Roomba Not Connecting To Cloud? Avoid This!

Is your Roomba not connecting to cloud? If yes, stay with us because, in this guide, we will be providing solutions to this problem. iRobot sells a line of self-driving robotic vacuum cleaners known as Roombas. They were first introduced in September 2002 and have a set of sensors that allow them to navigate a home’s floor area.

Roomba not connecting to the cloud could be due to various factors, including insufficient signals or internal hardware faults. Here, we’ll go through some troubleshooting options to help you solve your problem.

Roombas can be customized and reprogrammed to some extent. Some models’ parts can be swapped out, allowing owners to mix and match features or switch to other units for longer battery life. Additionally, some machines can be modified to perform more creative jobs by utilizing an embedded computer and the Roomba Open Interface.

Reasons Why Roomba Not Connecting To Cloud 

The cloud’s inability to communicate with Roomba appears to be due to a communication issue with Roomba’s internet connection. If the internet is down or the device is unable to connect to Wi-Fi for any reason, the cloud will not connect with Roomba.

Fixing a Roomba that won’t connect to the cloud is simple if you troubleshoot the issue step by step. Incompatible Connecting routers, weak internet connection, internet -frequently disconnect from the ISP side, and the Internet router not being stable in the Wireless network are all possible causes for my Wi-Fi not connecting with Roomba.

The issue “The cloud cannot communicate with Roomba” will be resolved once your internet is up and running and Irobot has a good Wi-Fi range in every area. It’s possible that the Wi-Fi signal isn’t reaching your Roomba if it won’t connect to the cloud.

Older and less expensive routers may not be able to send a signal far enough to cover the entire house. However, if your Wi-Fi works properly, you can try rebooting the Roomba and router.

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Problems, such as unclean patches on the floor and steep drops, can be detected using these sensors (e.g., to avoid falling downstairs). You can operate your Roomba even if you don’t have access to the internet. However, without it, you won’t be able to create timetables, utilize voice commands, or map “stay out” zones. And if your Roomba can’t communicate with the cloud, your Wi-Fi signal isn’t reaching it

How To Reset Roomba

Your Roomba may try to connect to other Wi-Fi signals for whatever reason, causing it to keep disconnecting from your router. In this case, a factory reset is the better option. To begin, position your Roomba and its base adjacent to your router. 

  • Open the Roomba Home App on your smartphone.
  • Connect your Roomba to the same Wi-Fi network as the app.
  • SelectSettings” from the drop-down menu.
  • “Remove/Factory Reset” should be selected.

It’ll feel like you’re using your Roomba for the first time now. It will take several hours to measure the perimeter of your home and “remember” its previous functions. Take advantage of this chance to learn more about your issue. If your Roomba runs without a hitch, that’s fantastic. If it stops working after a certain point, you should try the other troubleshooting suggestions listed above.

Step To Take When Roomba Is Not Connecting To Cloud 

You can’t know why Roomba isn’t connecting to the cloud because there are a variety of reasons why the cloud isn’t connected to the internet, so follow the instructions below to fix it.

Check Network Setting 

Check that all your other devices can connect to your Wi-Fi network if your Roomba doesn’t connect to the cloud. If this is the case, check to see if any network settings, such as passwords or other security settings, have been modified.

Next, make sure your Wi-Fi signal reaches all areas of your home. If a Roomba leaves the Wi-Fi range, a warning will appear stating that the Roomba is unable to communicate with the cloud. 

In this case, consider getting a mesh Wi-Fi router network, such as the Google Wi-Fi Mesh Wi-Fi System. You can also set a limit on how far your Roomba can wander, but it won’t be able to complete its task.

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Close The Distance Between The Router And The Home Base

The Home Base for your Roomba is exactly that. It not only serves as a charging station for your Roomba, but it also aids in its internet connectivity. The signal will be weaker the further away your Home Base is from your router.

