What Temperature is Medium Heat on Grill? Answered!

What Temperature is Medium Heat on Grill? You have cleaned your grill, washed, cut, and marinated your meat. But there’s a problem, the recipe says to grill on medium heat. Wait, what’s that? That’s the question you’re likely asking yourself. So, what temperature is medium heat on grill?

In most grills, medium heat means a temperature of about  – 375 F, which is right in the mid of the heat range. This heat is hot enough to brown fish, meat, and veggies but too low to cook the inside of foods. This temperature is mostly used for grilling roasts, chickens, fish, turkey, and geese.

If you’ve burnt your meat or chicken due to a lack of grilling heat knowledge, we’re sorry, and to prevent that, we’ve compiled this guide for you to know what different temperatures and heat levels mean in grilling. Grab a chilled juice as you go through it!

What Temperature is Medium Heat on Grill? 

When grilling, you need to work with the exact temperatures to get the right result. Low temperatures are ideal for foods that need slow cooking and longer time. At the same time, quick temperatures are for a fast sear. 

If you have an old grill, it’s likely labeled as low, medium-low, medium-high, and so on. But what does these terms stand for, and what temperature do they correspond to? 

Here’s what each term means and the temperature it stands for:

Low Heat:

This stands for a temperature between 225F – 250F. It is so low that some consider it as a cooking temperature or more of a BBQ temperature. 

It is ideal for cooking larger and tough cuts of flesh as it transforms hard tissues and joints into soft meat that will be easily chewed.

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This heat is also ideal for cooking smoke meat and spices. We all know smoking meat is a good way to preserve and add flavor to it. But it consumes so much wood and charcoal, so ensure you’ve enough. If you’re a smoker box, you can low heat to cook mushrooms.

Low heat favors long cooking to keep the flavor and aroma of meat as much as possible. That’s why it’s used in cooking whole lambs, goats, and brisket. 

Medium-Low Heat: 

This is the second range of grilling temperature. It starts from 250F to 300F, making it another ideal temperature for slow cooking. Medium-low heat is typically used for indirect grilling and barbecue, as your meat is unlikely to turn brown at such a low temperature.

After cooking something like steak chops on high heat, you can use medium heat to gently get fire through the meat without burning it. 

It is the typical range for cooking ribs and shoulder as the meat will retain a more natural flavor as it is grilled to perfection. Medium heat can also be used for warming cold foods or reheating burritos. 

Medium Heat: 

This is the halfway point of the six grill temperature ranges. It sits between 325F to 350F. Medium heat is hot enough to brown steak and veggies and low enough to cook the inside. 

That’s why it’s the ideal temperature for cooking most foods and meats like chicken, geese, turkeys, and roasts. 

Most grilling recipes pop up at this temperature, as it cooks hard meat and dense vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and onions. 

Medium heat is a versatile temperature that can be used for both direct and indirect grilling as well as smoking meat. This range uses to produce well-cooked food with enough flavor preserved in it. 

Medium-High Heat: 

This heat level falls within the 370F to 450F range of temperature. Most high-heat grilling is done at this temperature, like cooking burgers, joints of meat, and fish fillets. High heat can even grill strong and tougher vegetables like carrots and potatoes. 

This temperature range is used for various grillings like direct, indirect, plancha, smoke roasting, and salt slab grilling. At medium-high heat, food is charred quickly, browning the surface sharply. However, the heat is still low enough to cook certain foods thoroughly. 

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Moreover, it cooks practically faster than the medium-low heat range, so you’ll likely have an open window grill of between 10 to 20 minutes. Also, this range is more about the type of grilling than the food you’re grilling. 

High Heat:

It is the last most commonly known temperature range. However, it is the second to last on the list of the six grilling temperatures. High heat ranges from 450F to 600F of temperature, and it is commonly used for direct grilling. 

This temperature is reached when your grill has all the coals dumped into the flame. However, some think this temperature is unsustainable for most foods. Therefore, it is to be used for a quick sear before the meat is cooked at a lower and more sustainable temperature.

