Roomba Not Moving Forward? Try This

Are you faced with the challenge of a Roomba not moving forward? There might be specific reasons or barriers that your Roomba might have encountered, and this article aims to show you the reasons and causes of why your Roomba is not moving forward as well as profer solutions you can use to solve this problem.

The Roomba not moving forward can be a result of debris that has entered both the wheel of the Roomba or around areas close to the wheel, and this can be a reason why the Roomba is not moving forward or correctly and in other to solve the problem you can check the wheel and remove any debris around it.

Once you face this problem of Roomba not moving forward, there’s no possible way you could use the same Roomba to ensure your house is cleaned correctly. And it’s impossible for your Roomba to stay in one position and expect it to work well to your expectations.  Many people have been in this same situation for some time now, and if you want to find the solution to the problem, then you should sit back and keep reading. We will be giving guidelines on how you can fix these issues and other sub-topics relating to the Roomba

How To Fix The Issue Of Roomba Not Moving 

Fixing this issue is not a big deal, and you don’t need to search for the services of a professional or a technician before you can do this. The processes involved are something you can do yourself. Without wasting much ado, let’s look at the steps below.

Clean Your Room Thoroughly And Always 

The problem of Roomba not moving forward, as earlier stated, can be a result of debris or accumulated dirt on the wheels of the Roomba. Still, if you are constantly cleaning your Roomba, you will be able to notice that before it even affects the rotation of the Roomba.

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The accumulated debris may tend to limit their sensors and make them not work correctly, so, therefore, it is pretty advisable always to clean your Roomba thoroughly and make sure don’t clean it and forget to touch some parts, and make sure you remove any debris.

Apart from cleaning, you will need to check for any obstruction that may be in the way of the Roomba that has hindered it from moving further, or maybe the bumper of the Roomba is stuck. Either way, ensure that you check the bumper and any obstruction.

Possible Power Issues

The problem of power issues may not sound well. Still, most Roomba owners do not have any idea that power-related problems can also affect your Roomba, not to move forward but just to let you know that if the power supply is not connected to a reliable source or maybe a pin in the cable connected might by the broken and this could also make you face this same issue.

It is advisable and essential to check your Roomba battery because if the Roomba battery is flat or not well placed in its rightful position, there’s no way your Roomba will be able to move forward. Do well also to charge your Roomba always because a Roomba that is not well charged will not be able to move forward. 

Contact Customer Care Representatives

Suppose the steps we have listed above don’t seem to work out. In that case, that means the only option we can give out is that you consult the customer care representative unit either from the robot application or probably via their email address. They will be in an excellent position to provide answers for you.

You can always make a complaint or request to the customer care representative, and a solution will always be provided; you might not get an immediate or instant response, but they will always do well to contact you with answers to your questions.

Few Reasons Why Your Roomba Won’t Dock

There are various reasons to Hinder your Roomba from docking, but since we want you to enjoy your Roomba to the fullest and keep your home correctly clean, we have decided to bring those reasons with solutions on how to fix it.

  • Your Roomba sensor might have gone wrong beyond repair or probably need a replacement 
  • Debris might have covered the sensor that is under the unit 
  • the docking station things may not be operated in the right way.
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How Do I Fix The Problem Of My Roomba Not Docking

Since your Roomba is a vacuum robot, there are a lot of possibilities that it will always return to the home base to dock, especially if it runs out of battery or after every cleaning cycle. There’s an assurance that you can fix this docking issue with your Roomba by using the below steps.

  • Do not add any form of paper or deep inside the docking station to avoid any form of the fire accident 
  • Ensure you verified the issue first before making conclusions
  • Do well to replace your old docking station with a new one to enjoy your Roomba.

Why Is My Roomba Not Spinning

Roomba not spinning may be due to debris or hair that might have entangled or affected the wheels and brushes of the Roomba. This is the primary cause of your Roomba not spinning and possibly not moving. That is why we advise you always to clean your Roomba brushes, including the head model, to avoid this issue. Cleaning it doesn’t mean you have to use water to wash it. You could clean it with a foam or soft fabric.

Is It Possible To Test My Roomba Brush Motor

Yes, you can test your Roomba brush motor to confirm if it is good enough. The easiest step to test your Roomba brush motor is to use a 9V battery and then make sure you wire the terminals of the battery in the correct format to the plus (+) and minus (-) and make sure it’s spinning to confirm the brush motor. To avoid electrocution or fear of being electrified, you could decide to request the services of a technician or professional to help you carry out this test on your Roomba brush motor.

Why Does My Roomba Move Slow 

If your Roomba tends to move slowly, firstly check around to see if there’s any barrier or obstruction; if you can’t find any, you will need to thoroughly clean the sensor of your Roomba and also try to Polish the semi-transparent bumper that is attached This is because there might be a scratch and this can also be a reason why your Roomba is very low.

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Will My Roomba Work Without Brushes

Your Roomba may work without brushes, but if you want an effective result, It is better not to tamper with the meeting because there is a reason why the brush is attached to the Roomba, and it has its role to play, so try as much as possible not to remove or destroy it. 

Is It Possible For A Roomba To Learn The Floor Plan

The Roomba can learn the floor plan; you should know that the Roomba has been programmed to use a technology known as the visual simultaneous localization and mapping that helps it identify particular areas and use those areas as makers in such a way that it will always be able to recognize those landmark anytime it leaves the home base.

Why Does Roomba Misses Room 

This may be a result of dirt on the sensor, so to fix the problem of your Roomba missing room, you can pick up your Roomba and clean the sensor as well as remove any form of obstruction that may hinder the Roomba from performing its duties. Ensure that your smart map is well programmed and those rooms that your Roomba keeps missing are included in the map because there’s a possibility that your Roomba Misses those Rooms. After all, it can not identify those rooms on the app.

How Do I Teach My Roomba To Perform Duties 

 In trying to teach your Roomba to perform its duties efficiently and effectively, the process should not be a problem because you can do this just by pressing the button on the top of the Roomba known as the clean button. Then your Roomba, with the help of its sensors, will be able to detect dust and dirt on your floor and clean your floor.

Why Does My Roomba Discovery Not Turn On After Fully Charging?

If you have just purchased your Roomba and it does not turn on when you press its power button, please try unplugging and plugging again into another outlet to see if it works properly. If this doesn’t work, please check if debris is blocking the brushes by using our brush cleaning tool kit (RM001). 

Conclusion On Roomba Not Moving Forward

Technology has made everything so easy that we don’t need to stress ourselves in carrying out specific duties. The Roomba is not an exception, as it has helped clean the home and made things easy. The challenge of Roomba not moving forward has been well resolved in detail. All you need to do is adhere to these instructions, which should enable you to remedy the issue and other issues that may concern the movement of the Roomba.