Dyson V6 Not Charging? Fixed!

Is your Dyson V6 not charging? If yes, stay with us to find out why and how to solve the problem. A vacuum cleaner needs to be changed frequently. It can be annoying not to be able to vacuum straight away if you don’t do this. It is even more unpleasant when you believe your vacuum cleaner is charged, but it turns out you were mistaken.

A Dyson V6 might stop charging at some point. There are several potential causes for this, including a worn-out battery or a broken charging cord. I’ll explain why a Dyson V6 cleaner isn’t charging in this article, along with a solution.

Why Dyson V6 Not Charging

Although a worn-out battery is probably the cause of your issue, there may also be other factors. I outline the key justifications below:

  • The vacuum cleaner’s connection to the Dyson battery is flawed.
  • Your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s battery has to be replaced.
  • You prematurely removed the Dyson from the charger.
  • The charging device or cord is broken.
  • The cable connection is no longer functional.

What To Look For When A Dyson V6 Isn’t Charging

You can tell when a Dyson V6 no longer charges for several reasons. 

  • When you plug in the Dyson vacuum cleaner, the light no longer illuminates. 
  • Even after charging for the required hours, the Dyson V6 won’t turn on.
  • When the battery is low, a red light will flash.
  • When you charge the Dyson battery, the blue light does not illuminate. 

When setting, you will get a message on the display if you have a more recent Dyson with an LCD screen.

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Things To Look Out For If Your Dyson Isn’t Charging

When you plug in your cordless Dyson V6 cleaner, several issues could cause the problem. You can perform a few quick checks to identify the underlying cause of your Dyson vacuum not charging.

  • A cordless Dyson V6 stick vacuum 
  • Verify that the vacuum is powered on.
  • An unplugged machine can be the cause of the problem. Sometimes we forget everything because we are too worn out after a long work day. 
  • Verify that the charging wire is hooked into the wall and that the vacuum is positioned correctly in the charging station.
  • Even if the cord is slightly off, your Dyson V6 won’t charge if it’s off.
  • Check to see if the socket is functioning and if the problem is still there. Try some of the others in your home.
  • Verify whether the airway is blocked. Although it may not appear connected, vacuum cleaner problems with obstructions in the hose, wand, and dust canister are frequent and can result in a complete loss of power. For instance, a sock could be sucked up and clog the airway.

Similarly, if you don’t frequently clean the filters, the airway could become blocked and cause the vacuum to stop working entirely. With a dirty filter, the problem can worsen and cause lasting damage.

  • Check your vacuum thoroughly for any obstructions, and remove them properly.
  • Check If the battery has to be replaced, The V6 variants’ battery has a three-year average life. Your Dyson V6 can stop charging due to substantial degradation, poor runtime, and degradation.

You can get a new battery directly from Dyson for a small fee to restore performance. Both the Dyson V7 and V8 have the same issues with charging.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem to complete the process. The user handbook has extremely simple-to-follow instructions that you may find there.

The Best Way To Take The Battery Out Of A Dyson V6

All Dyson cordless vacuums do, however, have a few minor drawbacks. A dead battery was reportedly sent with several customers’ new vacuum cleaners. Of course, the device cannot also be powered on or charged.

If so, you can ask for a replacement by contacting your seller or Dyson directly. This issue could be caused by a store that permits its goods to remain in the stock room for an extended period.

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The battery in an appliance that hasn’t been used for a year or longer may also be deteriorated or dead. Whatever the cause, you should change it to benefit from the new battery’s top performance and peace of mind.

Examine The Charging Cord For Any Damage.

In general, electrical cords can deteriorate with time. They might get pulled too hard, ran over by you, or get nibbled by your pets. In addition to making the vacuum cease working, a damaged cord is unsafe and seriously endangers your safety.

Before examining the cable, if your Dyson V6 won’t turn on, disconnect it. Stop using it now and purchase a replacement from Dyson if you spot any damage.

Examine The Battery Shell For Any Damage.

The battery is typically found on the vacuum’s handle in cordless Dyson models. The V6 and V7 were earlier models that had a detachable battery pack. Users will discover it more straightforward to remove and slide it out to check for issues.

The main signs that the battery has been permanently damaged and has to be replaced are dents and cracks in the case. Users of the Dyson V10 and V11 can still access the battery pack, but they must first remove the exterior protective cover using a screwdriver.

Like the previous models, a harmed or cracked shell is undoubtedly wrong, and you should swap out the battery pack as soon as possible. You might need to tweak the replacement procedure, but a new vacuum is not necessary.

Examine The Fuse

All Dyson vacuums have a fuse in the charger that, like any other home device, could blow owing to an excessive current. It is simple to check and replace the fuse if this is the cause of your vacuum’s problem.

The little panel in the plug houses the fuse. You can remove the old fuse by using a flathead screwdriver. You may see the amp rating printed on the old fuse when you replace it. Pay close attention to this number and employ the appropriate amount of power.

Install The Charging Device

If your Dyson V6 has a wall-mounted charging station, you can try mounting it. Many users have complained that the vacuums’ docking station cables couldn’t properly connect to the device. This wire can also be too stretched, which would prevent it from charging the vacuum. You can mount the charging station to try and fix this.

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Clean The Vacuum Thoroughly

Vacuum cleaners’ interiors can become dirty and dusty, which might sever the link between the vacuum and its battery. Your cordless Dyson V6 cleaner can be used again after thoroughly cleaning and dusting. See other articles on our website to find out how to clean a Dyson vacuum.

Have You Upgraded Your Dyson V6 Battery? 

Check out this advice first. It’s a good idea to thoroughly read the advice below before purchasing a new Dyson V6 battery. Your battery’s warranty might still be valid if you do this.

  • Verify the Dyson battery’s guarantee to see if it is still in effect.
  • Always choose a Dyson V6 battery; available batteries can harm your Dyson.
  • Check to see if the battery is compatible with your Dyson vacuum (to find your serial number, refer to the manual titled “Which Dyson do I have?”).
  • Choose the appropriate battery type: do you have a battery with screws or a battery that you click in? A clickable storm is identified by its noticeable red button.

How Can I Tell If The Battery In My Dyson Needs To Be Changed?

How long is the battery life of a Dyson? Energy and power are condensed into a small space in lithium-ion batteries, which are designed to last. All batteries are liable to degrade over time. Therefore, it could be time to get a new battery if your run time has decreased when the device is not in Max / Boost mode.

What Is The Causes Of A Dyson V6 Cleaner’s Not Charging 

The vacuum cleaner and Dyson batteries are not correctly connected. Your Dyson vacuum cleaner’s battery has to be replaced. You removed the Dyson too soon from the charger. The charging device or cord is broken.

What Causes My Dyson V6 To Flash Blue?

The battery is getting low on charge when a blue light starts to flash. A rapidly flashing blue light denotes a transient defect or a lack of power (check the filter or obstructions, for example).

Can The Dyson V6 Be Charged Continuously?

The Dyson V6 may be kept charged. The battery won’t be affected if the Dyson is held on the charger. If it is a lithium-ion battery, it can always be plugged in.

How Long Can A Dyson V6 Battery Be Used Before Needing To Be Replaced?

A Dyson vacuum battery should typically last four years on average. Given that Dyson vacuums run on lithium batteries, you can see performance concerns after just one year of use.

Conclusion On Dyson V6 Not Charging

Your Dyson not charging could be caused by various factors, but fortunately, most of them are simple to resolve. The method is often straightforward, but occasionally you may need to contact Dyson customer care and obtain a new replacement part. If you find these suggestions helpful, please spread the word to your friends in case they encounter this problem in the future.