How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work? Explained

Have your curiosity ever made you try to find out how do portable air conditioners work, or probably you might have thought about how it functions? We all know how humans are curious, and we are here to bring you answers and also to calm your nerves, especially as it concerns portable air conditioners. So, how do portable air conditioners work?

Portable air conditioners work so that air is usually pulled into the room by ensuring that heat is extracted and then the Release of cooled air back into the room.

From the name portable air conditioner, we should know that they are more convenient and easy to use in a small environment, especially when it is spot cooling. 

These portable air conditioners are very easy to move around and install, and they can be used throughout the year or for many years. For the sake of this article, we will bring you the different components of portable air conditioners and other questions that are related to portable air conditioners.

What Are The Different Components In A Portable Air Conditioner 

The various components that are involved in ensuring that the portable air conditioner functions correctly, and we will be listing the essential components 


The function of the fan is to ensure that it moves the air around by pulling in the humid air from the room or whatever location it is positioned in the portable air conditioner

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Usually, most devices with a compressor that generates air tend to have compressors, for example, freezers and fridges, because the compressor can be used to ensure the refrigerant temperature is raised for condensation.

Evaporator Coil And The Refrigerant 

The evaporator coil and the refrigerant are primarily responsible for ensuring that the air is cool, and apart from this, it can also serve as a medium of heat exchange. When compressed, it tends to expand rapidly and leads to the process of cooling down. 

Condenser Coil

This condenser coil usually handles the process of cooling the refrigerant by ensuring that the air temperature is brought down and condensed. In the process, cool air is transferred back. 

How Can A Portable Air Conditioner Remove Moisture

The portable air conditioner has its way of removing moisture, and there are three major ways to do this.

Internal Bucket

There is always an inner bucket attached to most portable air conditioners, and the contents of these buckets will need to be drained manually. However, modern portable air conditioners do not need to pass this process except for old models.

Self Evaporation 

This is another way in which portable air conditioners can remove moisture through the exhaust vent attached to portable air conditioners. Hot air is also removed through these vents, and you can always find this in new models of portable air conditioners. 

Gravity Drain 

The moisture collected can be pumped out through the hose, which means that venting is made easier. There is a difference between the portable air conditioner and various air conditioners, and this is because the portable air conditioners are made up of all the processing units together in one device, and the refrigerant cycle is grouped. 

Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

Yes, portable air conditioners are more effective than a fan, but we can’t compare portable air conditioners to window air conditioners because the effect will never be the same. 

Do Portable Air Conditioners Need To Be Vented Out A Window?

Many people have been asking the same question because they expect the portable air conditioner to function as the window air conditioner, but this case is different because portable air conditioners do not need a window to vent; all they need is just to find a way to let the heat go out. 

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Is It Possible For Portable Air Conditioners To Work Without A Vent?

Yes, it is possible because ventless air conditioners can move heat from indoor air to the outside by converting water from liquid into vapor. 

How Am I Supposed To Drain My Portable Air Conditioner?

It would help if you tried as possible to always clean your portable air conditioner every 8 hours. However, it depends on the humidity in your environment because if you live in a dry area, you might not need to drain your portable air conditioner often.

Do I Need To Recharge My Portable Air Conditioner?

Recharging your portable air conditioner is not necessary, and you are not expected to reload it in a case where you notice the refrigerant going down; you should seek the services of a technician or professional as this might indicate that there is a refrigerant leakage 

Why Is It That My Portable Air Conditioner Keeps Filling Up With Water?

This may be a result of clogging. This means that the airflow over your air-con evaporator coil has been blocked and made the coil become extra cold and get frozen. This frozen coil, with time, will start to melt, which means water will start dripping into the evaporation container and make it fill up faster than usual. 

Do Portable Air Conditioners Need Any Unusual Power Supply?

The standard household voltage for which portable air conditioners can operate is 115 volt/60hertz, and this unit has come with a grounded plug. You also need to know this so you don’t connect your portable air conditioners to a power supply that may damage your device.

Are Portable Air Conditioners Energy-Efficient?

Always ensure you know the energy efficiency rating of whatever portable air conditioner you might decide to buy. This is because the portable air conditioner depends on more energy efficiency. 

How Long Is The Exhaust Host Of The Portable Air conditioner?

The exhaust hose may be different depending on the model you have purchased. Still, the standard length is usually 4 to 7 feet in length, and these hoes are usually made up of temperature-resistant plastic that has been reinforced with metal. This exhaust hose helps the portable air conditioner a lot and is very important. 

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How Do I Maintain My Portable Air Conditioner?

If you want your portable air conditioner to have a long-lasting life and serve you for an extended period, then you need to follow some of the guidelines listed below. 

  • Always clean and ensure you change your filters at least weekly or monthly, depending on how you use the air conditioner. 
  • It would help if you always drained your water reservoir to ensure it doesn’t start messing up.
  • Store portable air conditioners properly and always clean the device 
  • Do not put your portable air conditioner directly under the sun to prevent the color from fading. 
  • When cleaning the exterior of your portable air conditioner, it is advisable always to use a soft cloth and mild soapy water. 

Pros And Cons Of Portable Air Conditioners 

The pros and cons of portable air conditioners will be listed, so you know exactly what you are going for. These pros and cons are not to discourage you or motivate you but to give you the basic knowledge about what you are meant to enjoy and consider before you pay for that portable air conditioner you saw at the store last week.

Pros of Portable Air Conditioners

The pros of a portable air conditioner have been summarized, but if you already have a portable air conditioner, you will be able to relate, and if you don’t have one, probably after reading this, you will make a provision to get one

  • Portable air conditioners are easy to install. Without the help of a professional, you can do it yourself 
  • These portable air conditioners can be moved from one place to another because of the wheels attached to the bottom
  •  It is usually suitable for small spaces as it doesn’t consume more space
  • The upfront cost is usually low, and with time, it becomes affordable 

Cons Of Portable Air Conditioners 

These are a few things you need to know about portable air conditioners; it is more of a summary to prepare your mind. The effect might not be as expected, but let’s go through the cons.

  • Most powerful air conditioners are noisy compared to the other types of air conditioners; this is because all the components are in one unit. 
  • Portable air conditioners take a longer time to condition a room and are less energy-efficient 
  • Extracted water needs to be done manually and regularly to ensure it functions properly. 
  • There is always a long-term cost of operating the portable air conditioner.

Conclusion On How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work? 

How do portable air conditioners work is a mystery that has been solved, and at this point, your curiosity should have been fixed as answers to your questions have been provided, as well as other questions that might relate to how your portable air conditioner works.

Portable air conditioners are way cheaper than buying the normal air conditioners we all know, but you don’t expect the effect to be the same, but we all know that at least you will be able to have a feeling that it Is way better than using a fan.