Winix Air Purifier C545 Review – Explained!

This Winix Air Purifier C545 Review is prepared to help you understand more about this product. The Winix C545 is among the most straightforward cheap air purifiers to recommend since it excels in every regard, including performance, fan output, and extra features. 

You can always monitor the air quality inside and outside, thanks to the Winix Air Purifier C545. Users may monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, set timers and schedules, and use the Winix Smart App as a remote control, thanks to WiFi compatibility. This purifier can capture 0.3 micron-sized airborne contaminants, such as dust, pollen, smells, pet dander, mold spores, and organic compounds. Alright let’s dive into the Winix Air Purifier C545 Review.

Winix Air Purifier C545 Review

Winix Air Purifier C545 Review  – Design And Usability

The purifier has a floor-standing design. A solid yet silent fan is located behind the louvered front panel. The control panel and numerous indicators are positioned on the top edge.

Four rubberized feet with an anti-slip base are also included. As a result, it would be pretty challenging to tip the cleaner over on a slick surface accidentally. The front grille’s asymmetrical hole arrangement is another item to notice. It has a very understated and very modern appearance. Therefore, such a gadget will be a beautiful compliment to any home design style.

The body is constructed from recyclable, ecologically friendly plastic. The material is hypoallergenic and does not leak any chemical components into the surroundings when heated up to 110 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this is a fantastic purchase choice for individuals who care about the environment.

On the rear is the power wire that connects to the mains. It is 1.2 meters long. Additionally, it is mounted on a mount for transportation.

Winix Air Purifier C545 Review – Filters

As a general rule, the caliber, amount, and kinds of air filters utilized in an air purifier will all impact how effectively it performs. The 4-stage air cleansing mechanism used by the Winix C545 is an improvement over the Winix C535.

Pre-filter: The contaminated air must pass through a pre-filter with a tiny mesh. Pet hair, certain types of pet dander, and even pet skin will be captured by this pre-filter, along with other big pollutants. It may be washed and used again.

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Air filter with activated carbon helps minimize VOCs and absorb smells from pets, cooking, and smoking in the home.

True HEPA filter: The True HEPA Filter collects 99.97% of allergens, virus particles, pollen, mold, and fungal particles that are as tiny as 0.3 microns. One kind of ionizer that may further minimize the number of pollutants is Winix PlasmaWave technology. It may be turned on and off.

The Winix C545 is comparable to the Winix AM90 in air filtering technology, as would be anticipated given these characteristics. An additional mesh pre-filter is added to increase the lifespan of both carbon and HEPA filters. The carbon sheet filter is sufficient to absorb scents from home, including odors from cooking and pets.

To effectively remove all airborne contaminants, the True HEPA filter and PlasmaWave technology function flawlessly. We are all familiar with the Winix PlasmaWave technology, which releases both positive and negative ions to create hydroxyls that target airborne contaminants, including germs, viruses, and bacteria, as well as smells and chemical gasses (VOCs).

That translates into an incredibly high efficiency on the appropriate amount of space in a real-world application. I conducted a quick test on the Winix C545 for an hour in a 200-square-foot area. I also contrasted it with the flagship models of other well-known companies, such as the Blueair Sense+, AeraMax 300, and Honeywell HPA300. With its excellent efficiency at capturing 99.94% of airborne particles as fine as 0.3 microns, the Winix C545 is slightly less powerful than the Honeywell HPA300.

The new filter, used by the Winix C545, costs only $59 annually. However, the average cost of a filter is still exorbitant, and the new air filter is now out of stock. The replacement filter for a genuine Winix C545 must thus be delayed a little bit. Alternatively, you may pay half as much for the Flintar replacement filter, which is believed to be compatible with the Winix C545.

WINIX C545 Sound

The Winix C545 doesn’t attempt to buck this trend. The silent operation has always been a major selling feature for Winix air purifiers. This air purifier can operate at 28 decibels (dB), even quieter than a whisper.

Even at maximum speed, the Winix C545 only emits white noise, which may enhance your sleep and productivity. The Winix C545 will undoubtedly be the finest if compared to the Levoit LV-PUR131S or RENPHO RP-AP001S in quiet operation.

