Dyson Not Charging Flashing Red Light? Do This Now!

Do you have the Dyson Not Charging Flashing Red Light issue? If yes, there is no need to panic, because we got you covered. Your vacuum machine opted not to clean your house even if you asked it to? Your Dyson vacuum has a red light that flashes but won’t turn on. The battery is no longer functional, as this failure regrettably indicates. You will consequently need to replace it in the great majority of situations. Learn more about what this red light implies in this article. 

A battery issue with a Dyson vacuum cleaner is most likely the cause of the red light flashing. If the Dyson vacuum cleaner’s battery is no longer functioning correctly, a red light will begin to flash. The only remaining choice is to get a new battery in that case. Then, discover all the tricks and fixes to return your Dyson vacuum cleaner to its original state.

What To Do If The Dyson Vacuum Is Flashing Red Light?

Your Dyson upright vacuum cleaner’s battery indicator light blinking red indicates that the battery is faulty in the vast majority of cases. Its normal wear and tear is frequently the cause of this failure. Therefore, the only option is to swap the damaged battery for a new one. But be careful as we will see in the next phase, several standards must be adhered to replace it.

Above all, perform the following tests and adjustments to ensure that the battery is the source of the issue:

  • Try charging your device for a long time (at least 3h 30mins). If it still works, try it again.
  • Unplug the charger and plug it directly into the device if your Dyson vacuum cleaner is connected to the charging station and is flashing red. Try charging the battery once again for at least three and thirty minutes if the charging light is blue and blinking. On the other hand, if the red flashes once more, the battery is broken and needs to be replaced.
  • The device’s security system has been activated to safeguard the battery from high temperatures if the battery indicator light flashes orange. In this situation, relocate your vacuum cleaner to a location with a temperature range of 3 to 40 °C.
  • If the Max button flashes orange or yellow, the filter may be clogged, or there may be another issue with the device. In this instance, ensure nothing obstructs the suction in the tube, the reservoir’s cells, and the brush. Next, clean the filter and ensure it is not damaged; if it is, it needs to be replaced.
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What Should You Do If Your Dyson Vacuum’s Light Flashes Red?

You must change the battery if the light on your Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes red for the machine to resume regular operation. Learn how to identify a failing battery first. Learn how to change it next, and then decide which battery to use.

How To Diagnose Your Dyson Vacuum’s Battery

Since you can’t open the battery, analyzing a breakdown is particularly challenging. Nevertheless, you do not need to conduct thorough testing when the battery light is flashing red because it is almost certain that the battery is faulty. Be warned that in some scarce circumstances, this failure could be brought on by the connectors.

Check the battery visually for any damage or cracks. If so, it should, without a doubt, be modified. Replacing it with a suitable battery is the only method to confirm its failure. The only ways to do this are to purchase a battery or know someone who owns a Dyson vacuum.

Be mindful that poor practices may have accelerated wear and tear, leading to the battery failure:

  • If you previously kept your battery somewhere with extreme temperatures (between 3 and 40 degrees Celsius). Battery sensitivity to heat and cold is real.
  • If you typically utilize the battery at less than 20% of its load capacity. It is advised that the battery maintains a charge of between 20 and 100 percent. Always remember to recharge it thoroughly after using it.
  • if the battery wasn’t genuine, it was fake, or it wasn’t compatible


Replace The Battery 

As we’ve seen, a malfunctioning battery is the cause of your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s light flashing red. In this situation, changing the battery is the only way to find a working vacuum cleaner. The battery can be adjusted manually or by contacting the Dyson after-sales service.

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Speak With Dyson After-Sales Support

If you have even the slightest uncertainty about the cause of the problem or if your vacuum cleaner is still covered by warranty, we advise you to call Dyson after-sales service (0 800 945 801 for France).

A consultant can then locate a solution that is unique to you. You will be given a return label if the failure is verified. After that, you must send your vacuum to a licensed Dyson repair facility to get the battery changed. Keep in mind that the process typically takes three to five business days (depending on the parts availability).

The Dyson brand will pay for the entire repair if the manufacturer’s warranty still protects your vacuum. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying for everything. As a result, it is frequently preferable to change the lousy battery yourself.

How Can I Change The Battery Myself?

We encourage you to replace the flashing red vacuum cleaner on your own if a guarantee does not cover it to save money on astronomically high repair fees.

Here is the technique to take to replace the damaged battery in your Dyson vacuum:

  • The vacuum cleaner should be turned off and unplugged from its power source.
  • Remove the screw attached to the vacuum cleaner handle’s back with a screwdriver.
  • To remove its reservoir, twice press the red clasp.
  • On the battery’s front, undo the screw that is now clearly visible.
  • Then, all you have to do to remove it is pull the battery out.
  • After that, put the fresh battery in the open slot.
  • Make sure it is nested and positioned correctly.
  • Put the screws back in the opposite sequence.
  • Reassemble the tank using the tab that has been provided once your battery is firmly in place.


Your Dyson upright vacuum should stop blinking red after charging the battery. The battery needs to be changed in most situations to solve the issue. However, suppose the problem continues or reappears soon after. Then, you will need to contact Dyson after-sales care and perhaps bring your vacuum cleaner in for repair so they can conduct a more thorough investigation. Because all Dyson spare parts come with a year’s warranty, you can request a refund if you purchased a certified Dyson battery.

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Why Is The Red Flashing On My Dyson Charger?

The vacuum has to be repaired because of a more significant issue, as indicated by the red flashing light. Call the Dyson support line to learn what is wrong with your Dyson or request more assistance.

Why Is My Dyson’s Light Flashing?

Dust Canister for Dyson Cordless Vacuum Is Full. Check the dust canister to make sure it is not overfilled if the battery in your Dyson cordless vacuum starts to flash the amber light. The vacuum can stop working, and the Amber light might flash if the canister fills up too much. Retry after emptying the canister. If necessary, charge the vacuum. 

What Does The Dyson V7’s Flashing Red Light Mean?

The battery is charging when the blue light is solid. When the battery is fully charged, there are no lights. When the amber light is solid, a temporary problem—such as being too hot or cold—prevents the battery from charging. If the red light is flashing, there is a problem; contact the Dyson Helpline immediately.

What Causes My Battery To Blink Red?

The right red blinking light indicates terrible batteries. The battery is charged ultimately. Drain the batteries and then try again. If the LED blinks red thrice in 90 seconds, the battery voltage is too low.

How Many Years Does A Dyson Battery Last?

A Dyson vacuum battery should typically last four years on average. Given that Dyson vacuums run on lithium batteries, you can start to see performance problems after only a year of usage.

Should I leave my Dyson V6 plugged in all the time?

The Dyson V6 is designed such that it may be charged while being stored. It is not required to use the Dyson until the battery is completely dead; it is safe to store it on the charger.

Why Won’t My Dyson Vacuum charge?

The causes of a Dyson vacuum cleaner’s loss of charging, the vacuum cleaner and Dyson batteries are not correctly connected. Your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s battery has to be replaced. You removed the Dyson too soon from the charger. The charging device or cord is broken.

Conclusion On Dyson Not Charging Flashing Red Light

I hope that this article has assisted you in fixing the Dyson flashing red light not charging issue. You only need a new battery; don’t toss it away. Getting a battery with a power rating of 3500mAh or greater is a recommended upgrade because many aftermarket batteries have a bigger capacity than the stock battery.

Make sure you purchase the proper battery. Instead of disposing of the entire Dyson in a landfill, fixing something yourself will be wonderful.