Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi? WhatTo Do

Are you yet to discover the reason why your Roomba l4 is not connecting to Wifi? Different issues may warrant your Roomba l4 not connecting to Wi-Fi. This issue is usually common because different customers always make the same complaint, and the process of troubleshooting it is very simple.

There might be different reasons why your Roomba I4 is not connecting to Wi-Fi, which might be due to network problems or a firmware kind of error. Another reason might be because the wifi is probably out of range or the Wi-Fi bandwidth is too low. Lastly, the wifi connection setup is incompatible with the frequency range of the local wifi.

What Are The Causes Of Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi 

What might be the causes of Roomba I4 not connecting to Wi-Fi? Many other factors may be a barrier to your Roomba I4 not connecting, and we will be listening to these reasons and providing solutions to ensure the Roomba I4 starts connecting to Wi-Fi.

Overcrowding Of Wi-fi Network

If you’re connected to the Wi-Fi, you should know that the speed and quality of the connection depend on the Wi-Fi bandwidth. This bandwidth is known as the amount of data expected to be transmitted at a particular time, and if the bandwidth is low, then there’s no way your Roomba I4 will connect to your wifi once the bandwidth is low. The low bandwidth is a result of probably too many units that are running at the same time, which leads to overcrowding

Wi-fi Connection Setup Failed

The possible way of connecting your Roomba I4 attached to a Wi-Fi network is through the official robot app, and this step is very easy, except if you go against a setup like

  •  Your home base might not be properly plugged in
  •  The unit of your Roomba I4 is not well placed in the home base
  •  If at any process you mistakenly touch the green button 
  •  Your Wi-Fi network tends to be slow
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Frequency Of Wifi Range May Be Incompatible 

Most Roomba I4 units are not supported in the frequency range, and the 5 GHz usually has a short support range; your frequency range is always written or found in the user manual, and Roomba I4 does not support 5ghz because it doesn’t need any form of high-end connection.

Wi-fi Router Is Out Of Range 

Routers mostly have limited range, and we all know that most time, distance always tends to affect the signal, so probably your Roomba l4 is not connecting to your wifi because it is far from your router and might have encountered different barriers that may tend to interfere. 

Unstable Wi-fi Network

instability of internet connection may be because your router has probably developed a fault or due to problems from your internet provider but most routers having this issue can easily be fixed by restarting the Wi-Fi 

Solutions To The Above Listed Problem Of Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi

Here are a few solutions to the problems we outlined earlier, do well to go through them if you want to fix the problem of your Roomba I4 not connecting to Wi-Fi.

  • Always ensure that all units connected to your Wi-Fi are always disconnected, including some apps that may be running in the background without your knowledge. To save your internet bandwidth, you can always manually disconnect other units from your Wi-Fi or change the password of your Wi-Fi.
  • The Wi-Fi connection setup should be done properly by following the below guidelines. 
  • Ensure you download the irobot home app from the Apple store or Play store.
  •  You can sign up or sign in to an existing account. 
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network.
  • Input your password.
  • Long-press the home and instantly spot the clean button until you see a flashing blue or green light or hear a particular tune. 
  •  Ensure you check the box “I press the button.”
  • There’s no possible way to ensure that your wifi router can be compatible with the Roomba I4 except to change your Wi-Fi or use a 2.4 GHz.
  • To tackle the issue of out of range, you can decide to put your router in the strategic area in your house, and your Roomba I4 should be within the exact location as your home-based router will be able to receive a stronger connection. 
  • You can also decide to make use of the Wi-Fi antenna or Wi-Fi extender.
  • If your Wi-Fi network is not stable, you can turn on and turn off your router, and if the problem persists, you can reset your router or refresh the connection. 
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Safety Information About The Roomba I4

If you want to stay safe while using the Roomba I4, it is expected of you to follow the below guide to avoid any form of disaster. To ensure that the rate of having an injury or damage is less or avoided.

  1. Children are not allowed to play with the Roomba I4 as this is not a toy, and in a case where this robot is being operated, they should be a supervisor present. 
  2. Always ensure that you make use of their authorized charger, only if you want your Roomba I4 battery not to explode or catch fire.
  3.  The power supply cord should be plugged into your household AC power outlet, and in the case where you need to replace the cord, always specify the power supply cord.
  4.  it is not advisable to open the home base of your Roomba I4 except for professionals and technicians who are trained to carry out this activity
  5. To avoid any form of electric shock, do not operate your Roomba I4 with a wet hand and always make use of it in a dry location.

Does Roomba I4 Work With Homekit?

Yes, it does, but you need to use a home bridge or device. This means exposing your Roomba I4 to a home bridge hub.

How Do I Set Up And Connect My Roomba I4

the process of setting and connecting your Roomba I4 is not something you should be worried about, as we bring you the step-by-step guidelines that involve

  • firstly, you will need to download the robot app on the Google Play store, Apple store
  •  setup your home base charging station on a comfortable surface to prevent it from falling 
  • Endure you include your device on whatsoever network that pleases you to operate your robot 
  • From your device, it is expected of you to turn on your Bluetooth and connect with their device. 
  • from the irobot application, you can select the add robot to add your Roomba I4 
  •  you can decide to give your Roomba I4 a specific name
  •  Always ensure that your Roomba I4 is connected to the Wi-Fi. 
  • finally, activate your Roomba I4 and start enjoying what you paid for
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How Do I Reset My Roomba I4

Do you want to restart your Roomba I4 profile because you want to transfer ownership or troubleshoot a certain problem? We got you covered by bringing the steps to which you can reset your Roomba I4. There are two major ways you can carry out this process, and there are

  • Through The irobot application
  • Through the Roomba I4 itself

Let’s proceed as we give you a summary of how to go through each of the above-listed processes.

Through The Irobot Application

You can decide to do this via the Irobot application

  • Open the application
  • Click on settings 
  • Select the remove factory reset
  • Tap on the robot’s name you want to remove

Through The Roomba I4 Itself

The second method to carry out this process is by using the Roomba I4 itself.

all you need to do is to long press and hold the home and spot clean and clean button until the white or blue light shows up

Is It Possible To Backup My Smart Map?

This question might pop up in your head in the process of formatting or restoring the factory reset on your Roomba I4, but we are not here to disappoint you. Because we know the stress involved in trying to set up a new map

This means the answer to your question is yes, it is very possible for you to backup your smart map, especially if you decide to factory reset your Roomba. There’s always an option to save your customized map, so you can always look up to retrieve and restore it.

Conclusion On Roomba I4 Not Connecting To Wifi

We were able to gather pieces of information about all the reasons why your Roomba I4 is not connecting to Wi-Fi. We were also able to list all the causes of this problem as well as a process and solutions and how to fix them also stated including other issues that may relate to your Roomba I4. We hope that this article was able to give all the answers to your required questions.

 Just make sure you follow all the above-listed processes, and sooner or later, the problem of your Roomba I4 not connecting to Wi-Fi will be a problem of the past, and then you can enjoy your Roomba I4 as expected