Dyson Not Charging Flashing Blue Light? Check this!

Why is my Dyson Not Charging Flashing Blue Light? If you enjoy vacuuming, you probably assume that the machine effectively removes the dirt and emits little dust. If this is not the case, you frequently discover it after the fact. A bright blue light will flash to alert Dyson users as soon as issues with the vacuum arise.

The Dyson is clogged if its light is flashing blue. In virtually all situations, changing the filter will solve this issue. A Dyson filter needs to be adjusted annually to avoid problems of this nature.

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner might be having a problem if the blue light blinks while you’re cleaning. We have looked into the potential causes of the blue Dyson light blinking and why a new Dyson filter can quickly fix this issue.

Reason For Dyson Blue Light Blinking

As I just explained, a blue flashing light on your Dyson vacuum cleaner can be caused by several things. It serves to draw your attention so you won’t continue using a Dyson that isn’t performing as intended. The Dyson’s light is located next to the battery.

It serves to draw your attention so you won’t continue using a Dyson that isn’t performing as intended. Older, less expensive Dyson vacuum cleaners without an LCD are particularly prone to blinking lights. Consider products like the Dyson V6, Dyson V8, or Dyson V10.

Causes Of The Blue Light Blinking

There is an issue with your Dyson vacuum if the blue light flashes while you are vacuuming. A blockage in your Dyson vacuum cleaner or the need to clean the filters is frequently to blame. Not only that, but there are other primary causes.

  • Blockage of a Dyson airway
  • Possibly blocked Dyson filters
  • It’s time to empty the Dyson dust bin.
  • Dyson accessories are not correctly linked.
  • The Dyson’s battery is nearly dead.
  • The engine filter of a Dyson is blocked.
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It’s comforting to know that the Dyson light, which blinks blue as you prepare to charge it, is expected. This is merely to demonstrate that Dyson is successfully set.

What To Fo When The Blue Light Begins To Flash

The light must stop blinking even though it may create a fantastic disco effect. Naturally, we want to prevent sweeping with a Dyson vacuum that isn’t sucking or increasing dust emissions. See the following advice to stop the light from flashing:

Charge the battery and Empty the Dust Container 

Check the Dyson and all of the attachments for air obstructions. Before vacuuming, make sure the battery is fully charged. Ensure the filters are connected correctly, and then check to see if they are clean.

Examine The Motor Filter For Obstructions.

The motor filter can have some invisible blockage. By inspecting this component, you can ensure that your vacuum cleaner is free of obstructions. You may easily disassemble the filter on your own. To prevent the vacuum cleaner from turning on while using it, be careful not to touch the on/off button.

Eliminate The Dust Container

To clean the motor filter, remove the screws holding it in place. The Dyson vacuum cleaner and filter should then be put together.

Replacing the Dyson filter

After many repairs, the filter must be changed if the blue light is still flashing. To fix the blinking blue lights and restore your vacuum’s functionality, replace it.

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner should have its filters changed at least once a year. They can be easily replaced without any technological expertise. So even if you’re not a technician, you can still complete the task. But it’s crucial to have the correct replacement filters.

Why Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Won’t Charge

Dyson uses an LED indicator system on their cordless vacuums to let users know when the machine is charging. If the vacuum cleaner is set correctly, you should see a solid blue light when inserting it into the charging station.

Your Dyson vacuum may not even be charging if it has a flashing blue light, which indicates a problem. Check if the vacuum is turned on to fix this problem. An unplugged appliance or any of the following circumstances could be the issue.

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An Obstruction In The Airway

Blockages in the hose, wand, and dust canister are frequent issues with vacuum cleaners. They may cause a complete loss of electricity. A sock, for instance, could be sucked up and get stuck in the airway. The airway could block if you don’t frequently wipe the filters.

The vacuum will stop working entirely for each of these causes. A clogged filter could make the issue worse and cause lasting harm. Search every crevice of your vacuum for obstructions and gently remove them. The V6 modes’ battery has a three-year lifespan. However, it can suffer from considerable degradation, have a short lifespan, and prevent your Dyson V6 from charging.

You can get a different battery replacement directly from Dyson to get performance back. The Dyson V7 and V8 do not charge in the same way. The entire process isn’t as challenging as it might seem. The user handbook contains clear instructions that are easy to understand.

Damaged Charging Cord 

Over time, electric cords can become worn out in general. They might get stepped on, pulled too forcefully, or nibbled on by your dogs or you. In addition to making the vacuum cease working, a damaged cord is unsafe and seriously endangers your safety.

Before determining whether your Dyson vacuum won’t power on, unplug the cable. Stop using it immediately if you see any damage, and get a replacement from Dyson. Look for any evidence of damage by inspecting the battery case. Most cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners have a battery mounted on the handle.

A removable battery pack is available on models like the V6 and V7. Users will find it simpler to slide it out and remove it to look at a problem. Key warning signs that the battery is permanently damaged and has to be replaced include scratches and breaks in the case.

As with older models, the battery pack should be replaced as quickly as possible if the shell is damaged or cracked. You don’t need a brand-new vacuum at the end of the replacement process, though it may require some fiddling.

Vacuum Fuse 

Like other home appliances, the charger on every Dyson vacuum has a fuse. Due to too much current, it can blow up. If this is the case with your vacuum, checking and replacing the fuse is not tricky. Doing this can prevent the vacuum cleaner from exploding unexpectedly while you’re cleaning.

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A flathead screwdriver can be used to remove the old fuse from the small panel on the plug where the fuse is placed. You will see the amp rating printed on the old fuse when you replace it. Pay attention to this number and apply the proper amount of force. You will benefit from being able to replace the fuse as necessary.

Charging Point

If the charging station for your Dyson vacuum is a wall-mounted design, you can try mounting it. Docking station wires unable to adequately reach the void has been a common customer complaint. This cable can also be too stretched and unable to charge the vacuum.

Dirty Vacuum

The connection between a vacuum’s battery and interior might be disrupted by dirt and dust. Your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner can be reactivated by thorough cleaning and dusting. Your vacuum will work more effectively when it is clean, helping you avoid having to replace it.

Why Does The Blue Light On My Dyson Keep Flashing And Stopping?

The battery is getting low on charge when a blue light starts to flash. A rapidly flashing blue light denotes a transient malfunction or a lack of power (e.g. check filter or for blockages)

What Do My Dyson V8’s Lights Mean?

The three LED lights on the Dyson V8 versions come in red and blue. The battery is charging or needs to be charged, first and foremost, if there is a blinking blue light. Second, you might notice one, two, or three consecutive blue lights. These will indicate whether the battery is low, medium, or fully charged.

Why Is The Flashing Dyson Filter Light On?

Your filter is not correctly inserted if your filter light is flashing. You can take the filter off and re-install it to resolve this problem. To remove the filter, turn the filter counterclockwise. Once it snaps into place, you may screw it back clockwise. It is not entirely on if you do not hear the click.

What Does The Dyson v11’s Blue Light Flashes Mean?

During charging, blue LEDs, which are located on each side of the battery, will flash on and off. Both LEDs will turn on and stay on for 5 seconds when the battery is charging. The battery charge level will also be displayed on the screen at 100%. Up to 4.5 hours are needed to assess the device thoroughly.

Conclusion On Dyson Not Charging Flashing Blue Light

You may resolve this problem now that you know why a Dyson vacuum cleaner’s blue light blinks. Keep your vacuum cleaner clean, and inspect it frequently for obstacles. But if you’ve exhausted all other options and the blue light is still flashing, you might as well buy a new Dyson filter to swap out the old one.