Roomba Not Working On Carpet? Here is Why

Is your Roomba Not Working On Carpet? In this article we have explained why. Roomba has evolved into one of our cleaning assistants. The more we rely on these robot vacuum cleaners, the more intelligent features they offer. Roomba keeps up with our needs by allowing us to schedule cleanings when we’re not at home, operate them with voice commands, and set cleaning spaces.

Roomba does not work on thicker than 1/2 inch thick carpets. It could be due to color, or the pile could be too high and thick sometimes, causing the beam to be interrupted. A different Roomba will perform the same thing. However, things will get more difficult if you have carpets and rugs throughout your home. Many robot vacuums on the market are inept at transitioning from hardwood floors to carpets.

Is It Possible To Use A Roomba On A Carpet?

Roombas work well in both hardwood and carpeted areas. You can trust them to clean up everyday messes on any surface in your home. However, specific models are better for carpets than others; we’ll review the top five. These five vacuums were chosen for their affordability, quality, and ability to clean carpeted floors. All models have something unique to offer that makes them worthwhile to consider.

Ordinarily, vacuum cleaners are noisy and make it impossible to work while running. Roomba, on the other hand, is a quieter choice. You may still hear some noise, but it will not be as loud as if using a standard vacuum.

Is Roomba A Good Choice For Carpeted Homes?

Whether you have carpets or not, the Roomba works effectively. We don’t have just one type of flooring in our homes. You most likely have wood in your kitchen, carpet in your living room and bedroom, tile and linoleum in other areas, and a few rugs strewn around. But, what is the enemy of most robotic vacuums when it comes to mapping? The carpet, without a doubt, is the answer!

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If your house has carpeted chiefly flooring, you might be thinking about whether or not you should acquire a Roomba. Fortunately, this brand’s robot vacuum cleaners perform admirably on all floors, including hardwood and carpet. Every day, they can effortlessly transition from one surface to the next and clean up all the mistakes on any platform.

Do You See The Sensors On The Bottom Of Your Roomba?

Roombas perform admirably on a variety of surfaces, including carpet. They also make a seamless transition from one character to the next. Sensors on the Roomba’s bottom detect when the vacuum has moved from one surface to another and adjust the suction as appropriate.

They’ll deliver the alert as soon as the vacuum goes to a different surface, and they’ll adjust the suction if necessary. Even if you maintain your house daily, Roomba isn’t powerful enough to deep clean your carpets.

Another limitation of this vacuum is the stairs – Roomba features cliff sensors that assist it in stopping and turning quickly when it detects a drop-off.

Top 5 Best Roombas For Carpet

We’ve highlighted a few of the top Roomba alternatives for you. All of these will operate in a carpeted home. Aside from that, each has capabilities that may or may not appeal to you, depending on your lifestyle.

iRobot Roomba 675

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want to try out a vacuum, the Roomba 675 is a great option. It costs less than $250 to get started. It contains dirt and obstacle sensors and will self-recharge. It’s one of the most inexpensive solutions for cleaning carpets and hard surfaces.

iRobot Roomba i3+

The Roomba i3+ is a mid-range choice, costing around $550. It is perfect for carpets and hard flooring because it self-empties. This vacuum will also avert getting trapped, saving you the trouble of having to obtain it from a corner. It has a suctioning power ten times that of the 600 series.

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iRobot Roomba i7

The Roomba i7 is priced at around $600. It has ten times the suction force of the 600 series machines. However, it lacks a self-emptying feature. It produces a Smart Map of your home’s layout for more efficient cleaning. It’s also great for pet-friendly homes because the brushes don’t tangle.

iRobot Roomba i7+

This vacuum is an updated version of the i7, costing only $800. The i7+ also includes tangle-resistant brushes for removing pet hair. It worked on both hardwood and carpeted floors.

iRobot Roomba S9+

The Roomba s9+ is a more recent model. It has anti-allergen technology and focuses on carpet cleaning at a deeper level. These Roombas are self-empty and have a unique feature: they have 40 times the suction power of the 600 series devices. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is relatively pricey, costing over $1,000.

What Are The Advantages Of iRobot Working On A Carpet?

Knowing what features make up your Roomba vacuum cleaner can give you an idea of what to expect when buying one. These features explain how the Roomba works and let you determine how successfully you’ve managed your Roomba.

Cleaning is quick

After you turn on and schedule your Roomba, it goes to work immediately. You’ll notice that it keeps moving in various directions; this is because it has a feature that allows you to map out all of the spots that have been cleaned. As a result, there isn’t a single location that hasn’t been touched.


The Roomba’s capacity to identify boundaries is another clever feature. It knows when it gets close to a barrier and can bounce back to clean other areas. This capability has become more advanced with the newer Roombas. You won’t have to keep an eye on it once it’s up and running. It’s a robotic device programmed to work independently of you.

Setting it up

Did you know you can set your Roomba to work while away? You may select this device to work and leave the house because it does not require your aid to function. So, if you’re busy, you can program your Roomba to clean your home while returning to work.

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Which Roomba Is The Best For Carpets?

With its superior cleaning technology, the iRobot Roomba s9+ is the finest for carpets. This Roomba is the most advanced, with the ability to vacuum corners better than the other versions and many of the Roombas’ most notable features. It’s also the most costly choice.

Which Roomba Should You Get?

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is a close second and costs a few hundred dollars less if you want something that cleans carpets well but is more inexpensive. Each category on this list, on the other hand, can clean both carpets and hard floors.

The iRobot Roomba 675 is the cheapest choice that cleans well on any flooring. It will still vacuum well and save you hundreds of dollars at a fraction of the cost of current versions.

How Does iRobot Work On A Carpet?

Carpets collect dust and debris because of their soft and pleasant textures. The traditional carpet cleaning method is time-consuming and can expose a person to dust. Using the vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, will assist you in removing all dirt and debris from your carpet and throughout your home.

How The Roomba’s Features Clean Your Carpet.

The Roomba device’s side sweeper lets it sweep up and suck all little particles into the dustbin. This side sweeper feature is intended to assist you in having a spot-cleaned house by ensuring that all the tiny debris is not missed.

It has two revolving wheels that help with sideways movement. Roomba can now move in both directions. Be aware that while this device moves, it picks up every particle of dirt on the surface. As a result, when your Roomba moves oppositely, it can take up dirt. The latest models have been designed without rollers so that people with pets and long hair do not have to deal with tangles.

Can Vacuum Cleaner Truly Clean A House Without Missing A Single Spot? 

Well, it’s a distinct possibility. This equipment is designed to map out the whole surface area it is cleaning, ensuring it does not miss any spots that need to be cleaned. Except for the Roomba 690, all Roomba models are capable of this.

Is It True That A Roomba Leaves Lines On The Carpet?

The room’s spinning primary brushes can’t reach the wall. The markings you see are created by the meetings’ inability to get to the wall, not by the wheel. Measure the width of the strip and then the distance from the Roomba’s outer edge to the brushes’ outside boundary.

Conclusion On Roomba Not Working On Carpet

Most of the time, the question isn’t “does a Roomba work on carpet?” Which carpets, however, can a Roomba clean? The type of rug determines the cleaning intensity. While almost all Roomba vacuum cleaners can clean carpets, you should be aware that the carpet’s thickness significantly impacts how clean the carpet will be. A thin carpet surface is no problem for the Roomba.