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Winix C545 ACH Rating

The ACH rating shows how much air the machine can purify in only one hour. The Winix C545 has a 4x ACH rating. This implies that the cleaner will clean the full air volume in a 360-square foot space four times an hour. And it is a huge number. You may anticipate noticeably improved air quality within 10 to 15 minutes of turning the device on.

CADR Winix C545 Rating

This score reflects how well the air purifier eliminates different trace contaminants. How many of them are still there when the cleaning is finished? AHAM, a non-profit organization, conducts measurements. Scores for Winix C545 are as follows:

  • 243 for dust;
  • 232 for smoke;
  • 246. flower pollen

What do these figures indicate? The amount of particles still present after the Winix C545 has cleaned the air through all phases is estimated. These values are relatively low compared to other, more costly purifiers. 

Essential Functions Of Winix C545

There are 5 operating modes in the Winix C545, each with a different fan speed and frequency of sleep mode activation. The following should be listed among the extra functions:

  • Your smartphone and the vacuum cleaner may be synced. It also facilitates distant voice control (using Amazon Alexa). After synchronization, the smartphone may be used as a remote control.
  • Quality indicator for air purification. It may be followed both via the cleaner’s indication and synchronization from a smartphone.
  • Automatic method of operation. When you activate this feature, the appliance autonomously creates a cleaning schedule depending on the air conditioner in the space.
  • Perfect for cleaning at night.

The device also has a filter replacement indication. Follow these steps to connect your smartphone and the cleaner:

  • Install the mobile program on your phone. The instructions and the package include the QR code needed to download it. Simply pointing your smartphone’s camera at it will trigger an automated connection opening. Both Android and iOS users may download the software.
  • Start the installed program. Complete the registration process. With an Amazon profile, you may utilize rapid authorization.
  • Set the device search to on. Use of the WiFi will be requested of you. Just scan whether your vacuum is plugged in and is 3 meters or less from your smartphone.
  • Verify the synchronization.

WINIX C545 Additional Features

The Winix C545 has a sophisticated Smart Sensor seen in its predecessors, which uses an LED indication on the control panel to let you know how the air quality is right now. The Auto Mode lets you fully forget about the air purifier once you turn it on. According to the requirements of the environment, Winix C545 will automatically alter the fan speed.

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Thanks to the smart Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity, you can effortlessly plan this air purifier’s downtime and monitor the home air quality index from any location. Finally, a filter replacement LED indication is included. Although simple, this function is essential.

WINIX Air Purifier C545 Review: Price

The Winix C545 arouses a lot of interest in the American market. The old Winix C535 was well-liked by American consumers, and they are thrilled that the new model will be included in any list of the best air purifiers. Furthermore, it is challenging to find a discount on the Winix C545, mainly since it isn’t listed on the Winix America and Amazon websites.

The long-awaited older sibling of the Winix C555 is now available, delivering significant improvements to a package that was already superior to the most recent sibling. You may have an energy-efficient air purifier since it has received the Energy Star rating.

Even though it arrived just around three months after the C535, the Winix C545 managed to show up on Amazon only last year. It is not unexpected that Winix introduced a new version of one of their most well-liked models when considering the American air purifier market. 

Regarding the Winix C545, I must say that I am unaware of the air purifier’s official pricing. It is available for $199 from several reliable merchants, but we will have to hold off until Winix announces its official pricing.

As of now, this Winix C545 works in tandem with the Winix AM90, one of the top air purifiers we’ve examined. Even in this industry, I can identify numerous parallels; the design idea may be the sole difference.

The Levoit LV-PUR131S and RENPHO RP-AP001S, which both seem to be the least expensive smart air purifiers, are directly in competition with the Winix C545 in the low-range sector. You might also look for the Modify MA-Smart in this price range, which comes with an H13 True HEPA filter.

I’m not sure whether the Winix C545 can compete with its siblings in the US market, but I know that any Winix owner would be content with their air purifiers.

Conclusion On Winix Air Purifier C545 Review

The Winix C545 is a genuine improvement to the Winix C535, adding all premium features to an already excellent air purifier so it can compete with the many new smart, low-cost air purifiers on the market. This Winix C545 air purifier may be the most sought-after Winix model. I hope you found Winix Air Purifier C545 Review helpful.