Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging? What It Means

Are you wondering why your Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging? One of the most typical indications that this doorbell commonly displays is this. Even though Ring Doorbells are pretty well-liked, they are not the most straightforward devices to comprehend. So why is your Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging?

The Ring Doorbell is booting up or beginning if you see a blue light blinking on the Ring Video Doorbell every second. This is normal; however, if the blue flashing light on the Ring Doorbell never stops, it can be trapped in a loop. So you need to think about resetting the Ring Doorbell in this situation.

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue?

Numerous factors might be at play if you see the Ring Doorbell flashing blue when charging. Your Ring Doorbell will primarily inform you of its condition and any problem notifications via this method. On the front of the Ring Doorbell, there is a round light. Whether you get a steady blue light or one that blinks will indicate what it signifies. Find out which blue circle is lighted up and how quickly the blue light flashes.

  • Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging: Your doorbell is charging, as seen by the blue light blinking continuously on it.
  • Ring Doorbell Spinning Blue: This occurs when someone from the outside presses the Ring Video Doorbell button. When there may be a call at the door, the Ring’s light will spin blue to let you know.
  • Solid Blue Light: When the Ring Doorbell emits a steady blue light, you have either answered a call or linked your Ring Doorbell to the Ring app. Doing so will make you aware that the doorbell speaker is now active and that anybody outside may hear what you are saying.
  • Blue Light that Moves Upward: The Ring Doorbell is now attempting to connect to the WiFi network if you see the blue light rising. Typically, you only see this while Ring Doorbell is being set up. However, you may view it at other times if you have Wi-Fi connectivity problems.
  • All Four LEDs Flash Blue Four Times: It’s normal for all lights to flash blue four times in succession. It indicates that everything was set up correctly and that you are finished.
  • Rapidly Flashing Blue Lights Turn to White Light: This string of flashing lights indicates that you successfully reset the Ring Doorbell.
  • Ring Doorbell Top Blue Light Flashing: If this is the case, your Ring Doorbell’s top light flashing blue indicates a capacitor that isn’t charging. As a result, the doorbell lacks sufficient electricity to function. That ultimately proves you need a new Ring Doorbell gadget.
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How To Charge Your Ring Doorbell?

The most amazing thing about charging your Ring Doorbell is that you can only do it twice a year. Unlike typical doorbells, the Ring Doorbell has a fantastic internal battery, so installation is easier since you don’t have to fumble with cables. It is advised to use the Ring app on your phone to check the battery level of the Ring Doorbell before charging it again. On the top right-hand corner, you can see the battery level.

You must take the Doorbell from the mounting bracket to recharge it if the battery level is low. To do this, unscrew the two screws located at the Doorbell’s base and then pull the Doorbell upwards to remove it. Once inside, you’ll connect it to a wall socket or your computer.

The micro-USB connector on the Ring Doorbell is for charging purposes only. The blue LED ring light on your Ring Doorbell will light up after it has been charged using a USB to AC adaptor.

You may check your battery’s charge throughout this procedure, and after everything is connected correctly, the ring doorbell will light blue to indicate that it is charging. It will take a few hours for it to charge completely; if the battery level of your Doorbell were almost dead, it would take much longer.

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing White?

There are two possibilities if the Ring Doorbell displays a flashing white light. It’s possible that the device’s WiFi connection has been lost or that the battery is running low. On the other hand, the Ring Video Doorbell has been hardwired and is receiving enough power if you see a steady white light coming from it. You need not worry since there is no problem.

Examine these signs to confirm that the power problem or failed WiFi connection are the causes:

  • A sound is made when the button is pressed.
  • Flashes of soft white light.
  • No notifications on your smart device’s Ring app
  • The event’s recordings have ended.
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If you have any of the problems above, you need assistance. These conditions imply, in a sense, that the Ring gadget isn’t linked to your WiFi. Restarting the router usually results in your device functioning properly once again. 

