Why Is My Ecobee Calibrating? 9 Reasons

Why is my Ecobee calibrating, and how do I fix the problem? “Don’t worry, the Ecobee often has issues, and we will go over all you need to know about identifying this issue and permanently resolving it on this guide. So, why is my Ecobee calibrating?

It occurs due to a brief power outage experienced by the Ecobee. There are several reasons why this may occur. There may not be enough power flowing from the transformer powering the Ecobee, or the heater or air conditioner may be shorting out.

Why Is My Ecobee Calibrating

Only after you know why your Ecobee is calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled” can you start troubleshooting your Ecobee. Therefore, we have included the potential causes of the Ecobee calibrating warning along with simple solutions.

It Is A Simple Error

Ecobee may initially have some technical difficulties as it adjusts to the environment after being installed in your house. It’s common if the temperature your home is supposed to be set is wrong by a degree or two.

It requires assistance calibrating if it is significantly off from the real temperature. You can then notice the notification “Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled.” An excellent approach is manually regulating the thermostat, which is simple to accomplish using the ecobee’s display panel: Select Settings, Installation Settings, and Thresholds from the menu.

Change the temperature reading by choosing Temperature Correction from there. Your Ecobee will need to be calibrated, which will take around 20 minutes. During this time, heating and air conditioning won’t work.

Power Outage

If there is any power loss, whether it is due to a switch being switched off, inclement weather, or defective wiring, the Ecobee calibrates once again. Whatever the reason, an Ecobee’s screen might turn dark, shut off, then turn back on, warning that it needs to “calibrate.” According to the Ecobee support staff, every time an Ecobee loses power, it will calibrate once again in this manner.

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It’s Having Trouble Finding A Power Source

Ecobees need a constant 24VAC power source. According to Ecobee support, if that is stopped, the Ecobee won’t turn back on until 24VAC is restored, losing its ability to heat and cool and resulting in a “calibrating” warning. Your thermostat will lose power if the safety feature on your HVAC malfunctions.

According to Ecobee support, this may occur because the 24VAC transformer’s volt-ampere rating is insufficient to support numerous thermostats, including your Ecobee, if it’s a member of a group of other thermostats in your house.

There’s A Wire Issue

The thermostat won’t turn on if the cables aren’t attached to the backplate correctly, claims Ecobee support. It will turn on and display a “calibrating” message after it is correctly connected—fully inserted without any gaps between the thermostat and the backplate.

You’re Using it For the First Time

When you initially turn on the Ecobee, a notification saying “Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled” will appear. Simply said, it’s just turning on and taking its initial temperature reading of your house.

The messages will eventually revert to normal, and your house will resume cooling or heating up after a period, often about 30 minutes. If the notification persists after some time, there can be a problem with your unit or how you put it in your house.

You’re Resetting It

When you reboot your Ecobee, all the programming, configuration, and restarting choices restart and reconfigure, resulting in the well-known “calibrating” warning.

You’ve Decided to Turn It Off

Turning it off and back on will also reboot the system, which will result in the “calibrating” notice if you changed your mind about your purchase and then changed your mind again—or decided that you want to install your Ecobee in a new area.

It Restarts Constantly

There are a few causes for your Ecobee to reboot repeatedly, displaying the “calibrating” message and doing so. The Ecobee might lose power if your furnace overheats and triggers a sensor trip. It could also lose power due to your HVAC system. Every time one of these occurs, it will restart or reboot.

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Making Adjustments To The Humidity Settings

A cluster of sensors on an Ecobee provides precise humidity readings while also measuring the humidity in your house. As with erroneous temperature readings, a recalibrate and sync correction will bring your Ecobee back to running in approximately 20 minutes if there are problems with humidity measurements (presumably, it’s reporting something different from real readings). Another “calibrating” warning appears when you use the humidity adjustment option, which allows you to change the value by 10%, either up or down.

What It Means When Ecobee Says “Calibrating?”

