Ring Camera Not Detecting Motion – Solved!

Is your Ring camera not detecting motion or capturing deliveries? In this guide, we’ll explain the potential reasons and solutions for the problem of the Ring camera not detecting motion. Due to its ability to record deliveries and its automated photo-taking feature, the Ring Doorbell has become one of the most well-liked gadgets. Additionally, it captures video, substantially enhancing the security of your location. Homeowners often choose the Ring Doorbell since it enables them to be alerted anytime an item arrives at their front door. So, why is the Ring camera not detecting motion?

Your camera could not be picking up activity outside your front door for several reasons. Heat detection is the most typical problem. Motion is detected by the Ring doorbell using thermal detection. The doorbell won’t detect motion if the sensitivity is too low. Your Ring app or notification settings may be the source of the issue.

Ring Doorbell Not Detecting Motion? How To Fix

You must understand how motion detection works with Ring Doorbell before we discuss “repair.” As you are aware, when someone touches the button on a Ring video doorbell, it rings, and notifications may be sent.

When motion is detected, it also sends alerts. That function is not flawless, however. It fails sometimes. Sometimes it works so hard that even the slightest movement triggers many alarms to be sent to your phone.

The motion may be detected by Ring doorbells up to 30 feet away. Once the device detects motion, all users will get a push notification. You’ll be aware of the action, and anybody with the app may watch a live video of the event.

1. Heat Detection

Heat detection is a crucial concept since it is how Ring Video Doorbells detect motion. The doorbell detects movement by activating its motion sensors using infrared or heat. It also identifies when someone is standing in front of your door by measuring temperature.

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The Ring app allows you to change the device’s sensitivity. The doorbell’s ability to detect a large heat signature is adjustable. You may improve the accuracy of motion detection and reduce the number of false alarms by changing the parameter.

The heat detection may be changed by:

  • Launch the Ring app
  • Go to Motion Settings”
  • Select the ‘Zones and Range’ tab.
  • Adjust the sensors’ sensitivity after that.
  • Decide which locations to watch.

With this, you may fix various problems, including the device’s inability to detect motion. 

2. Check For Motion Schedule

On your device, have you activated the Motion Schedule? You must determine if the Motion Schedule is turned on or off. Suppose you have set up one of these schedules. In that case, you should be aware that the Ring doorbell won’t detect movement outside of those hours since the schedules only record movement within particular periods.

A clock will be seen next to the Ring device if you have a Motion Schedule set up. It may be accessed on the Ring App’s dashboard.

3. Examine The Device’s And Camera’s Angle

Another frequent issue is that the camera’s detecting angle might be too low to pick up movement. One of the solutions to this issue is to insert a wedge between the two. Check whether it resolves the issue or raises the camera just enough to enable movement detection.

4. Check connectivity

Checking your device’s connection is another vital thing to do. Ensure that your device connects directly to your wireless network at home. The gadget will have issues, and the Ring doorbell may not detect any motion if the connection is bad or unreliable.

You should be aware that there is an issue with your device if none of the methods listed above work. Ring company has also made troubleshooting manuals available for iOS and Android users to assist consumers in such circumstances.

Aside from these problems and their straightforward remedies, some forum members have assumed that delivery personnel now carry remote jammers they utilize while making deliveries.

Simply put, the jamming device prevents signal transmission and reception. There is a significant decline in video quality due to the interference it causes on a frequency close to that of a cell phone or other mobile device.

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You would be unable to tell which delivery rider is employing a jammer. However, you should be aware that using these jammers is strictly forbidden and is an offense that may result in legal consequences.

You should get in touch with the delivery service immediately and inform them if you have a suspicion and some supporting evidence.

How The Motion Detection Works On A Ring Doorbell

The Ring doorbell uses three passive infrared sensors. Monitoring the amounts of heat inside the designated detection zones establishes an internal network of sensors that detect movements.

The values will change as soon as a human enters these detecting zones since persons are typically hotter than their surroundings. When such occurs, the gadget will quickly signal that someone is approaching the door. As a result of the sensors’ orientation toward the floor, they can identify humans at a great distance. Ring claims that it has a 30-foot detection range for individuals.

Video Recording After Motion Detection

Motion Stop, a built-in function of the Ring doorbell, immediately begins recording video when motion is detected. However, depending on your Ring type, you should be aware that the recording lasts anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds. Ring claims that by just recording the bare minimum, you may save battery life and money on data fees.

You should activate push alerts on your phone to ensure that none of the movements is missed. You may always respond to the notification after the recording time has ended if you cannot do so immediately on your phone.

You may see live video at your door if you immediately open the notice. If you cannot answer the phone right away, this function may be a little problematic. Although the firm has recognized a few requests to modify this functionality, no update has yet been made available.

Why Is my Ring Camera Not Getting Any Motion Detected At All?

This is a common issue that often affects new users. Most of the time, faulty motion alerts are to blame for your lack of detection. Therefore, it is not really because the equipment is broken.

The app doesn’t get an alert, that’s all. By turning on the Motion Alerts, you may thus resolve this. Open your app, find the appropriate options, and change them to the blue “on” setting in the Ring app.

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Why Is Ring Camera Motion Detection Triggered Too Much?

If you are getting too many motion event notifications, the smart alert option in the Ring app is probably the blame. Open the app, then choose “Motion Settings.” The “Smart Alert” component may be found from there.

You’ll find Light, Standard, and Frequent as your selections. These parameters control the frequency of the motion alerts. Do you still recall the prior motion-setting advice? The “Standard” setting is advised. However, you may change it as you choose.

How Do You Disable Motion Altogether But Temporarily?

You may temporarily disable motion by creating a schedule under the Motion Schedule option. However, you may completely turn off Motion Detection if you so want. You may do it by carrying out these easy steps:

  • Select your Ring device in the Ring app.
  • Click on “Motion Settings”
  • Select “Motion Zones”
  • The slider should be set to “Min”
  • Turn off all zones

It is unlikely that your gadget will still detect motion after blocking all zones. It may still happen if the equipment is positioned high or has a good field of view. In such a scenario, you need to use a Wedge Kit to slant it down to prevent it from picking up any motion.

What To Do When You Keep Getting False Notifications?

Go to the Motion Zones first if you keep getting erroneous notifications. See whether there is anything that may cause motion there. Does it, for example, cover a busy roadway or a sidewalk? If so, lowering the zone and excluding that region will assist.

The Motion Frequency should also be examined. You may reduce the frequency to Standard or Light if something constantly rings the doorbell. Because the gadget detects motion too often, you probably receive numerous notifications.

Does The Motion Detection On The Ring Doorbell Change When Facing A Window?

Yes. Windows often obstruct heat sources, which is the cause. As previously mentioned, Ring detects motion via heat sensing. The heat from the glass will make it difficult for the Ring doorbell to detect movement in front of the device.

What Should You Do If The Motion Zones Are Active But You’re Still Not Getting Alerts?

You may take the following actions if you don’t get motion alerts:

  • Check if the camera captures the motion.
  • Check the Event History to confirm that movements were identified; if there is no record, no motions occurred.
  • Turn on “Frequent” for the Motion Frequency.
  • Make sure all of your Motion Zones are correctly configured.
  • Make sure Motion Schedule is not activated during the event (if you can see a clock icon on the dashboard, Motion Schedule is active)
  • After doing this, if you still don’t get notifications, your cell phone is probably at fault. To be sure, check the options.

Conclusion On Ring Camera Not Detecting Motion

After reading this article attentively, perhaps you now have the answers you need. The motion setting is often the answer when the Ring camera not detecting motion or is sensing too much.