The WiFi signal could not be strong enough, for example. You may observe: To determine whether this is the case:

  • Ring app’s video quality is poor.
  • Delays occur in notifications.
  • There are no alerts.
  • Live View is slow to connect or doesn’t connect at all.

Any one of these problems indicates weak signal strength. The Ring Doorbell should be placed nearer the router. The signal may be obstructed by anything. Unplug them all to find out whether any particular gadget is the problem.

The Ring Video Doorbell may glow white if you are in an area with frequent power outages. Additional problems might be:

  • Low volt
  • Oversupply or High Voltage
  • Loose router wires
  • Changing the WiFi password

Blinking white lights on your Ring gadget might be caused by various causes. It would be beneficial if you first ensured that the problem wasn’t with your internet connection. To check the internet connection, open the Ring app. If there is one, the issue is with something else.

If there is no WiFi connection while using the Ring app, check the network, ensure all the cables are correctly connected, and ensure all the lights are the proper color. By hitting the reset button, you may reset your router. Additionally, you may switch everything off for a minute by pressing the power button. Reconnect everything, hit the power button once again, and allow the system to cycle. Contact your ISP if you need assistance learning more about your specific equipment.

Restart the Ring Video Doorbell at this time, and then wait for it to connect. To confirm a connection, double-check the Ring app. If you continue to see white lights, the issue might be with the electricity.

According to the Ring website, the Ring Video Pro doesn’t often go down due to low power. The transformer within the doorbell may, however, not be providing enough power to the device. This may be the cause if you consume less electricity than 16VAC. Your problem should go away if you give the gadget extra power.

WiFi or battery problems are the main topics on the Ring website. To have a person assist you through the procedure, you may find it helpful to contact Ring support. The Ring Doorbell Pro’s white light flashing might indicate that a software upgrade is currently occurring. When the procedure is finished, the light ought to cease blinking white.

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How To Reset The Ring Doorbell

It may be necessary to reset your Ring Doorbell if you believe it isn’t efficiently connecting to the network. You may also need to reconnect the WiFi and Ring Doorbell since you relocated from one place to another. To achieve this, adhere to the following steps:

  • Using a screwdriver, unmount the Ring Doorbell from its bracket.
  • On your smartphone, launch the Ring app.
  • Select your device by going to “Devices.”
  • Change WiFi by selecting the “Device Health” option.
  • On the back of your Ring gadget, press the orange button.
  • Pair your smartphone with the app after connecting it to the Ring’s WiFi.

By doing this, the Ring device has reset and reconnected to the WiFi network.

My Ring Doorbell Isn’t Working. What Do I Do?

After checking every item on the list, if your Ring device is still not functioning, you could require assistance from Ring support. We are unable to give a phone number that you may contact. However, there are chat services and a community forum that you can use instead.

What Do I Do about a WiFi Error?

There are several benefits to keeping the doorbell’s WiFi connection active. Without an internet connection, none of the smart features can be used. It sometimes cuts itself off from the internet. In such a case, the following troubleshooting advice could be helpful:

  • First, check your WiFi connection. The Ring requires a minimum of 2.4GHz speed to function. If it’s too sluggish, you should choose a new provider, update the router, or increase your internet service to the next level.
  • Take into account briefly turning off the router before reconnecting. You could turn the router off for 20 minutes if that doesn’t work. The router sometimes operates without a break for months. It becomes hotter as a result, which might harm your network signal. It’s a good idea to let it cool down.

Conclusion On Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue When Charging

Various factors might cause your Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging. It is crucial to diagnose the issue as soon as possible to see who is at the front door and speak with them. Once smart technology is implemented and used, most homeowners find it difficult to live without.

There shouldn’t be many tasks you need to do for the device’s maintenance, which is relatively simple. When you obtain the system, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with it. Make sure you understand what the white and blue flashing lights mean. In this manner, you never have to worry or wonder what to do.