The high heat range is used for cooking ultra-thin pieces of meat, steaks, pizzas, high moisture vegetables, chicken breasts, and chops. Despite being very high, this range preserves a lot of flavors. 


 This is the last of the six heat ranges of grilling. It is the highest temperature that ranges from 600F to above. The incendiary range is mostly used for direct and infrared grilling. It is the best range to sear your chops and steaks. Most people find food cooked at this temperature a bit tough but delicious.

How Can I Check My Grill’s Temperature?

These days, most grills come with an inbuilt thermometerthat you can easily check to see the temperature. If it doesn’t have one, don’t fret. There’s a simple hand test you can do!

Hold your open palm three inches above the grill grate and notice how many seconds you can keep it there before pulling it away. Then use the chart below to know the corresponding temperature: 

  • Temperature: Low
  • Thermometer Reading: 250F to 300F
  • Hand Check: 8 to 9 seconds


  • Temperature: Medium-Low
  • Thermometer Reading: 300F to 350F
  • Hand Check: 5 to 6 seconds


  • Temperature: Medium
  • Thermometer Reading: 350F to 400F
  • Hand Check: 4 to 5 seconds


  • Temperature: Medium-High
  • Thermometer Reading: 400F to 450F
  • Hand Check: 2 to 4 seconds


  • Temperature: High
  • Thermometer Reading: 450F to 500F
  • Hand Check: 1 to 2 Seconds


  • Temperature: Incendiary
  • Thermometer Reading: 600F
  • Hand Check: Less than a second
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How Can I Adjust the Heat of My Grill? 

The range of temperature of a grill fluctuates very quickly, with charcoal going from a high searing temperature to low mellow heat in a short time. That’s why gas grills give you better control over your cooking meat. 

Like any fire, charcoal needs oxygen to survive, so if you can control the level of oxygen available on the heating charcoal, you’ll be able to effectively control the temperature.

Most charcoal grills come with two sets of air vents, one at the top of the charcoal and the other at the bottom. Modifying these vents will either increase or decrease airflow, controlling the amount of heat released. 

When you close the vents completely, you’ll cut out the airflow and put out the fire, which is how to close off your grill when you’re done.

Can You Slow Cook on a Grill?

Yes, you can effectively slow cook on your grill. Grilling isn’t always about searing meat on a fire and roasting them as soon as possible. 

You can use your grill to have that slow charring, delectable flavor you’ve always craved. It’s possible, but you’ve to be patient. It will take a long time. 

Also, it costs more charcoal or gas as you’ve to do it for a longer time. But if you care about tenderness and flavor, slow grilling is worth the wait and the fuel.

An added advantage? Slow grilling is relaxing; you don’t have to constantly grill marks or the heat. Rather, you leave it to cook slowly on its own.

How Do I Know if My Grill is Medium Heat?

If you can’t withstand keeping your hand over the grill for 6 to 7 seconds, then the heat is medium. That’s if your grill doesn’t have a thermometer. Suppose it has one check if the temperature is 350F to 400F.

What Temperature Do I Grill Burgers at?

Burgers must be grilled at a temperature between the medium-high to high heat range. That’s around 375 to 400 degrees. 

What Temperature Should I Cook Steak on a Grill?

Grills are best cooked at a temperature between 450F to 500F. This temperature ensures your grills are softly cooked and the flavors well preserved

What is Medium heat on a Weber Gas Grill?

Though every gas grill is different, you’re likely safe with using 350F for a medium temperature on a Weber gas grill.

How long Does it Take Grill a Steak at 400 Degrees?

At 400F, you’re to cook each side for 3½ minutes. A medium-rare steak will be done at that time and will have the required flavor

How Do I Keep My Grill at 350?

To keep your grill at any high heat temperature, open the vents to allow more air to enter; this will make the coals burn hotter, thereby increasing the temperature.