Shark Vacuum Stopped Working? Solved!

If your shark vacuum stopped working? There are different solutions to this issue. Imagine it’s time to clean, but your Shark vacuum won’t start. How aggravating! But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. Because of its superior cleaning performance and durability, Shark is our preferred vacuum brand. Shark vacuums, like all machines, require routine maintenance and may occasionally malfunction.

A faulty motor can cause your Shark vacuum motor to stop working after the vacuum is turned on. Excessive use can cause motors to wear out and eventually fail. Above all, Your Shark vacuum won’t turn on because it’s probably turned off.

Always disconnect your Shark vacuum from its power source when troubleshooting or repairing it. The same is true, whether it’s a corded model with a plug or a cordless model with a battery. This will protect you from electrocution and lower your overall risk of injury.

5 Common Reasons Why Shark Vacuum Stopped Working And Solutions

Your vacuum may stop working or may overheat for a variety of reasons. Here’s a step-by-step guide to diagnosing and fixing some of the most common problems with your Shark vacuum. Let’s look at some of the possible causes and solutions in the section below.


It’s possible that a faulty motor caused your Shark vacuum motor to cease working after the vacuum was turned on. Excessive use can cause motors to wear out and eventually fail.

When your motor stops working, there are several things you can do. You might start by removing the engine and inspecting it for damaged components. Then, depending on how badly the motor is damaged, you can contact Shark’s customer care or call the repair shop and have them handle it.

Restart the Shark vacuum cleaner motor. These five simple methods can also reset the Shark vacuum motor.

  • Turn the Shark vacuum cleaner off.
  • Remove the vacuum m cleaner from the power source.
  • Check to see if there’s a blockage in the filter. Then you should clean the filters and remove the clogs until they are spotless.
  • Allow time for the vacuum to cool. It’s best if you wait at least 45 minutes.
  • Restart vacuuming by turning the vacuum back on.
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If your Shark vacuum still doesn’t turn on after resetting the motor, you may need to replace it. A vacuum motor replacement can be more expensive than a new vacuum, so speak with the manufacturer and vacuum repair professionals for the best options.

We recommend purchasing a new Shark vacuum if the motor cannot be repaired. One of the finest ranked vacuum cleaners in 2021 is the Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum. We recommend choosing a Shark Apex vacuum if you want a well-built machine that can easily handle pet hair.

Batteries In A Vacuum

If you’re using a cordless Shark vacuum, make sure the batteries are fully charged before you start using it. Furthermore, we strongly advise that you recharge your batteries after each use to ensure they do not run out in the middle of a clean. If your Shark vacuum batteries don’t last as long as they did the first time you used them, you can replace the weak battery with a new one.


  • Take the battery out of the Shark vacuum.
  • Replace it in the machine after it has been fully charged and tested to see if it is working again.
  • If your vacuum loses running time despite having a fully charged battery, consider replacing it.
  • You can also get a spare battery to reduce the time you have to wait if your battery dies in the middle of a clean.
  • Clean the charger and battery to ensure the power contacts are not covered in dirt.

It’s possible that the charger is to blame if your battery isn’t charging at all. When connecting the charger to the dock, first check for a charging light on the charger. If you believe your charger is defective, contact Shark and request a replacement.

Factory Reset Button

You should be able to operate your Shark ION robot vacuum with very little input. However, it can occasionally malfunction and cease to function correctly. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, your expert may advise you to perform a factory reset. 

The problem could be solved by just pressing the reset button. By pressing the factory reset button, you can erase all of the robot’s data, including its settings and cleaning options. The procedure should only be used as a last option to treat non-mechanical issues. You might want to try other options first before attempting this one.

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Previously, the factory reset could only be performed on the vacuum. However, you may now use the accompanying mobile app to access the reset button, the officially suggested method of resting your robot vacuum.

You can use the manual option if you can’t connect the machine to your WiFi. It’s also a preferable option if you don’t want to give your robot vacuum a complete reset.

  • Connect it to the app on your phone. Go to the Settings section of the Shark ION app. Select Factory Reset and confirm that you want to reset the device. Until you receive a notification, the machine will begin the reset process.
  • Locate the power switch by turning your vacuum upside down. Hold the switch for about 10 seconds to start the reset process. Please wait a few moments before turning on your Shark ION robot and attempting to control it.

Plug The Vacuum Cord

The vacuum’s cable and plug should be checked once you’ve ruled out any problems with the incoming power supply. Shark vacuums usually come with a 26-foot cord with a pin at the end.

Your Shark vacuum may stop working due to two issues. To begin with, there could be a snag somewhere along the cable. The insulation of wires inside, for example, may have snapped. This is a common issue, especially when lines are overly twisted or have been stepped on or rolled over too many times.

It’s also possible that the plug is the issue. One of the prongs, for example, could have broken off, preventing it from conducting power to the vacuum.

A broken wire or a damaged plug will prevent the vacuum from receiving uninterrupted power. As a result, the vacuum will not turn on.

Step: To begin, if the cord or plug is damaged, remove it from the wall socket immediately and do not attempt to use the vacuum again. If a vacuum cable is destroyed, exposed wires might cause electrocution if they are touched.

It will be necessary to replace a damaged power wire or plug, necessitating some rewiring. If you’re unsure if you can handle this DIY project independently, hire a professional instead.

Power Supply From Outside

Your Shark vacuum is powered by a direct connection to your home’s electrical system. So, if the vacuum stops working, the incoming power supply is the first item to check.

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We’re talking about the wall socket, the circuit breaker, and the power supply from the grill when we say ‘incoming power supply.’

Each of them is a potential point of failure, preventing your Shark vacuum from receiving the electricity it requires to function.

Why It Fails: The incoming power supply to your vacuum can fail for various reasons, and the cause will vary depending on where the failure occurred. For example, there could be a power outage in your home and no way to get electricity.

A circuit breaker in your home’s main electrical box has tripped, a common cause. When this happens, no power will be supplied to the wall socket where your vacuum is plugged in.

Finally, the issue could be with the wall socket. Standard wall sockets, like everything else, are subject to wear and strain. The higher the age of the socket, the more likely it is to fail.

How to Fix: It’s critical to systematically troubleshoot your vacuum’s incoming power source. The following are some of the steps you can take:

  • Make sure your home is connected to the electrical grid. This can be accomplished by checking the lights or switches in the adjacent room.
  • Make that there are no tripped circuit breakers in the main control box. If there are any, turn them on again.
  • Other appliances can be used to test the socket, or the vacuum can be plugged into another socket to see if it works. If the socket is broken, you’ll need the assistance of an electrician to repair it.

Conclusion On Shark Vacuum Stopped Working 

Did you find our Shark vacuum troubleshooting lists helpful? We hope that our guides will assist you in locating the issue and resolving it with simple tools at home. 

If your Shark vacuum cleaner doesn’t start, it could be due to a lack of power, a damaged power cord, a faulty suction motor, or a problem with the batteries. Check that the power supply you’re utilizing is in good functioning order. If you think the outlet you’re using isn’t working, try another one. 

Insufficient air to cool the motor causes it to overheat. The procedure for troubleshooting your Shark vacuum’s overheating is relatively simple. Check for blockage in your filters. Ensure the dust cup is empty and the thermostat is working correctly. 

You’ve tried everything you can to fix your Shark vacuum. If it’s still acting up, it’s time to upgrade or replace it. You can choose from one of the best Shark vacuum cleaners available.