under the brush-bar on/off switch. The reset switch is briefly activated to start the brush-bar motor when you press the brush-bar button.

Conclusion On Dyson DC24 Not Picking Up?

Dyson DC24 not picking up can be tiring and frustrating as you will have to go through a rigorous repair process. To ensure the issue doesn’t recur, carry out regular maintenance, such as changing the bag or emptying the compartment. Additionally, keep in mind to regularly replace and clean the filters. To prevent damage to your vacuum cleaner’s hose, store it carefully. Hope you found this article helpful.