Dyson DC33 Not Picking? Solved!

Dyson DC33 not picking up just like other types of vacuum is a common problem among vacuum cleaners. It’s the weekend once more, and as usual, you set aside part of your morning to vacuum particular floors across the house only to find out your vacuum simply is not picking up. It can be unpleasant if your favorite home appliance keeps breaking down; we have all been there. So, why is your Dyson DC33 not picking up?

Your Dyson DC33 vacuum may not be picking up for several reasons, including being turned off, obstructing, or damaged motor. Additionally, if your vacuum cleaner overheats frequently, you risk losing it. 

Although your vacuum cleaner is necessary, can you repair it yourself? Fortunately, some issues you could run into when using a vacuum cleaner are simple to identify and resolve.

Why Is Your Dyson DC33 Not Picking Up?

Your Vacuum may not pick up for a variety of reasons. Here is a comprehensive guide on identifying some of your Dyson DC33 vacuum’s frequent issues of not picking up and how to solve them.

Check Power Outlet

The wall is possibly one of the first areas to check if your Dyson DC33 won’t pick up. Please verify that you plugged the Vacuum in because it’s simple to forget to do that. It could have been incorrectly plugged in or accidentally booted out by someone.

If you haven’t already, plug in the vacuum cleaner. Push the power connector until it is securely connected to the power source. If it is connected but not yet receiving power, see if that solves the issue. Plugging in another device will show you whether the socket has electricity. A power outlet may malfunction occasionally. Call an electrician to fix it if you are unable to.

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Examine The Cord

Check the power cable if the Dyson DC33 not picking up despite proper device insertion. To ensure no harm, unwind the cord inch by inch. You must replace the cord if wires, dents, or signs of breaking are visible. Don’t use a vacuum until the cord has been replaced because doing so puts you at risk.

If the power outlet functions properly with other devices and there are no visible symptoms of external damage, there may be a deeper issue. Support will offer a solution if you get in touch with them. To avoid an electric shock, ensure the vacuum is unplugged from the power source. You can check the cord for any indications of rubber cracks. 

Check The Motor

The fan that generates the suction necessary to carry air from the cleaning head to the dust collection chamber is turned by your vacuum’s suction motor.

When you turn your Dyson DC33 on, it can be damaged if the motor still stops. Your vacuum will seem dead if the motor is malfunctioning. Aside from abuse, your engine could break down due to clogged filters or a vacuum bag that has been used too much. 

Before replacing the motor, you must look into the underlying problem. You require indications of damaged components or a burned-out motor odor. 

Check Filter

Your once-perfect filtration system can clog up and produce complications, one of the biggest challenges that can make your Dyson DC33 not pick up.

The manufacturers make the Dyson DC33 filters to capture dust from the air that enters the vacuum. Thus, as dust accumulates, the motor may eventually become unable to receive cold air. One of the leading causes of the motor overheating and ceasing to function is your vacuum’s clogged filters. Your vacuum may lose suction and stop working correctly if your filters haven’t been cleaned in a while.

Clean the filters by scraping off any loose dirt on the surface and pouring lukewarm water through them until the water comes out clean. When water is flowing through it, you should be able to squeeze it to break up dirt. If you have more than one filter, repeat the procedure.

Before reinstalling the filters, let them air dry. Avoid using a hairdryer since it could harm the filter and render it worthless. You might need to replace your filters if the vacuum cleaner is still malfunctioning.

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How To Fix Dyson DC33 Not Picking Up

Ensure Your Vacuum Doesn’t Overheat

Your Dyson DC33 frequently overheats because of the strong motor, which produces heat. If your Dyson DC33 shuts off unexpectedly in the middle of a cleaning session, it may have overheated. The motor may stop operating if it becomes too hot because it cannot keep itself cool. 

To ensure there is no blockage, you should inspect the filters, tubing, bags, and anything else. What causes the blockage is never immediately apparent. 

Examine Dust Bag

There is a ton of dust in your dust bag. Dyson DC33 won’t pick up if your dust bag is overly full. Ensure you empty the dust bag, so your vacuum can have enough space to pick up dirt. And to avoid other complications that come with a full dust bag.

Check The Hose Or Brush Roll.

The brush roll or hose of your Dyson DC33 may become blocked and result in inadequate airflow if it collects clumps of pet hairballs, errant bits of clothing, or debris. This can result in your vacuum not picking up. When the hose is blocked, the motor works twice over, which can result in overheating and brings up other complications like the machine can shut down due to the extreme heat. 

Pet hair can obstruct the cleaner head and brush roll, so they cannot pick dirt. Your vacuum can run once more after the obstructions are removed, and the airflow is restored. To determine whether the vacuum cleaner’s brush is spinning and what is keeping it from rolling correctly, you must inspect the device. Use this chance to check the hose for cracks or holes, then repair it if necessary.

Unplug the vacuum from the power outlet and turn off the electricity. If you can’t see through, use a torch to examine if anything is stuck in the brushes, tubes, or attachments. You can use a big broomstick to push out any significant clogs you detect. Use caution when utilizing sharp wires because they could harm or weaken the hose. 

Use a pair of scissors to clear the carpet pile, hair, threads, and other debris that may be preventing the brush from rolling properly. Check to see if the brush has cracks or other wear indicators so you can fix or replace it.

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Check The Thermostat

When operating temperatures exceed what is safe, your Dyson DC33 heat-sensitive thermostat turns off the power to the motor. This guards against irreparable harm to the electric motor. When the Dyson DC33 gets too hot, it can mean the temperatures are safe. 

You might need to reset the thermostat to get your motor functioning. Unplug the vacuum from the wall and turn off the electricity. Before turning it back on, give it some time to cool, roughly an hour or until the thermostat has reset.

Breaker Circuit

The wiring in your vacuum can experience an overload if the circuit breaker isn’t working correctly, which could prevent Dyson DC33 from picking up, and possibly your machine can start a fire. 

Overloading your Dyson DC33 with too much voltage can result in overheating problems. The vacuum motor generates a lot of heat as it operates under the excessive load and eventually shuts down.

Circuit breakers 2 are wall switch-like sensing devices that regulate excess current. You might need to consult an electrician to determine whether the circuit breaker is damaged or broken.

Is There A Belt On A Dyson DC33?

Pre and post-filters, a brush roll, two belts, and a hose are included in the Dyson DC33 kit.

Where Is The Button To Reset The Brush Bar On My Dyson?

The on/off switch for the brush bar is typically found on the handle directly above the vacuum’s body or in a slot on the side of the head. To reset the brush bar, press the button once, flip the vacuum back upright, plug it in then turn the power back on.

How Long Is The Lifespan Of A Dyson Vacuum?

The average lifespan of a Dyson vacuum cleaner is ten years. This is a lot longer than the majority of other vacuums. Therefore, a Dyson can be a wise choice if you’re seeking a high-quality vacuum cleaner that will last you for a long time.

Why Won’t My Dyson DC33 Pick Up?

It can result from damaged parts, clogged filters, and so on. Wash it with cold water, then give it a good tap to loosen any dirt that may have become lodged. Once more, ensure it is scorched before putting it back in the machine. If it is still dirty after that, it is likely preferable to replace it entirely.

Conclusion On Dyson DC33 Not Picking Up

Maintaining our vacuum cleaners should be one of our utmost concerns because, over time, these devices have become part of our daily life; they assist us, making our lives easier. Your Dyson DC33 not picking up is a common problem with vacuum cleaners, and we hope this article helps repair your vacuum.