Why Are My Money Tree Leaves Curling? Avoid This!

Why Are Your Money Tree Leaves Curling? Unless the money tree (Pachira aquatica) gets the water and light it needs to thrive, its leaves will curl. It could be the result of a single problem or a sequence of problems. No matter which way your leaves curl, it means your plant is dealing with a certain set of issues.

Insufficient water, low humidity, or extreme heat may induce the money tree leaves curling. Maintain the temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, add a little more humidity, and allow the light shine through to solve the problem. Copper-based fungicides and neem oil kill bugs that induce leaves curling.

Why Are My Money Tree Leaves Curling?

The Money Tree leaves can curl due to a variety of causes, including the usage of inappropriate water, temperature, and humidity levels, among others. For those who prefer to cultivate plants indoors, the Money Tree is an excellent choice.

money tree leaves curling

Many city dwellers and those with more outside space appreciate the plant’s ease of maintenance and versatility, making it a popular choice.

As you may be aware, the plant can be susceptible to health problems at times, with the primary risk being that its normally flat leaves curl up. The reason isn’t usually one thing; it can be a combination of things. Here are some things we can do to make sure this plant stays in good shape.


The Money Tree leaves can curl if they are overwatered. There have been reports of overwatering causing the curling of the leaves on some plants. It is possible to fix this problem by watering less frequently and only when the top inch of soil surrounding the plant is dry.


The leaves of the Money Tree can curl if they are overwatered, but this is typically temporary. The plant’s reduced water content is to blame for the shriveled leaf edges.

Some gardeners have seen a downward curling of the leaves on trees that have been overwatered, but it is not as common. This can be remedied by increasing the amount of water applied to the tree in order to keep it properly hydrated.

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Inconsistent Watering

Many newbie gardeners struggle with inconsistent watering. The leaves of the Money Tree can curl up and down if they are overwatered and underwatered at the same time.

The leaves of the plant can become distorted and sickly if the watering is inconsistent for a long time. The key to resolving this issue is to maintain a constant watering schedule and volume that adequately hydrates the plant.


The humidity of the plant’s location might often be blamed for the Money Tree’s leaf tips curling up. As a result of a decrease in atmospheric moisture, the tips of the leaves can get wilted and curl.

A humidifier can be placed near the plant to increase humidity, or a tray loaded with gravel and water could be placed under the plant’s pot to increase humidity.

Should I Mist My Money Tree?

Should I mist my money tree?

Misting your Money Tree is essential, especially in the heat. Spraying the leaves, for example, can be done every second time you water.

However, avoid the mist because fungus thrives in that setting. Mist the leaves or carefully wipe away leftover water after misting to ensure that fungus won’t find an ideal home there.

During the winter, keep your Money Tree away from the room’s heating source. Because it prefers moisture, a dry environment may cause the leaves to curl and shrink.

What Is the Perfect Way to Water a Money Tree?

Are you wondering what the best way to water a money tree is?

Double-checking if you’ve been doing things right so far is always a good idea. Your Money Tree should receive 7-12 days of watering in the summer, and 10-14 days of watering in the winter.

Weekly or biweekly is fine, but don’t let the bottom tray fill up with water. It goes through a natural cycle of soaking the soil, drying it, and then soaking it again.

Pour water until the soil is completely soaked and drains while watering. When it starts leaching, you’ll know you’ve got enough water.

As soon as you’re done, toss out any excess water that has drained into the bottom tray.

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Why Are My Money Tree Leaves Curling After Repotting?

Repotted plants may begin to curl their leaves, but it’s preferable to wait and see if that occurs. So, why are my money tree leaves curling after repotting?

You may have touched or harmed the roots while repotting, and the leaves are reacting as a result. Their reaction can range from yellowing, curling, or full loss of hair.

The other option is that your Money Tree is still getting used to its new surroundings. It’s natural for the leaves to react if you happen to adjust your position as well.

It doesn’t matter whether the light is different, if the sun or temperature is different, or if the humidity levels are different.

If the curling continues weeks or months after you’ve re-potted it, double-check that you’re using the proper soil mix.

However, please keep in mind that the yellowing and curling of the leaves is normal, especially for large, old leaves. If this is the case, just remove the leaves to enhance the appearance of your Money Tree.

If your new baby leaves are curling, you should give them some time as well. They may begin to curl up at times, but as they mature, they will straighten out.

Can I Put My Money Tree Outside During Summer?

Can I Put My Money Tree Outside During Summer?, money tree leaves curling

Can I put my money tree outside during summer? You don’t have to if it’s content staying indoors. Taking your money tree outside won’t help it if it’s already flourishing, and it can even introduce bugs to the plant.

If you do decide to take it outside, make sure it is in dappled sunlight to avoid scorching the leaves. Bring it inside before the nights fall into the 50s. To be extra careful, apply neem oil to the plant before taking it inside to keep any possible hitchhikers from infecting the rest of your house plants.

Best Essential Plant Supplies For Money Trees

1. GIGALUMI Heavy Duty Gardening Tools with Non-Slip Rubber Grip

The heavy-duty aluminum alloy used in this gardening tool set has a high toughness. There’s no need to be concerned about rusting or breaking while in use, allowing you to get on with your gardening work faster. For long-term use and easy maintenance, tool bags are constructed from durable cotton and polyester. The 9-pocket design is ideal for holding all of your gardening supplies and is lightweight.

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This rust-resistant gardening set is excellent for gardening enthusiasts. This gardening equipment would be your best gardening companion, and it’s also a great present idea for gardeners. The pruner has a safety lock that aids in cutting stems and light branches. The sharp and durable Hand Fork and Rake makes weeding and ripping a breeze. A stress-relieving ergonomic rubber handle completes this tool’s ergonomic design. The handy handle hanging hole is intended for storage as well as hanging.


  • Excellent gardening gift for any horticultural enthusiast.
  • Rust proof and durable.


  • The bag for keeping the tools seems decent but the elastic loop is unsecured.


2. DIY Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

This kit consists of a system of water pumps, tubes, timers, and drippers that administer the correct quantity of water to each plant, preventing both under and overwatering. It’s a small irrigation system for your potted plants at home. Flowers, vegetables, and shrubs might become thirsty due to vacations, hectic schedules, and changing weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about freeing your hands to water your plants. 

Drip irrigation systems for hanging or potted plants can be set up in as little as 10 minutes. The kit includes all of the necessary components, including 33-foot tubes, ten watering stakes, several T joints, and Cross joints, all of which may be used to easily construct your own home watering irrigation system. Using watering stakes instead of typical spray and drip heads can save up to 70% of water. You may direct the water only where the roots require it, preventing water from evaporating over time and even allowing your drip system to save water during droughts. 

A gallon of water should last at least three weeks for ten potted houseplants. The dial and lettering on the extra-large LCD screen are bright and simple to see. Making use of the convenient built-in timer makes scheduling watering a breeze. The settings for the timer are immediately saved in the device once it is configured. Once power is restored, you don’t need to reset your timer again.


  • Easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • Automatic drip irrigation system.


  • It doesn’t show a slow flashing light to indicate the controller is programmed.

Conclusion on Why Are Your Money Tree Leaves Curling?

Finally, you’ve taken your time to go over this article on money tree leaves curling. If your Money Tree has curled leaves, you’re sure to find the cause with this new knowledge. House plants don’t want a lot of effort around them; they just like the right type of effort.