Roomba Not Turning On – Solved!

Do you have a problem with your Roomba not turning on? There might be several reasons to warrant your Roomba to behave that way. Probably it has developed a fault, and this article has covered some of these reasons and provided different solutions to ensure that the Roomba starts working perfectly to enable you to enjoy the purpose of buying the Roomba. 

If you notice your Roomba not turning on, the first thing you should check is whether the charging station is providing power to your Roomba or if the battery is well placed in its position. If you notice your Roomba is well charged and still not turning on, the fault may be from the software or hardware.

We all know how annoying it is to try on your Roomba, and there is no response, particularly when you need to use it immediately. Do you see a shift in the battery position can also be a barrier to why your Roomba doesn’t turn on? Always check your battery position to know if it is in the proper place to turn it on.

There are many reasons why your Roomba is not turning on. Do you know that as a result of charging contacts, your Roomba may not turn on or because all the debris that the Roomba has picked might have settled down at the bottom of the device, just at the point where charging contacts were located?

If there’s anything that allows the Roomba to return to its dock, the same reason can lead to charging dirt, especially when the debris gets accumulated over time. The best way to fix this particular problem is to wipe off the excess dirt that has accumulated by using melamine foam.

Why Doesn’t My Roomba Turn On Even After Having A Full Charge?

If you are very sure that your Roomba is well charged and still not turning on, you can try out various troubleshooting processes to solve the issue. you can do a factory reset and also check the position of your battery, and if the problem persists, you can contact the irobot support team 

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Why Is It That My Roomba Doesn’t Stay On?

If your Roomba doesn’t stay on, there is no way it can actively clean your home; firstly, ensure you clear the dirt and remove accumulated debris before going further.

Another thing is to check how old your Roomba is because it might have lost its charge capacity, and the charge cycle is usually within 300 to 500. We don’t expect an ancient device that may have exceeded the maximum process to perform appropriately. You can decide to replace your battery.

Why is it that My Roomba Doesn’t Follow the Schedule?

The Roomba can work as long as it is connected to Wi-Fi. That is, if your model is a type that supports Wi-Fi and Roomba that does not support Wi-Fi can also accept schedules, it won’t be as efficient as a Roomba that takes Wi-Fi. You can always make your schedule from the irobot app.

My Roomba Not Starting Job 

Suppose your Roomba has a problem with not starting jobs; check the charging contact to see if it is dirt that has accumulated, as advised earlier. In that case, you can always clean the charging connection and remove all debris, which can also be why your Roomba is not starting a job.

What Do I Do When My Roomba Isn’t Turning On

No panic is needed when you notice your Roomba not turning on. It might be due to specific barriers, but here are a few guidelines you can always carry out if you see your Roomba not turning on.

Make Sure The Home Base Is Always Connected To The Power

Firstly, do we check if the source of electricity is currently supplying power to the home-based, this is to confirm that the problem is not from the electric start and ensure the home base is plugged and not removed to avoid any break in the circuit or any form of power interruption 

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Do Well To Understand All The Error Codes 

You can check if your Roomba is charging well when it doesn’t display any light; that means the energy it receives is well conserved, but in cases where it notifies you of a problem by showing you the troubleshooting display light, that means there’s an error somewhere and to find the error all you need do is to listen to the error code and also count the number of time it blinks. 

 Each area code has a solution provided on the irobot application, this error code is usually eight in number, and by knowing the area code, troubleshooting is more accessible.

Hard Restart The Roomba 

If the Roomba memory is corrupted, there’s a probability that the error code will keep changing, and this is where the idea of a hard restart or hard reboot comes in for fixing such bugs. 

To hard reboot, you must long-press the clean button for about 10 or 15 seconds. Then you can release the button when the light switch shows up, but after this hard reset, you will probably lose all your schedules significantly if you didn’t save them, which means you have to work on your new program from the beginning.

Ensure Your New Batteries Are Well Charge

You will need to boost your new lithium-ion battery by installing the home base station on a flat surface. Then you plug the socket and confirm that the light indicator is displayed; then, you can place the Roomba and observe it until the light on the base station won’t reflect anymore and the battery indicator starts blinking and goes off. This is a good sign that your battery is active. 

How Do I Know If My Roomba Is Charging?

There’s no way you’ll be able to use your Roomba when you have a flat battery. Therefore knowing when your Roomba is charging is very important.

To know if your Roomba is charging is to make sure your Roomba doesn’t show light while charging. you can also press the clean button once, and a display light will be able to tell you about the status of your Roomba charging based on the color displayed because each color has its indication, which will be listed below

  •  The red indicator means your Roomba is nearly discharged
  •  The flashing red means that your Roomba has been discharged
  •  Pulse amber means your Roomba is Charging
  • if it shows only the amber, it means your Roomba partially is discharged 
  • green means your Roomba is fully charged.
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Is It Possible For My Roomba Light To Stay On While Charging 

Yes, your Roomba light may not stay on while charging. It all depends on the type of model you are using. Some may only display the light for a few seconds, some blink within intervals, others have charging light indicators, and some do not need to show light while charging.

No matter the model you have, the best way to know your charge status is to press the green button once, and then your charging status will reflect for you to see

How To Identify The Error Codes 

The error codes on any Roomba are usually 8 in number, and each error means there is a problem. For the sake of this article, here are the eight error codes in the summary and their solutions. All you need to do is relax as we bring you the detailed information.

Error Code 1 

This first error is usually when there is a problem between the battery and the base station, especially if the yellow bang tab has been disconnected in the process of trying to fix the Roomba on the base, and the best way to fix this is to ensure you remove the battery and try to reinstall it.

Error Code 2, 3, 5, 8, And 9 Area Code

 These error codes are grouped because they are attached to similar problems. This error code usually becomes active when the problem has to do with home-based contact with the battery or, in some cases, an issue relating to the battery alone.

To fix this problem, you can use an alcohol-based close to massage the home-based button, and please make sure you unplug it before carrying out this operation to avoid any hazard or shock.

Error Code 6 And 7 

This error code also has its part; for instance, error code 6 will notify you if your Roomba is creating too much of it, and error code seven will inform you if your Roomba is cold or warm.

This is because your Roomba won’t be able to charge well if your battery is cold or too hot; therefore, with these codes, you will know where the problem is and how to resolve it.

Conclusion On Roomba Not Turning On

Roomba not turning on is o more a problem because we have provided different solutions and reasons that may warrant your Roomba not to turn on, and I’ve been able to answer several frequently asked questions as it relates to your Roomba not turning on.

If you carry out all the procedures listed above, In no time, your Roomba will begin to work effectively and efficiently