Dyson Not Working After Cleaning Filter? How To Fix

Is your Dyson Not Working After Cleaning Filter? and you don’t know what to do. Then stay with us in this article. At least once a month, the Dyson filter should be thoroughly cleaned. If you use it frequently or capture a lot of fine dust, you’ll find yourself doing it more regularly. But what if you replace the filter after you have cleaned it and your Dyson vacuum stops working?

If your Dyson still doesn’t function after cleaning the filter, it’s possible that the filter unit wasn’t reinstalled correctly, the filter was still wet, or the motor head failed. The filter may have worn out, or there are other blockages you haven’t cleaned up yet.

After you’ve cleaned the filter, we’ll look at the possible reasons why your Dyson isn’t operating in the sections below. We’ll also show you how to fix each of these problems so you can get your Dyson back up and running.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Dyson Not Working After Cleaning The Filter 

If your Dyson still doesn’t function after cleaning the filter, it’s possible that the filter unit wasn’t reinstalled correctly, the filter was still wet, or the motor head failed. The filter may have worn out, or there are other blockages you haven’t cleaned up yet.

Filter Installed Incorrectly

After cleaning your Dyson filter, twist the cap clockwise until it clicks to reattach it to the vacuum. The vacuum, however, will not work if the filter unit is not placed correctly.

It’s possible that a blunder on your part doesn’t cause the issue. It’s also conceivable that debris has become lodged, preventing the filter unit from fitting into place inappropriately and adequately twisting it into position. Pulling the trigger on will not work until there is a seal between the filter unit and the remainder of the vacuum.

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When you pull the trigger, a flashing blue light on the side of the filter unit is another clue that it isn’t placed correctly. This is one of several warning lights designed to alert you when the vacuum is experiencing a problem that must be resolved.

How To Fix

Remove the filter unit from the vacuum first. Examine the areas where the filter unit connects with the vacuum for debris that could deter the filter from locking into place.

After that, insert the filter unit and twist it clockwise until you hear a click. You may find this difficult because of the rubber gasket that establishes an extremely tight seal with no air gaps between the filter and the vacuum unit.

For more information, look at the sticker on the back of the filter unit, which has instructions on adequately attaching it to the Dyson.

The Filter Is Still Wet

Like most individuals, you’ve certainly washed the filter with a cold water faucet according to the instructions of Dyson. Unfortunately, many people do not allow enough time for the filter to dry completely after that. Instead, they reattach the filter unit to the vacuum while it is still wet by accident. 

A moist filter prevents air from passing through it, effectively stopping all airflow throughout the vacuum. Dyson will stop working to protect itself from further damage when this happens.

How To Fix

If the filter on your Dyson is still wet, remove it immediately and let it dry overnight. As you’ll see in the next section, forcing the vacuum to function with a wet filter can destroy the appliance and its motor.

If this is the case, water or some surplus moisture may have seeped into the vacuum’s other parts and attachments. As a result, be sure to disassemble the remainder of your vacuum and dry out any parts or components that may have become wet due to the filter’s dampness.

Dyson suggests carefully cleaning the filter before allowing it to dry completely. This can take a long time if you plan on utilizing the vacuum for additional cleaning on the same day. As a result, make sure to prepare.

You don’t need a hair dryer, heat gun, or another heat source to dry the filter. It’s also not a good idea to dry it in bright, searing sunshine, as this will only add to the filter’s wear and tear.

Instead, the most effective technique to properly dry the vacuum filter is to set it somewhere with good airflow. Then, after allowing the filter to air dry for the next 24 hours, you can use your vacuum as usual.

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The Motorhead Is Dead

Another option is that your Dyson motorhead has entirely failed. If this happens after you’ve just cleaned the filter, it’s possible that it was still damp when you reattached it to the vacuum.

The water from the wet filter would have been sucked into the motor, causing it to become damaged and unable to perform correctly. This occurs when water goes into the motor’s electrical units producing a short circuit that destroys the motor and makes it useless.

