Honeywell Portable Ac Not Cooling? 9 Reasons

When your Honeywell Portable AC not cooling but running is a clue that something is wrong with it. It is essential to find and fix the issue early before it worsens. So, what could be the cause of your Honeywell Portable AC not cooling?

Low refrigerant (Freon) levels, wrong space size, and blocked filters are reasons your Honeywell portable AC is not cooling. Clean the air filters to remove debris and recharge the refrigerant to repair your Honeywell portable AC.

Why Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Numerous factors might cause your Honeywell portable air conditioner not to cool. This is a frequent problem and is occasionally simple to resolve.

1. Check The Settings

Verify that the Cool mode is selected on your Honeywell portable AC first. If your appliance is set to the Dry or Fan settings, you cannot expect it to blast chilly air.

2. The Thermostat Temperature

Another thing to check is whether the temperature on your Honeywell portable air conditioner is low enough to allow cooling. For instance, if your room is 70 degrees, but your Honeywell air conditioner’s thermostat is set to 80 degrees, the air conditioner won’t cool the space.

Set the setting on your air conditioner’s thermostat as low as it will go and check to see if it begins to cool.

3. Check The Fan

If the fan speed is not set high enough, the fan may have stopped blowing strongly, resulting in low airflow. Dust accumulation on fan blades is another potential factor (dirt build-up weighs the blades down and makes it tougher for your fan to spin). You might need to disassemble the fan here to clean the blades. Additionally, try turning the AC off to see if the fan blades resume functioning normally.

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4. Power To Unit

Verify the power going to your air conditioner. If you press the power button, but the lights and fan don’t come on, figure out why the device isn’t receiving power. Examine the electrical plug for the air conditioner. There ought to be a test and reset button for a built-in breaker. Press the “test” button to trip the breaker, then firmly press the reset button to try turning the air conditioner on.

If the device still won’t turn on, check to see if the outlet has power. A reading lamp or nightlight can assist with this step. Check the breakers in your home’s electrical panel after making sure a wall switch is not off if there is no power from the outlet.

5. Check The Cooling/ Evaporator Coils

Another potential cause of your Honeywell portable AC not cooling is frost building up on the cooling and evaporator coils. To begin with, when water condenses around its coils due to low temperatures, ice is created (this hinders airflow too).

Freezing in the coils can also be brought on by obstructed airflow. Check the coils and remove any frost as a result. Lastly, ensure the evaporator coil is cleaned (check them for dirt).

6. Check If The Refrigerant Is Leaking

If the refrigerant in your Honeywell portable air conditioner is low or has been leaking, it could stop blowing cold air. If this is the problem, the only issue is that only a professional can determine this and, if necessary, recharge your Honeywell portable AC. 

7. Clogged Air Filter

To keep the air you breathe clean, your Honeywell portable AC filters should be dusted to remove clogged and other airborne contaminants. The air filters installed on the device are used to filter these particles. However, when debris and other dirt particles accumulate, the air filters become clogged, and the air conditioner will stop working.

Due to the interrupted airflow, the Honeywell portable air conditioner stops cooling effectively. When the unit is turned on, the fan may run, but the room may not have a free cool airflow. This occurs if you stay too long without cleaning the drain and filter systems in the air conditioner.

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8. Low Freon Level

Freon, a refrigerant gas, is present in your air conditioner when it is operating properly and is what causes it to produce cool air. Low Freon refrigerant could cause your Honeywell portable air conditioner’s failure to cool.

Freon does not get used up; instead, it can only leak and become depleted. Freon leakage can cause an Air conditioner unit to run but not blow cold air. Repairing the leak and recharging the air conditioner are quick fixes. 

A specialist is needed to ensure the correct amount of Freon is refilled, so I wouldn’t advise you to attempt this on your own. Too much or too little Freon will still cause the air conditioner to malfunction.

9. Recharging The AC’s Freon

The refrigerant is typically intended to last the whole lifespan of the air conditioner, whether it be a window or Honeywell portable unit. A leak in the system occurs if it becomes exhausted. Repair the leak first, then add the same kind of Freon that the manufacturer advises to solve the cooling issue. 

For this purpose, some people have a Honeywell portable air conditioner recharge kit. You should ask a repair professional for assistance with the recharge if you are unsure what to do.

Your Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Is Cooling But Not Enough

There Is Too Much Heat Load

Sometimes the outside temperature is simply too high for your air conditioner to handle. Your Honeywell portable air conditioner will have trouble cooling the room if there is too much heat load coming in from outside sources. Purchasing a larger-sized Air conditioner is the only option in this circumstance. This is why it’s crucial to make sure that your Honeywell portable air conditioner is the appropriate size for the space you need to cool.

The heat load will significantly increase if your room receives direct sunlight. Because of this, spaces exposed to the “afternoon sun” become much hotter than spaces not so exposed. One solution to prevent sunlight from entering your room is to use blinds or curtains. Sometimes merely obstructing the sun is insufficient. In this situation, you must make sure that your portable air conditioner is rated for greater cooling capacity.

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Your home’s interior can also be a source of heat load. Electronics that are powered on contribute to the heat load inside your room. If you are trying to cool your kitchen, then the stove and oven will add lots of heat to your space if they are on.

Close All Doors And Windows

Although it may seem obvious, if the doors and windows are open, your portable Air conditioner won’t be able to chill the room down. Warm air from the outdoors can easily enter your conditioned space through open doors and windows.

Vent The Exhaust Hose Outside

A leaky exhaust pipe is one of the most frequent causes of inadequate cooling from a portable air conditioner. For your Honeywell portable air conditioner to function, the exhaust pipe must be able to vent hot air outside your house. The heat that your air conditioner is removing will return to your room if your exhaust pipe is leaking hot air or is not blowing outside.

It might be useful to check if hot air is venting from the other side of your exhaust line if it is venting outdoors. Objects like leaves, dirt, or bird nests can occasionally be impeded airflow!

What’s The Difference Between Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner And Other Types Of Air Conditioners?

A Honeywell portable air conditioner (PAC) and other air conditioners differ primarily in that PACs can be moved from one room to another and do not need to be permanently installed. When you can buy one Honeywell Portable AC rather than multiple units for each room, they may be a less expensive investment than window ACs. There is no flexibility in using window air conditioners to cool various rooms because they are also fixed and immovable.

Honeywell Portable ACs help save energy when compared to central air conditioning because you can cool only the rooms you use, as opposed to central air conditioning, which is designed to cool an entire home or building. Compared to PACs, central air conditioning is also a much more expensive investment to buy and install.

Can A PAC Cool More Than One Room?

The ability to use a portable air conditioner almost anywhere in your house is its best feature. To vent warm air while cooling (or cool air when heating) outside, you only need a power outlet and a nearby window. You can quickly install the window kit if you simply follow the instructions. Remember that the cooling mode’s adjustable temperature range is between 61°F and 89°F (16°C and 32°C).

Conclusion On Honeywell Portable AC Not Cooling

Honeywell portable air conditioner with a BTU rating intended for a small space won’t likely cool a larger room effectively. Ensure to purchase the one with a high BTU rating. Your Honeywell portable AC not cooling might be because of a wrong setting or a clogged filter. I hope this guide helps you solve the problem with your Honeywell Portable AC not cooling.