From the top-down, Wi-Fi connections work. Place your Home Base directly above or at the same level as your router. You may have to try a few various setups before settling on the best one for you.

Purchase A Wi-Fi Extender

You might have a perfect internet connection when using your phone or laptop. When it comes to your Roomba, things could completely change. 

That’s because it’s always moving around your house, mapping its boundaries. Your home is likely to have “dead zones,” where your Wi-Fi signal is either very weak or non-existent.

You can solve this problem by purchasing a Wi-Fi extender like the TP-Link AC750. This increases the range of your Wi-Fi signal from your router to up to 1,200 square feet. 

Not only will you notice a difference in how your Roomba connects to the internet, but your other smart home gadgets will likely improve.

Get a New Router

Your Roomba will not connect to the internet if you have a 5GHz router. You’ll need to purchase a 2.4 GHz router or a combo 2.4 GHz/5GHz router to remedy the issue. You can check your router’s speed by going onto your computer and selecting your Wi-Fi network:

It turns on 2.4 GHz if it ends in 2 or 2.4, which would work for your Roomba. If it ends in a 5, it operates at 5GHz, which is too fast for your Roomba. Check the label on the back of your router if you renamed your Wi-Fi network. This should give you information about the speed of your internet connection.

Confirm The Service Outage With Your Internet Service Provider

If the cloud still won’t connect to your Roomba, check with your internet service provider to see if there is a service outage or if wireless mobile carriers are experiencing service or bandwidth issues.

How To Do Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Setup

To set up Roomba Vacuum Cleaners, you need to connect with a Wi-Fi network so your Irobot can talk to the cloud, and you can manage it remotely from mobile apps while cleaning. You must download iRobot Mobile Apps to connect Roomba with WiFI networks. Follow the steps to add and configure the iRobot device to iRobot mobile apps to manage it from the phone.

  • Go to the play store for Android and App Store for iPhone and download Irobot Mobile apps.
  • Open Irobot mobile Apps and click on the left-side menu option.
  • Press Add a Robot button and go to Roomba (WiFi-connected Vacuum Robot).
  • Setup starts will go through the checklist. The first option is a Robot placement press.
  • What would you like to name your iRobot? You can name it whatever you want.
  • Activate Roomba by pressing the Spot+Home buttons on the robot for 2 seconds and then releasing them. You’ll hear a noise.
  • Now “I” should be checked. Press the “proceed” button after pressing the button.
  • After successfully detecting your robot, the app will display “we detected 1 robot.”
  • Roomba (set up with a tap) – Roomba will begin connecting to Wi-Fi in the following window.
  • Roomba will attempt to establish a cloud connection after WiFI has been established (this may take a few minutes, so keep calm).
  • If your iRobot is running older firmware and the cloud has the most recent update firmware, you will be given a choice to upgrade your iRobot software.
  • Press the Start update button to update your iRobot to the most recent software version. This may take up to 10 minutes, so please do not interrupt while the upgrade is completed.
  • The setup is finished; now it’s time to wrap things up.
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You won’t get the problem “The cloud cannot talk to Roomba” after a successful setup and configuration, and you’ll be able to enjoy cleaning with your Robot Vacuum cleaner. If you’re still having problems with your Roomba not connecting to the cloud, go to the iRobot official support thread for help with similar difficulties.

Conclusion On Roomba Not Connecting To Cloud

You’re not alone if your Roomba won’t connect to the cloud. On Reddit, there are dozens of threads with people having similar problems. Consider boosting your Wi-Fi signal before calling customer service. You can purchase a Wi-Fi extender or a Wi-Fi repeater, as previously mentioned.

The cloud still won’t connect to your Roomba; check with your internet service provider to see if there’s a service outage or if any cellular mobile carriers are experiencing service or bandwidth issues. If your Roomba doesn’t connect to your cloud in the first place, make sure you’ve followed the setup instructions to the letter. If all else fails, try changing the security settings on your Wi-Fi, though this isn’t recommended.