The thermostat’s calibration aids in determining the interior temperature of your house or place of business. The Ecobee Thermostat has sensors that detect temperature, humidity, and room occupancy.

You may buy wireless sensors to install in additional rooms in addition to the built-in ones. Up to 32 sensors may be linked to a single Ecobee thermostat.

Note: To receive the most accurate readings from your wireless sensors, consider positioning them where this article offers excellent advice.

Calibration After Initial Installation

It just takes approximately 45 minutes to install Ecobee on your own. However, after installation, you will need to wait 5-20 minutes for the device to calibrate. You are not permitted to use the heater or air conditioner during this period.

After 20 minutes, if your thermostat still states that it is calibrating, there may be a wiring problem. To inspect the wiring, take the thermostat out of the wall. Each wire must be in the proper terminal, and all tabs close to the wire terminals must be fully depressed. 

The following wire colors match the wire letters: C – Blue or black, G – Green, R, RC, or RH – Red, W – White, and Y or Y1 – Yellow. It is better to contact an electrician and ask them to come and check the wiring if you suspect it could be a problem.

The Ecobee Web Portal Says My Ecobee Temperature is -500F or N/A, Why? 

The device is calibrating or cannot get a temperature measurement for whatever reason. If you check the Ecobee temperature through the website, it shows the temperature is either -500F or N/A. Your Ecobee should provide you with an appropriate readout after calibration is complete.

How Can You Check Your Thermostat’s Uptime?

Most of the time, you probably won’t even realize when your Ecobee thermostat is shutting down. Fortunately, Ecobee makes it simpler to monitor your Ecobee’s “up time” to see if there are any more serious problems.

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You must sign in to the Ecobee Web Portal to verify the uptime of your thermostat. You must seek the option labeled “Home IQ.” Choose “Download Data” from this point. Then you may open it.

If there seem to be significant gaps in the data, your Ecobee may have been turned off for extended periods. Fortunately, you may utilize this knowledge to identify a possible reason for the thermostat’s power loss. You will know there is a problem with either your heater or air conditioner if you see that it abruptly shuts off when the Ecobee requests cooling or more heat (depending on when the issue is triggered).

Why Does My Ecobee Keep Running?

With Ecobee and other smart thermostats, this is a common issue. Your fan could remain operating continuously if this option is not set to “auto.” Your system will operate the fan automatically whenever it needs to change the temperature in your house when the fan is set to “auto.”

How Do I Remove The Ecobee Battery?

Put your other hand on the front of the sensor and your thumb and index finger on the thin section of the sensor stand. To release the sensor, gently pull upward. Using a thin object like a pen, plastic card, or screwdriver, carefully pull the battery out of the battery compartment to remove it.

What Is Auto mode In Ecobee?

The thermostat will activate your heating or cooling while in automatic mode. This mode is beneficial if you live in an area where the weather changes often or if the seasons are changing and you may require heating and cooling at various periods of the day.

Why Is My Ecobee Not Turning Off?

The Ecobee could not be shutting down the fan in your HVAC system for a few reasons: Instead of “Auto,” the fan is set to “On.” It is necessary to modify the minimum fan runtime or heat dissipation time. 

How Often Should Your Furnace Fan Run?

How often does the heater run, and what routine furnace cycles? It is appropriate to run each cycle for 10 to 15 minutes. Likewise, running for up to 20 minutes. Since other causes could cause more frequent cycling, even jogging every seven or eight minutes might not be a concern.

Is It Better To Leave Your Furnace Fan On All The Time?

You could find that operating your furnace fan continuously will save you money each month by allowing your house to be more consistently heated or cooled. You ultimately save money since the fan consumes much less electricity than the external device.

Conclusion On Why Is My Ecobee Calibrating?

The phrase “Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled” on your Ecobee thermostat indicates that the thermostat sensor or sensors are attempting to measure the temperature in your house at that moment accurately. When you install your thermostat, and whenever it reboots, the calibration procedure takes place. Although you cannot use the heater or air conditioner during this period, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to work.