How To Fix It:

If your Dyson motor head has been damaged by water, the only remedy is to replace the motor. The best method is to call Dyson customer service and see if they can assist you. If not, they should be able to advise you on your alternatives for getting it repaired.

Another alternative is to go to an appliance repair specialist in your area. They’d be able to locate a replacement motor and install it for you. You’ll be able to continue using your Dyson vacuum as usual once the motorhead has been changed with a new one that works properly.

The Filter is No Longer Working 

Dyson vacuum cleaner filters are only meant to last two years. If you use your vacuum once in a while, the filters will last longer; if you use it often, the filters will wear out quicker. This is especially true if you use it to collect a lot of fine dust, which quickly saturates the filters.

These Dyson vacuum filters are simple to clean when they gather huge bits of dust and debris. Most dust and dirt will be removed without difficulty if you wash these filters regularly under a cold tap. On the other hand, the same filters have tiny pores that trap fine particles. Even after several piles of washing, that small dust is difficult to remove.

As a result of regular wear and tear, the filter will become worn out over time, particularly after regular cleaning. When the filter becomes drenched with dust, the quantity of airflow that can easily travel through it is decreased.

How To Fix It: 

If your Dyson has been using the same filter for more than two years, it’s time to replace it. Replacement filters should always be purchased directly from Dyson rather than third-party suppliers. That way, you can be confident that the filter will work with your Dyson and last a long time.

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There Are Obstacles In Other Places

Even if you’ve cleaned the Dyson filter, there’s a chance you missed a clog somewhere else in the vacuum. When this happens, the void will pulsate anytime you pull the trigger. When you pull the trigger on the Dyson, it’s supposed to pulsate to alert you that there’s an issue. It does this to protect the motor from overheating and inducing damage to itself.

If the vacuum is pulsing, there could be an obstruction in the brush bar, the wand, or the inlet. When you clean the vacuum filter, clean these components as well.

How To Fix It

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  • After cleaning the filter, remove all of the Dyson parts and attachment
  • Check for any obstructions in the brush bar, wand, and inlet (where the rod meets the vacuum).
  • Clean them out and confirm that air can surge freely through each component.

This will guarantee that air can move freely from the vacuum’s bottom to its top without being obstructed.

Why Did My Dyson Stop Working All Of A Sudden?

When your Dyson vacuum cleaner starts and stops, one of the first things you should do is empty the bin. It could be complete, or the machine could think it’s too full to keep working. A full container can prevent Dyson vacuum cleaners from working correctly since they demand regular circulation.

Why Is My Dyson Filter Light Flashing After Cleaning?

The filter indication will blink sporadically when the filter unit is not installed correctly. Return the filter component to its open position and twist clockwise until it clicks into place to reinstall it.

Why Did My Vacuum Stop Working All Of A Sudden?

It may seem obvious, but a vacuum cleaner that won’t function is frequently due to a lack of power. Ensure the vacuum cleaner is attached to a working power outlet and that no fuses or breakers need to be reset. The second most likely source of the problem is a triggered thermal cut-out caused by a blockage.

What Is The Procedure For Resetting Dyson Filter?

Resetting the life of your HEPA filter On your remote control, press and hold the Night mode button. Your machine’s display will begin counting down from five, the filter life will be reset, and your device will be ready to use.

Why Is My Dyson Pulsing On And Off?

When utilizing the mighty ‘Max Mode,’ your vacuum may pulse on and off or continually die, which could be related to your battery’s charge. By pushing the vacuum’s Max button, you can disable this feature.

Conclusion On Dyson Not Working After Cleaning Filter 

Dyson, as a machine that helps with cleaning your home, should be maintained at all times to keep it in form; this vacuum does develop a series of faults from time to time, so ensure it’s being cleaned, maintained and also check for any slight thing that can result to fault so you can repair it as soon as possible.