Window AC Not Cooling Enough – Solved!

Is your window AC not cooling enough? You don’t have to worry because we got you covered in this article. Below are reasons why your window AC isn’t cooling enough and the possible solutions to this problem. Read on to get these tips.

Window AC not cooling enough can result from the wrong mode selection. However, if the thermostat is set to “Cool” and the appliance still doesn’t blow cool air, there could be several issues, including low refrigerant, clogged air filters, and coil freeze-over. The condenser motor can also malfunction or not receive power. 

Causes Of Window AC Not Cooling Enough 

These are the main causes of your window air conditioner not cooling enough as it should. They are organized from the most straightforward do-it-yourself solutions to the kinds of problems you would need to consult experts.

Your Window AC Filter Is Dirty, And Back Fins Are Unclean

It is recommended that you clean the air conditioner filter occasionally. Your air movement is likely restricted, and your AC is not cooling as effectively as it should be if your filter is dirty or blocked. Further impeding good air movement is the possibility of frost forming on the evaporator coils if the filter is filthy. 

The filter should be changed, and any debris clogging the filter area should be removed. This is the best solution. You can wash the evaporator coils with warm, soapy water if you see any dirt accumulation.

If your window air conditioner is not cooling adequately, check the filter and the back fins/coil, as this is one of the most typical AC issues!

Air Leakage

Have there recently been pests in your attic? Many homeowners discover that rats, squirrels, and other animals have moved into their attic and harmed the ductwork.

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Inadequate ductwork installation that deteriorates over time might potentially result in damage. We also learn of cable companies, plumbers, and other home repair professionals unintentionally harming attic ductwork.

The most frequent causes of air leaks that result in hot homes are those mentioned above. The conditioned air is dispersed throughout your house using air ducts. A leak will reduce the amount of cool air in your

Excessive Heat

You’ve probably noticed how warm your television, laptop, lighting, and other home electronics may get. Appliances that produce heat should not be put too close to your thermostat because it is the thermostat’s role to modify and manage the temperature in your living space. Ensure there is always enough space between the thermostat and any electrical devices producing too much heat.

Heat From The Sun

You bought an AC system mostly to avoid the heat of the sun. The extra heat, though, can pose issues if the sun is shining directly on the thermostat for your air conditioner. It’s best to keep your shades closed on extremely hot days to lessen the heat load on your house.

Neglect Towards Maintenance

Poor maintenance is a common cause of an AC system’s inability to produce cool air. Yes, you can maintain your AC’s various components clean. However, you’ll still need to choose the best HVAC business to perform a complete inspection of the system. An AC expert examines the components of your AC that are difficult for you to access during this tune-up. Any possible issues will be spotted by the technician, who will be able to take care of them before they require pricey repairs.

Your Window AC Is Too Small For Your Space

There are differences between window air conditioners in terms of how much cool, dry air they can produce or how much heat they can expel every hour. Your window air conditioner might not be cooling because it is too tiny for the room.

British Thermal Units, or BTUs, quantify the cooling capacity of window air conditioners. Most window air conditioners require 20 BTU to cool a square foot of space. For instance, a 10,000 BTU window air conditioner is needed to cool a 500-square-foot room with an average ceiling height.

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Make sure to verify the BTU rating of your window air conditioner before thinking it is broken to discover how much cooling power it has! The air conditioner you use may be too little to cool your home adequately. If so, you have two options: upgrade your window air conditioner by buying one with a more excellent BTU rating to replace your current one, or buy a second unit to complement your current one.

Window AC Thermistor Is Damaged

A thermistor is a component in window air conditioners. It keeps an eye on the temperature of the space to be cooled and sends commands to the compressor to switch on or off cold air in response to the room’s temperature. The compressor will be instructed to stop pumping cool air if the thermistor detects that the area has attained the target temperature.

A properly working thermistor will also tell the compressor to keep blasting cold air if the region is still too warm. A damaged thermistor is one potential reason your window air conditioner isn’t cooling enough. You must remove the unit’s exterior cover to reveal the electrical control board and find the thermistor for your window AC. 

Once you have discovered the control board, the thermistor is a small component with a glass bulb. Check your thermistor for wear and tear and carefully look for any damage or disconnection. Replace your thermistor if it shows any indications of deterioration. You can do this yourself, but be sure to use a new, manufacturer-approved thermistor instead of your old one. 

Damage Window AC’s Compressor 

One of the most crucial components of an air conditioner is the compressor. It circulates refrigerant that absorbs heat inside your house and releases it outside, much like a pump. This causes the cold air to flow, and the air conditioner cannot operate correctly without a functioning compressor. 

If your AC is blowing warm air, even in Cool Mode, when the filter and fins are clean, and there are no other apparent problems with the appliance, this may be a sign that your compressor has failed. It’s probably time to think about getting a new window air conditioner if your compressor is broken.

How To Fix Window AC Not Cooling Enough 

Examine The Air Filter

After turning the appliance off, remove the air filter by opening the front panel. It might be filthy. If so, either buy a new one or wash it with soap and water. While outside, use a garden hose to clean the exhaust grid. Remove any obstructions, such as tree branches that might be obstructing airflow.

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Examine The Coils

Before changing the air filter:

  1. Shine a flashlight into the housing to check the coils.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean them if they are filthy.
  3. If they are covered in ice, turn off the air conditioner until it melts.

This could take up to a day. Ironically, a layer of ice forms a barrier over the evaporative coils, preventing the device from blowing cool air.

Check The Outcome

After clearing the coils of ice and cleaning the filter, restart the air conditioner. The condenser may have a worn seal or a low refrigerant charge if it doesn’t blow cold air. You must now contact a qualified service specialist. Servicing an air conditioner’s refrigeration system without a license is prohibited by law.

Check The Circuit Breaker

Check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped if your air conditioner isn’t blowing any air. Make sure the plug is seated in the socket by giving it a little push. If the front panel’s LEDs are lit up, showing the device is powered on, the issue can be a stuck fan blade or the control panel. In any case, calling a service expert to identify and fix the problem is your best option.

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Producing Enough Chilly Air?

The refrigerant may be the issue if your central air conditioner isn’t delivering chilly air. The system can be low on refrigerant and require more to be added. A leak is the most likely culprit here. In addition to preventing the AC system from cooling correctly, a leak might result in other problems inside the house.

What’s Going On With My AC’s Airflow?

Your AC may not function effectively due to issues including a fan that is blocked with debris, a dead motor, a loose fan belt, or a stuck wheel. These issues can prevent the blower fan from supplying your vents with enough air to keep you cool. To finish the cooling process in your AC, air must be blown over the evaporator coil.

Do I Need To Refill The Gas Of My Window Air Conditioner?

No, you shouldn’t unless a technician altered your charge or there was a leak. A refrigerant is expensive. An incorrect charge forces your system to work harder than it needs to, lengthening runtime and raising your energy costs. Your system may freeze up if your refrigerant levels fall dangerously low.

Conclusion On Window AC Not Cooling Enough

Hopefully, you could identify and address the cause of your window AC not cooling enough and know the possible solutions to these problems. We hope this information is helpful and that you can restart the cooling process in your house soon.