Is Board And Batten Siding Expensive?

Is Board And Batten Siding Expensive? Getting a new home siding is a good way to protect your home and makes it look more beautiful. There are many types of siding, but the board and batten siding is one of the most durable types. But then the price is a concern; that’s why most homeowners ask if board and batten siding is expensive? 

The cost of board and batten siding is considered expensive compared to other siding options. However, when we look at its durability, the amount is worth paying. 

So with the higher cost, is the ideal to go for this expensive choice looking at how durable it can be? Or should you go for a cheaper siding? Read on to find out more about board and batten siding. 

What are the Advantages of Board and Batten Siding?

Homeowners choose to board and batten siding for a lot of reasons. If board and batting siding is what you’re considering, here are some of its benefits to help to make a decision;

Aesthetic Look: 

Board and batten have a distinctive stacked look. It’s mostly used in barns, but it also fits well in homes. Its aesthetic appearance draws a lot of attention, making everyone that caught a glimpse admire it. 

Since the siding is made from rugged wood planks and battens, it’s very watertight and gives your home a wild, rustic look. 


The board and batten siding are sturdy and durable, provided it is installed correctly and maintained properly. If installed well, the siding can last for decades without damage. Therefore if you’re looking for a siding that you don’t have to worry about changing often, consider investing in a board and batten siding. 

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This siding provides a wide range of applications. It can be used in a variety of settings with comparative ease. Boards and battens can be installed vertically, horizontally, or any way you want. Also, these siding comes in separate components making it easier to replace the ones that have started damaging without having to replace them. That’s versatility in terms of installation.

In terms of usage, board and batten siding can be used in barns, homes, and sheds. DIY enthusiasts will have more ways to use this siding in their projects. 

Weather Resistant

Board and batten siding is a perfect option for those residing in areas of harsh weather conditions. Over time, this form of siding has proved its sturdiness by withstanding heavy rainfall, storm, high winds, and hurricanes. 

The siding design provides you with enough insulation barrier, which helps prevent extreme temperatures from getting into your home and causing discomfort to your family. 

A Curb Appeal

If you aren’t planning on staying in your home forever, you’ll probably want to make a lot of profit when selling. You’ll also want your home to quickly sell in the market. Most homeowners invest in things that make their homes look more attractive to buyers. 

A board and batten siding is one of these features. It improves the curb appeal of your home, thereby attracting potential buyers and enabling you to sell it at a better price. 

What are the Problems of Board and Batten Siding?

Well, you can’t just use the pros of board and batten siding to decide. You need to know its cons, so you’ll be able to weigh the two and make the best decision. 

Here are the drawbacks of using board and batten siding:


The cost of board and batten siding is one of its drawbacks, especially for those with a tight budget.  Apart from the cost of buying the siding, you’ll likely spend a lot on paying professionals to help install it. 

It’s Time-consuming when installing

The board and batten siding come in pieces and have to be installed one by one. This process has to be done carefully to make sure each board is placed correctly and properly. 

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Installing a board and batten siding takes more time than the normal siding, which is why professionals tend to charge more for installation. 

It is not ideal for small homes:

If you have a tiny home, installing a board and batten siding isn’t an ideal option. This type of siding usually looks unproportional in small homes. The style usually looks more beautiful in larger homes and boring in tiny homes. 

It is Difficult to Repair

If one piece of board and batten get damaged, you can’t just repair it back or replace it in place with other types of siding. Mostly, your only option for repairing the siding is to replace the entire board and batten siding. This isn’t cost-effective.

It Will Wrap Up Over Time

Board and batten siding tends to change its shape after some years. As this siding wraps up, it comes difficult for you to repair it or replace it. Even if you decided to fit it back into the place, you might end up damaging it and needing to replace the whole siding. 

You might not Find the Design you want:

Though there are different colors and textures of board and batten, it can still be hard to find the type you want. Depending on your location, you might not be able to find the texture that will fit your needs in the local store near you. People that love being creative and customized, they might find this a great hindrance.

What is the Typical Cost of Board and Batten Siding?

The board and batten siding are expensive compared to other wall coverings. In most cases, it costs between $5000 to $15000 to install a board and batten siding. 

However, most homeowners will likely pay around $10,000, including the cost of siding materials and service fees. 

Breaking the price down, you’ll find that each piece of siding costs between 2 to 10 dollars. The price variation is because there are different styles, each with its durability. 

Most of the sidings that cost between 1 to 5 dollars aren’t very durable and will likely start wrapping up after a few years. 

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Consider going for a board and batten that is very durable and has fine finishing. It’s also good you know that the way cheap boards and battens are likely to be nondurable, an expensive one also doesn’t guarantee high quality. 

How do I Prepare My Board and Batten for Painting?

One thing about board and batten siding is they require finishing. Staining or painting it will add durability and give it a more attractive look. Usually, when installing it, the contractor hired will help you with staining and painting. 

However, after a few years of installation, you might consider changing the paint of your board and batten siding as the old one might have started fading due to exposure to sun and rainfall. 

Before painting a board and batten siding, you’ve to prepare it. Here are simple steps to follow and prepare your siding for painting:

  • Thoroughly clean the wood to remove any dirt and debris from it.
  • Make sure the boards and battens are tightly placed 
  • Use a paintbrush or sprayer to apply your primer
  • Carefully caulk the edges of the battens
  • Apply a coat of paint using a paint sprayer and allow it to air dry
  • Apply an extra layer of paint to finish up the job



What is the Most Expensive Type of Siding?

Stucco siding is considered the most expensive type of siding. Stucco costs about $6 to 9 dollars per foot. However, due to its appealing design, longevity, and durability, it is still considered an ideal option by many. 

What type of siding is the Cheapest?

Vinyl siding is considered the cheapest way to side your home or barn. There Vinyl siding is available for as low as $2 per square foot. However, if you’re looking for a siding that will last for years, consider going for a more durable option

What is the Most Popular House Siding?

Vinyl siding is considered the most popular type of siding. Other common types of house siding are wood siding, insulated siding, metal siding, and fiber cement siding. 

Is Board and Batten Siding Cheap?

No, board and batten siding is not cheap compared to other types of siding. This is chiefly because it is made from wood and very hard to install. Board and batten siding roughly costs between $2 to $12 per square foot. 

Will Board and Batten go out of style?

Board and batten can never go out of style. Despite being an old method of siding, it still looks aesthetically appealing when you install them. 

Recently, board and batten have even become the latest trend in home decor. Many homeowners cover the whole ceiling or wall with board and batten.

Why are Board and Batten so Popular?

Board and batten are very popular because they look beautiful, and you can easily get someone to help you assemble them. This type of siding is mostly used in barns and garden sheds but can also be incorporated into homes for an appealing look.