Roomba J7 Not Connecting To Wifi? How To Fix!

Is your Roomba J7 Not Connecting To Wifi? If yes, your Roomba J7 may occasionally have issues with Wi-Fi connectivity that can be easily fixed. Internet problems are never fun, especially when your smart home tech relies on it. Whether it drops an existing network connection, displays or sounds a “not connected” message, or has trouble connecting to a network, internet problems are never fun. We’re here to assist you.

Your Roomba J7 Wi-Fi connectivity issue could occur in one of two places. The first is a potential issue with your Wi-Fi network, while the second is a problem with your Roomba firmware or internal Wi-Fi receiver. Also, Roomba J7 won’t connect to wifi if you or a family member has made changes to your home’s wifi router or Wifi settings (such as password); the robot may no longer be able to connect. This is also true if the robot has been transferred to a new location.

* Reasons Why Roomba J7 isn’t connecting to the Wifi And Solutions 

When you first turn on your Roomba J7, you’ll be prompted (via the companion app) to connect the robot vacuum to a suitable Wi-Fi network. 

While this process should be quick because the bot will normally connect to the Wi-Fi network to which your phone is connected, there are situations when it may not be.

Let’s look at some of the most prevalent causes and reasons for your Roomba J7 not being able to connect to WiFi. The general items to look at first are listed below.

Step 1:Check To See If Your Device Is Turned On

Unlike other devices that display flashing lights or have a large green power emblem on them, some Roombas J7 have very hazy indications that they are turned on.

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Check that your Roomba J7 is completely charged, that the home base is plugged in, and that your Roomba J7 is turned on.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network Isn’t Too Busy

Bandwidth is always a component in determining a home’s internet speed and connection strength, just like any other internet-connected equipment. As a general rule, any home with more than ten devices connected to the internet simultaneously will experience bandwidth challenges.

This is especially true if these gadgets are carrying out data-intensive tasks like video streaming, video calling, or online gaming.

To solve this problem, go to your router’s settings and look at all the devices currently connected to your Wi-Fi network. Go through your computer’s internet settings and manually deactivate (turn off) any devices that are no longer used.

You can offer your Roomba J7 additional bandwidth by freeing up bandwidth on your Wi-Fi network. Fewer gadgets are competing for a robust Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3: Firewalls Prevent Access To Certain Ports

If you have a firewall, you’ll need to open ports on your router because they may be blocked by it. Roomba J7is were unable to connect to the cloud.

Step 4: Examine Your Wi-Fi Connection

Even in households with a generally strong and fast network, Wi-Fi drops are prevalent. Before you check your Roomba J7, check your other devices’ Wi-Fi connections to determine if they’re connected to the internet. If none of them is, your Wi-Fi network is malfunctioning.

If none of your devices can connect to the internet, you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to discover if there are any broadband data issues.

If your phone isn’t linked to Wi-Fi, double-check that it’s connected to your cell carrier and that there are no service or data bandwidth issues.

Reset the router and perform a quick password update on the router’s system to fix corrupt Wi-Fi settings. Then reconnect your devices to the network (including the Roomba).

Step 5: Routers That Are Incompatible With Each Other

These routers are known to have compatibility concerns with Roomba robots, according to iRobot:

  • D-Link DIR-300 Logitech LAN-W300N/RSB Cisco RE1000 D-Link DIR-300
  • MN-700 (Microsoft)
  • Sagemcom F@st 5260 Motorola SBG6580
  • Western Digital Arris DG869A Time Warner AC1300-J2F ZTE ZXHN F670 My Net
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If you have one of these routers, iRobot gives some viable options to try.

Step 6: Bring Your Home Base As Close To The Wi-Fi Router As Possible

The Roomba and Home Base may be in an area with poor Wi-Fi signals due to a lack of coverage.

See if you can get a successful connection by moving the Roomba’s Home Base or Clean Base Unit closer to the Wi-Fi router. This reduces the distance that the Wi-Fi signal must travel to reach it.

This simple fix improves the connection strength and eliminates any connection drop issues. It’s especially useful to test cases where your Roomba connects to the internet at first but then drops the connection.

If you live in a multi-story home, here’s a tip: on the top of your home, place your base dock unit and router about 2 feet apart. Because Wi-Fi signals travel more easily from high to low ground, this is the case.

You’ll also want to locate the router in a central location so that your Roomba has full coverage throughout your home and a strong internet connection, thanks to the router’s proximity.

Step 7: Have You Tried Switching It On And Off?

Nothing seems to beat the effectiveness of “turning it off and on again” when resolving digital devices and computer issues. Try this method on the wireless router and the Roomba if all else fails and your devices don’t seem to be cooperating with you.

Please consult the user manual for your specific router for instructions on how to reboot it, as different manufacturers may use other methods.

To completely turn off your Roomba, flip it over on its head, unscrew the battery compartment, and carefully remove the battery. Allow 5 minutes for the battery to cool before carefully reinserting, screwing in the compartment, and securing the unit.

Other ways to switch off a Roomba without removing the battery are available on some models.

Hold the DOCK and SPOT physical buttons on your robot once it’s turned back on, and it should prompt your iRobot Home app to join the Wi-Fi network to which your app is connected.

Step 8: Roomba Should Be Reset To Factory Settings

The best way to solve a Roomba that won’t connect to Wi-Fi is to conduct a reset. For a few seconds, press and hold the ‘Clean,’ ‘home,’ and ‘target’ buttons simultaneously. When you hear a beep, release the button. 

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Because some settings may have become corrupted, you can factory reset your Roomba. A factory reset returns the Roomba to its original factory settings from when it was first purchased.

The Roomba’s settings will now be restored to their factory defaults. This will fix the issue with the Roomba not being able to connect to the internet.

How Can I Connect My Roomba J7 To Wifi?

Before connecting Roomba to the wifi network, double-check that you have all the necessary information. It’s a good idea to keep the SSID and password on hand. Also, make sure you have the iRobot app installed on your smartphone. 

Depending on your device, you can get it through the play store or the app store. Using a computer, you can configure the robot settings using the web-based settings wizard. Once you have the necessary information, you may begin the connection process.

Roomba J7 can be connected to the internet in a few simple steps. Examine them thoroughly.

  • Download the iRobot app, which is accessible for Android and iOS users, to get started.
  • To begin, open the app. If this is your first time using it, you must first choose your country and area.
  • Accept the terms and conditions as written.
  • After that, you’ll need to establish an account or log into one you already have.
  • You’ll need to select your device on the next step. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, go for Roomba. Select the Braava jet if it’s a mop.
  • It would help if you chose your Roomba docking station. Ensure that your Roomba is completely charged before using it.
  • Roomba will be connected to the Wi-Fi network that your phone is connected to via the app. If you want to change the Wi-Fi network, press Continue and enter the Wi-Fi network password on the next screen.
  • Continue by clicking the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Press and hold the home and target buttons on your Roomba until the devices emit a tone.
  • Return to your app, and if you see a message that says “connection established,” you’re ready to go.
  • Using the app, you can check on the vacuum cleaner and use it from anywhere. From anywhere, you may adjust the settings or schedule cleaning sessions.

Conclusion On Roomba J7 Not connecting To Wifi

The performance of your Roomba is only as good as the internet network it is connected to. Before performing any diagnostics on your Roomba, ensure your Wi-Fi network is up to date. The router is usually to blame when it comes to electronic device connectivity issues.

If you’re still having trouble connecting to your robot via the app, double-check that your router’s firewall settings are optimal and that the correct ports are open, as described in this article: Optimal firewall configurations—router Compatibility Issues.