Roomba Not Lighting Up? Solved!

Do you know that your Roomba not lighting up can reduce the machine’s efficiency? If you ever discover this problem, it’s advisable that you tackle it from the early stage before it gets worse. This article has provided the solution to this problem and all other issues relating to Roomba not lighting up

One of the significant reasons why Roomba not lighting up is because there is water inside your charging port (there are often some tiny water droplets). If so, remove it by blowing air into it until the water dries up completely.

Why Roomba Not Lighting

The Roomba is designed to light up when it’s in a charging position. If you do not see the light, these might be the possible reasons: 

  1. Check the battery level and make sure it’s fully charged. If the light isn’t lit when you’re charging it, something may have gone wrong with your device or charger. If the light isn’t on when plugged in, you may have a faulty product. 
  2. Roomba may not be lighting up because there is something wrong with the charging port or connection inside the unit itself. This could mean looking at the dock or connection or sending it off to be repaired by professionals.
  3. The battery door on the underside of the Roomba is not opened and closed correctly for it to receive power. 
  4. The brush bar on your Roomba has not been cleaned thoroughly to light up properly.

Have a close look at your Roomba if there is any odd behavior on any part of our machines. Even if they are doing their job efficiently, some of them might have a flaw here or there that needs to be fixed. 

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How To Fix Roomba Not Lighting

The Roomba is a great machine. It cleans your floors, is quiet, and doesn’t leave a dirt trail on the floor. But there are times when you might see the light on your Roomba not lighting up at all. Here’s what to do in these situations:

Replace The Battery

If you have a Roomba not lighting up, you should check the battery first. The battery is under the back cover on the bottom of your Roomba. 

Once you’ve replaced this old battery, ensure it’s seated correctly in its slot by pushing down until you hear a click from within the casing. 

We recommend you purchase spare batteries instead of purchasing them separately because they are cheaper than buying new ones every time your old ones die out.

Check For Debris

If your Roomba still isn’t lighting, then some debris around your house could be interfering with its operation. Make sure that there aren’t any small objects such as lint or dust particles that may get lodged into tiny openings inside your vacuum cleaner’s casing. These objects could potentially jam up their gears or change.

Check The Charger

If your Roomba not lighting up, you first need to check if it is charging, and if it is not, you have to plug it into a power source. If it is plugged, then check if there are any obstructions on the way and if there are any obstructions, then remove them.

If you have checked all these things and still your Roomba does not light up, then you can try resetting it by pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds. This will turn off the Roomba and allow you to charge again.

Safety Precautions To Adhere To When Fixing Roomba Not Lighting

  1. Do not use a light bulb directly into the socket, as it may cause fire or electrocution.
  2. Do not leave the Roomba plugged in when you are not using it, as this will cause overheating and damage the unit.
  3. Unplug your Roomba from the power source when cleaning is completed and before you store it for long periods or overnight (if possible).
  4. Do not use a screwdriver or tool bigger than 5mm in diameter to remove any part of your Roomba’s body or the battery pack from its charging station or base station. This could damage the charging port or battery pack and cause serious injury.
  5. Disconnect the charging cable from the wall outlet and remove the battery if necessary for easy access during the repair process.
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Why Does My Roomba Stop Cleaning After 10 Minutes?

You should be able to see that your Roomba is working hard by how much dust it is collecting after every run. If you do not see this happening, your filter may need cleaning, which we recommend doing at least once every month.

Why Does My Roomba Not Pick Up After I’ve Cleaned It?

If you have more than one floor, it will only clean the floor you are on at that time. If you have pets or children who might be in the way when cleaning, they could prevent the Roomba from completing its cleaning cycle if they enter its path while cleaning or during its pickup phase. 

In this case, try turning off the fountains during their cycles or covering them with a towel so they won’t block access to the sensors inside of Roomba’s dirt bin compartment when cleaning carpets or hard floors like tiles and wood floors where it needs to climb over obstacles like furniture, etc

When My Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Stops Working, The Light On The Front Is Flashing. What Does This Mean?

If the Roomba is not lighting up, there could be several problems. One of which is that the battery needs to be charged. If your battery shows a low charge, you can charge it. 

To do this, place your Roomba on its base and plug in the charger. It should take about 2 hours for it to charge completely, so make sure you leave it alone. 

The other way to check if your battery is low is by plugging another charger into an outlet and seeing if it works. If it does work with another charger, you don’t need to recharge your one unless you want to do so at some point in the future.

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Is It A Power Outlet Issue That’s Making My Roomba Not Light?

If the Roomba is plugged into a power outlet, but it still does not light, you may need to replace your outlet. Roomba does not operate correctly when plugged into a non-working outlet. If you have two or more outlets in your home and one is not working, try moving the Roomba to another. 

Why Does My Robot Keep Turning Back On?

If your robot keeps turning back on after being turned off by either pressing the power button or turning off with a switch (like in a car), there could be an issue with your battery pack. If this happens frequently, you will need to replace your battery pack with a new one.

Can I Use A New Battery To Check Why My Roomba Is Not Lighting?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not recommended. While the Roomba is relatively simple, it still uses lithium-ion batteries, which can lose their charge over time due to the internal pressure of the battery losing its ability to push out the gas inside. 

If you replace your Roomba’s battery with one that isn’t in good condition, this may cause problems with your robot vac. It’s best to stick with original parts when replacing any part on your Roomba.

Why Does My Roomba Not Charge When Plug-In?

Make sure that the charger itself is plugged into a power source and that you have attached the power cord securely. Try unplugging from the outlet and plugging back in again.

If this does not work, try turning off any other electronic devices in your home that may be interfering with communication between your charger and Roomba’s battery or motors.

Does Roomba i7 Need Light?

For their many sensors and cameras to function, the Roomba i7 and 960 need some light. The i3 can navigate and avoid obstacles without any illumination and uses its sensors. But it also has a different mapping system from the other two models, which impacts the results.

Conclusion On Roomba Not Lighting Up

At this point, you will have to make a choice on how to fix your Roomba not lighting up. If you are still under warranty, that is your best bet to get your Roomba fixed by the manufacturer. However, there are still some things you can try first if you want to fix your Roomba not lighting up.

No matter what, do not buy any parts for your Roomba or take it apart yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing and what each piece does. This is not something that the average user should pursue. 

There are also lots of tips about repairing a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner but be very skeptical of the advice you find. Most home mechanics should never consider fixing anything robotic or electrical themselves because it can be hazardous, especially if you do not have any training in high voltage electricity or electronics.